BlueHost Reviews - What Is It?

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BlueHost has been in business since 1996 and has its own official website ( The company specializes in diverse high-compatibility features for all your hosting needs at low cost. It supports web media, many shopping cart systems, and other applications, such as custom cronjobs, hotlink protection, MySQL databases, Joomla/Wordpress, PHP5, Flash, Cube Cart, Zen Cart, and streaming media. Will your website be available whenever you need it? Is the company easy to reach for help when it is not available? Will you be able to increase disk space when your business takes off? Before deciding on a hosting provider you will need to be able to answer these important questions. The company we are discussing today has a number of features that make it stand up against the competition. The first is its availability. You may be sure that you will be able to address BlueHost in case if your website crashes during a transaction or any other issues. In the modern age, your web presence is extremely important. While most hosting companies are not as available s they claim, BlueHost has maintained a 99.893% uptime within the last twelve years.

The next important feature of the company is risk mitigation. If the server on which your website is hosted crashes, it certainly needs to be activated as soon as possible because you need to make money. Do you have to start a new site? Will all of your MySQL databases be lost? Consider these factors when shopping for a hosting provider. Other vital questions should include: Do their servers run RAID setups? What are their backup procedures? What will happen in case of a natural disaster? Are there mirrored services offered by the company? BlueHost has a 24/7 team of administrative specialists who monitor their network all the time to ensure its smooth operation. There are also internal backup systems and a RAID-1 setup. The next vital feature is the company's scalability, which is considered to be an important aspect for companies offering many packages adaptable for development. BlueHost has three scalable and fully customizable hosting packages, including a ticketing system. If you need, you can buy extra IP addresses, or add additional disk space, especially if you are coming closer to your limit.

Customer Reviews - Does BlueHost Really Work?

BlueHost appears to have an overall positive customer reputation online. According to the Better Business Bureau, the company has a few dozens of closed complaints. This is a quite small number of complaints considering the volume and age of the company's business. It should be noted that BlueHost is not officially accredited with the organization. The majority of customers report having awesome experience, mostly due to the high-rate customer service. Thus, one guy says that he has been using the company for the last six months. He enjoys its best features and free ssl certificate. He has also created an article in which he has provided complete information about the features of the company. He confesses that he is impressed with their support and easy website.

Another customer reports that BlueHost offers an almost perfect service. She has used the company for four years and they haven't put a foot wrong with uptime that is close to 100%. It was very easy to set up a website, especially with different site building tools they provide. Of course, the websites like this may be associated with some complaints but Bluehost offers excellent customer service the representatives of which gladly help to resolve any issues of their clients. The only drawback that the woman has had with them was a little slow support; however, she can still recommend it. One more customer writes in his review online that he opened a hosting account with the company in 2013. He was referred by one of his friends and, at first, he was very skeptical. But later, the man changed his opinion about BlueHost and now he is happy that he gave it a try. Their technical support department is professional and friendly. They answered all of his questions in the most polite manner. His website is fast and just fantastic! The man could get a free hosting or a cheap $1/month hosting but he is pleased with what he got. The company is worth the money, to his mind.

"BlueHost is a really reliable and robust hosting company. I have worked with many other hosting companies and this one appears to stand behind their promises. They provide good tech support, great features and reasonable pricing. Besides, they have a 99.99% uptime. Any website I hosted always loaded quickly. Other services provided by the company are also very worthy. If you don't have a difficult enterprise website, you should definitely go for it."

"Bluehost proves to be a wonderful hosting company. A few years ago we made a new website and purchased their shared packaging. Since then we have never had down times or slow loading. We get about 5000-6000 visitors each month with numerous inner pages. Our website is always active and contains a lot of media content on it. Fortunately, we have no complaints at all. I also like their tech support even though we never had serious reasons to use it. Compared to other hosting companies this one is far the best for shared hosting."

"I am happy with Blue Host. I have been with them for five years already and I never encountered any serious problems. The only thing I am a little worried about is that I am often brought to my account page when I try to access cPanel at like Thus, I have to make additional clicks to get to cPanel. It is not a big problem for me and I even got used to it. The service deserves an A."

My Final Summary

BlueHost comes with a number of advantages. Their hosting costs are relatively low, whether you need a dedicated server or a small website. The company boasts 99.893% uptime since December 29, 2005, and has good support for web media, different shopping cart systems, and other applications. They use wide risk mitigation techniques and have a high level of scalability.

Probably due to the higher mentioned features, BlueHost has solid reputation from its users and within the hosting industry in general. However, there is one disadvantage about the company. It is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau. It also has some complaints from the customers but they seem to be miserable when compared to the compliments. With this in mind, I would definitely recommend BlueHost. It is really worth giving a shot!

Bluehost Pricing and Rates

Hosting plans through the company cost only $4.95 per month. At the same time, comprehensive dedicated hosting packages start at $74.99 per month. Besides, BlueHost customers can resell their web services to other users or run their own cloud setup. As you can see, the prices are quite reasonable, especially when considering the high level of services. You should give it a try.