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Blue Fortera Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Blue Fortera Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Blue Fortera is a male enhancement supplement that is claimed to be completely safe and natural. It is designed to stimulate testosterone production in the user, as well as to enhance his athletic and sexual performance. You are advised to take the product in combination with exercise and health routine to attain useful benefits. This supplement can be used together with other products such as creatine and whey protein so as to boost sexual performance and health dramatically. Men of all ages are allowed to use this supplement regardless of their testosterone level. High testosterone production normally provides numerous sex health benefits and helps to improve one's sexual life. Adding this product to your daily routine may support normal hormonal activity linked to different manhood related problems. It contributes to the proper development and growth of lean muscle mass, as well as to increase stamina and sex drive to support maximum performance.

As a matter of fact, there is limited manufacturer information on the official Blue Fortera website. Thus, the company behind this product remains a secret, which is not a good sign, though. However, the manufacturer gives too many promising claims about this supplement on the site, saying that it focuses on men's sexual performance and health in general. It has been found that most men keep their sexual problems in secret and are afraid of seeking assistance. For this reason, this product is offered secretly from the official website and arrives in dark masked package. Is it really a good remedy to all sexual problems. Is it manufactured for those suffering from manhood related problems only? Can it be used by healthy individuals who just want to boost their sexual performance? We will answer these questions. Let's start from the ingredients contained in this supplement.

Ingredients of Blue Fortera - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

According to the official website, this supplement works by stimulating testosterone production in men and by increasing sex drive and libido for better orgasms. This promotes better performance during sexual intercourse. Since the product's site does not provide the whole ingredient list we have done our own research and found out the following ingredients. Ginseng blend is responsible for adding strength to the user's body, boosting muscle growth, improving libido, enhancing performance and increasing testosterone levels. However, there is still lack of evidence to support all of these claims. Maca root is used to enhance libido and sex drive, improve performance, increase blood flow and erections, as well as to give strength to the scrotum. Maca does not contain any hormones but it is believed to provide vital nutrients that nourish the human endocrine system and make the glands produce the necessary hormones. The native Peruvians have used the herb as an aphrodisiac, to treat impotence and to enhance fertility. Unfortunately, there is limited number of studies that have supported these benefits of maca. This plant has a lot of contraindications and restrictions. Most of these studies involved rat, not humans.

Blue Fortera

Nettle root extract is mainly used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, or enlarged prostate. Some studies have shown that this herb can effectively reduce urinary symptoms lined to the condition. There is no evidence that this plant can increase penis size. Few studies have been conducted about the safety of nettle root, which means that there is risk of experiencing some adverse reactions. Blue Fortera also contains vitamins and minerals which generally nourishes the male body by making it energetic and healthy. Maritime Pine used in the product is known as an aphrodisiac that can improve an individual's libido and enhance sexual performance. However, little is known about this ingredient, thus it can be hardly trusted. Yohimbe Extract is believed to be able to convert non activated hormones into active ones but this claim needs more research. L-Arginine acts as a vasodilator that expands blood vessels and promotes blood flow which is supposed to provide stronger erections. It also increases testosterone levels; however, may lead to certain side effects.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

According to the manufacturer, Blue Fortera is made from natural ingredients, thus, it is not expected to give users any side effects. However, real users have reported the most common side effect. It is allergic reactions. The official website warns users from overdosing the product, since this can lead to adverse reactions. Some of the product's ingredients may be associated with undesired effects. Ginseng side effects are usually manageable in most users. These can include dizziness, insomnia, stomachaches, headaches and allergic reactions. Ginseng may have an effect on blood sugar levels, so it should not be consumed after taking diabetes drugs. Maca root contains a lot of iodine, thus it may worsens the state of thyroid disease and cause goiter (swollen thyroid gland with decreased activity). It is important for people with thyroid disease to consult their doctor before consuming maca root. Some people may experience hives and fatigue. A small number of users of nettle root extract may experience mild gastrointestinal distress, such as stomach pain or upset, or nausea. Skin reactions are also possible. Nettle root could interfere with certain medications, such as those for hypertension and diabetes, as well as anti-inflammatory medications and sedatives. According to the limited number of user reviews, Blue Fortera didn't live up to what is claimed it will do. Here are some of these testimonials.

"I tried Blue Fortera and it worked for the first several times but then nothing. Then I made a break and started taking it again, but still nothing. I even ordered red and took it with blue. This was just waste of money. I felt very disappointed."

"I recently started taking Blue Fortera and noticed I don't have enough energy for my workout regimen. I am not a professional athlete but I thought it would be of some help for me. This is a useless supplement, I must say. I saw no notable changes in my sexual life either. The company claims to use good ingredients, but they simply don't work. It is a rather expensive product."

"Blue Fortera sucks. This product doesn't work. I have used some other testosterone products which showed me some results but this one made no difference in my body's performance. I used it following all of the manufacturer's recommendations. It was a waste of hard earned money. I would not recommend this product."

Where To Buy Blue Fortera?

Amazon offers a 4-Pack Blue Fortera Testosterone Booster for $39.99. It is advertised as a natural muscle building supplement that promotes stamina, strength, and increases energy. This pack includes four capsules.

My Final Summary

Blue Fortera is linked to a number of disadvantages. The official website of the supplement is very low informative. If does not disclose the manufacturer of the product. The amount of the ingredients used in the supplement is not disclosed too. The manufacturer does not offer any free trial samples. The product is only recommended for adults above thirty years of age and can be ordered online only. Real customers report that these male enhancement pills do not perform their functions. Besides, the supplement we are discussing in this review can potentially cause a lot of side effects. If you need to boost your testosterone production, improve your sex life and performance in bed, you are advised to seek for another product on the market. With this in mind, Blue Fortera cannot be recommended to purchasing.