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Body Dynamix Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Body Dynamix Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Body Dynamix is a joint-friendly, low-impact workout specially meant for people over 50 years of age. This workout program is suitable for both men and women. It is led by Debbi Siebers, who can be seen in a number of other weight loss videos. Actually, the woman is better known for her Beachbody workout videos. Body Dynamix features seven routines that are claimed to get you in shape with no damage to your body. These routines include: Yoga Flows and Poses, Mobility Drills, Tone and Walk, Core Walk, Cardio Walk, Restore and Repair and Core on the Floor. Today the program is available online at the cost of around $70. When you order this workout program, you will receive online digital access to the program and a series of seven workouts across two DVDs. It means that you can view these workouts on any device with internet. The physical copies can be easily used at home.

Body Dynamix was made by Livati, a company based in Los Angeles, the USA. Livati team is headed by Debbie Siebers who actually launched the workout program. The company claims to provide easy-to-follow and safe workouts, according to the official website. They are not meant for those who are going to participate in bodybuilding competitions or bikini contests. It is the most suitable for older adults with certain fitness goals. Livati claims to be the first wellness and health company that focuses on fitness programs designed for of adults over 50. The company also claims to offer some products but we didn't find information about them on the official website of Body Dynamix. Livati can be contacted by phone at 1-844-484-2095 or by email at livati@webcsr.info. There is also an online email form on the official website you can use to ask your questions or to share your concerns. Livati also works under the name EverWellness, LLC.

Customer Reviews - Does Body Dynamix Really Work? Is It A Scam?

Body Dynamix

As it was already mentioned, you will get seven workouts available online and on DVD! These routines are designed to work together or separately to help you reduce injuries and joint pain, strengthen muscles, improve mobility and flexibility, increase fat-burning and metabolism, promote a healthy heart and better blood circulation, boost longevity and immunity, as well as to help you lead a more productive life! The first routine is called Body Insurance and it takes 21 minutes. The next one is Yoga Flows and Poses that are easy to follow and are meant to warm-up your body for exercise. The third routine is known as Tone and Walk. It takes 12 minutes and is mainly based on walking without putting stress on your joints. This routine intends to boost your heart rate and metabolism so you start burning fat. The forth routine is called Cardio Walk. It lasts for 20 minutes and focuses on tightening midsection while keeping your heart rate up. The fifth routine, Core Walk, takes 19 minutes and involves doing simple core-strengthening exercises. The sixth routine is known as Core on the Floor and lasts for 26 minutes. It requires the use of mats and focuses on low back and abdominals. The seventh routine is known as Restore and Repair Final. It lasts for 41 minutes and combines deep breathing and stretching exercises that intend to improve your flexibility and blood flow.

All of these claims sound very promising but what can be seen from real customers' reviews about Body Dynamix. It is a rather new program on the market. According to some social media, the company started to appear online in late 2016, but it was widely advertised only in 2017. Today, the program is available on the official website and Amazon, where it has an average rating of four stars. However, the number of customer reviews is very small (up to ten). What people like is that this workout program is catered towards the fitness needs of people over 50. However, those who have tried the program are not as happy with it. They say that many exercises are too difficult to do. If you watch at least some of these workout videos, you will see that many of them are not meant for older adults. Besides, the routines are too longer for elderly people, especially if they already have busy schedules. The program itself is very pricey, considering the fact that you get seven workouts and two DVDs. It seems that many of five-star reviews are fake. Let us take a look at some of the real customers' testimonials left on third-party websites.

"I ordered Body Dynamix in hope that it would be exactly what I needed but I was very disappointed. The workouts are too long and difficult to perform. They are also too active and do not focus on my problem areas. As a result, I have headache and completely no energy after doing these exercises. Waste of money! I cannot recommend this program to anyone."

"I ordered Body Dynamix about a month ago and I was waiting for my program to become active for three long weeks. When I finally tried it I was not pleased at all. I am older and I just cannot do the pilates exercises offered on dvd's. I have problems with my neck, back and my legs, which makes these exercises too difficult for me. I have experienced muscle straining and I have pain for five days already."

"I don't like the Body Dynamix program! I can only use Cardio Walk-Core Walk-Core on the Floor and Tone and Walk. I found all the other moves very difficult to perform. I just don't have the necessary amount of strength. I feel exhausted after doing exercises! This total body workout is definitely not for me. Besides, this program is too expensive for a program of this kind."

Where To Buy Body Dynamix?

Body Dynamix is available through the official website (BodyDynamix.com) and some retail stores like Amazon. The price may vary based on were you are buying the program from. It can be bought for $69.80 ($59.85 + $9.95 Shipping) on the official site. All purchases come with a 30-day money back guarantee, but you will have to pay for shipping yourself. Amazon sells the program at the price of $74.79 ($69.80 + $4.99 Shipping).

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Body Dynamix during our research, this workout program doesn't seem to meet your fitness goals for a few reasons. First, it is claimed to be specially created for people over fifty, which means that it should be physically suitable for them. Many of those who have tried the program report that the suggested exercises are too hard for them and that the routines themselves are too long. Busy people are not always able to find time for doing all of the exercises. The program itself is also very expensive, based on customer reviews. Similar programs can be found online for free. Some people complain that they have experienced muscle strains, joint pain and discomfort. To my mind, this program may be suitable for people in their thirties and forties but not after fifty. Taking into account all pros and cons of this workout program, I cannot recommend it to usage. I don't think that Body Dynamix can help you to take care of your health. Thus, I don't recommend it to usage.