Bombfell Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Bombfell Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


If you don't have time or desire to shop physically, you can use a subscription-based fashion service known as Bombfell. It is designed especially for men and aims to help them look their best without spending too much money. It is short for "bomb fellow". It was founded by Bernie Yoo and Jason Kim, long-term friends who met at Harvard college and were roommates at the dormitory. According to one article online, these two guys built their wardrobes were they kept their free t-shirts handed out by dot-com companies. When Jason and Bernie graduated from the college, they found out that they did not have knowledge how to choose clothes, that is why they asked their girlfriends to do this for them. The creation of Bombfell was inspired by the idea that you could ask other people to shop for you a lot of times.

Jason is a professional engineer, while Bernie was responsible for business development. Together they used technology to improve what was offered by a professional stylist. As a result, we received an easy-to-use website that helps men to build their wardrobe. In order to use Bombfell, you will need to sign up for it. The website will offer you a short questionnaire you will need to provide the following information: your weight, height, and body shape; size of clothing you wear t present; style you prefer (casual, preppy, classic, or modern). Indicate what you are expecting from the site – whether you are looking for advice or you are too busy to shop. Say how you like your clothes to fit - relaxed or trim. Choose items or colors you would never wear, including pink, plaid, red, skinny jeans, stripes, and graphic t-shirts. Select one or more brands you prefer to wear.

Customer Reviews - Does Bombfell Really Work?

What the users of the site like most of all is that Bombfell provides them with wide selections of clothes that best represent the indicated size and preferred personal style. The next survey section is meant to help you choose your budget for each thing with sliding scales. As soon as you make selections, Bombfell's software starts analyzing the information you have provided. You are expected to get recommendations from a selection of well-known designers based on your style preferences. Then one of the company's personal stylists makes a decision which items are the most suitable for you. Then the staff of the site sends members a preview email, demonstrating what has been chosen before shipment. Then a box of clothes is delivered to your threshold. As soon as you receive the box, you can try the items on within ten days. Any items that don't fit you can be returned at no charge. These can be packed in a prepaid envelope. According to the company, their combination of personalized service and technology offers things that fit a personal shopper's budget too. In addition, Bombfell promises that selections get better in the course of time. The site's members are allowed to send feedback through their account.

According to the site's FAQ section, the company offers ample selections in average sizes, but only the selection of Big and Tall is rather limited. Bombfell suggests prospective members to call their customer service at in case of having any questions or issues. They promise to be able to accommodate your fit, size, or style. If you don't like your Bombfell selections, you can return unwanted items for free within your 10-day trial period. Remember that the clock starts ticking when your shipment is delivered. The company only accepts unwashed, unused, and undamaged items with the tags still intact. If you exceed the 10-day period, you will be charged the full amount of the order. Refunds and credits are handled individually between 11-29 days after receipt. After 30 days, store credit is only available minus a $10 restocking fee. Due to hygiene reasons, grooming products and underwear cannot be returned. You can return socks only in their original unopened packaging. The service department can be reached at Most customers of the website say that Bombfell helps them to save their money. When compared to similar fashion subscription companies this service appears to offer better prices and high-quality products. Let's take a look at what actual users think about their experience with the site.

"I have been with Bombfell for four months now and I just love them! It costs me nothing to use the site unless I buy something. I have purchased a lot of stuff already. All of the items have good quality. I get many compliments on the stuff I have got. This website is really worth shopping at. If you want to look fashionable you should go to this site too. I have no complaints about the company's selections at all."

"I tried Bombfell for a year already. Overall I was impressed with the quality of the items because they are not expensive. I returned only a pair of shorts that didn't fit my size. I contacted their customer service to discuss the problem before canceling the order. Other clothes I bought are just right for me. One time my credit card got charged within the try-on period. I emailed them and immediately got a response and a full refund on my credit card. I'd definitely recommend this website to everyone."

"Signed up for Bombfell almost a year ago and I have been satisfied with all the buying processes I had. Usually, my stylist sends me an email with clothes he chooses for me. Then I decide what I want to ship. I am usually very picky but I like my stylist's taste very much. I like that I have ten days to try the clothes on. If I am mot eased with anything, I can send it back. Most clothes have high quality, so I have no complaints."

My Final Summary

Based on numerous customer reviews, Bombfell members benefit from the clothing sales they can find at this store. While items aren't over-priced, they have high quality and good look. This online service is the most appealing to those male shoppers who don't prioritize to hunt for bargains, it is suitable for those who are interested in dressing fashionably but don't have a lot of time to shop physically. After completing our survey, we still have one concern. While the site takes into consideration a person's build and skin tone, there's no opportunity to upload your personal picture. This makes the service less custom.

If we take a closer look at the users' reviews left online, we will see that most Bombfell members are highly pleased with the staff they can find on the website. Besides, they are happy with the customer service. If you have any questions, you can contact them any time and have your issue resolved fast. You can opt to work with your personal professional stylist. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of the company, I do recommend Bombfell.

Bombfell Pricing and Rates

The company doesn't charge any subscription fee, shipping or stylist fees. Members only pay for the items they keep longer than ten days. The average price for one item is $89. You will have a 10-day trial period. If you exceed this period, you will be charged the full amount of the order. You can request a refund between 11-29 days after receipt.