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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Boss Revolution

Boss Revolution is a company that offers a wide variety of communication and financial services to the whole world. They state to be helping people come closer together, through international and domestic calls, as well as money transfer products. They allow making an international payment, but to do this correctly you will need to read this guide attentively. You will learn what services the company offers exactly, the fees and charges you will need to pay and so much more. When it comes to an international transfer, you can send it either online or in person. The recipient can get their money in different ways depending on the country. To make international payments online, you will need to create an account on the site of Boss Revolution. You will be able to fund the payment with your debit or credit card. Before committing you will be able to model the payment and check possible options for payment. You will also see the charges associated with each of the options. When studying the fees and exchange rates used at Boss Revolution it makes sense to compare them with those at other online transfer services to get the best deal. There is a chance of finding a better deal elsewhere.

To make a payment in person, you'll need to go to any of Boss Revolution agent locations around the country. You can also call into an agent if there is one in your area, and arrange the payment. You'll need to pay using cash or a card. The agent will inform you about the fees associated with your transfer. Let us take a look at other services offered by Boss Revolution, as well as what real customers are writing about them in their online testimonials. But before that it is important to know how to contact the company. Well, if you need more information, you can check out the FAQ section online at their official website. You can also contact the service team through Email on, by calling on 1-716-215-2677 or by finding Boss Revolution on social media channels.

Customer Reviews - Does Boss Revolution Really Work?

In addition to making international payments, the company offers a wide range of other services such as bill pay, domestic and international mobile top ups. For more options check out their site. There is BOSS Revolution App that allows to stay in touch with family and friends around the world. The new and improved app will make the services cheaper due to the most innovative technology. Boss Revolution's International Call App improved call quality and reduced international rates. You can make cheap calls to over 200 countries including Nigeria, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Ghana, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Kenya, Ethiopia and many others. Via this app you can make crystal-clear phone calls anywhere and anytime. It allows to save up to 90% on international calls. You can make free calls to other users of BOSS Revolution app around the world when both of you use your data or Wi-Fi connection. This is possible with app version 4.0 or higher. You'll be able to top up the prepaid mobile phones of your family and friends in more than 90 countries with over 150 carriers. These are the most popular mobile carriers to reload: Claro, Tigo, Cubacel, Orange, MTN, Airtel, Flow, Natcom, Glo and Digicel. The app allows to see the latest international carrier promotions as well as enjoy faster and upgraded messaging with NEW status markers. You'll be able to send content for free with app version 4.0 or higher. It also allows to chat one-on-one or in groups, send and receive voice messages, stickers, pictures, videos, and more.

During our research we have stumbled across numerous customer reviews about Boss Revolution on third-party websites. What most people like most of all about the services from the company is an opportunity to feel closer to home, their family and friends. Their app appeals to millions of users worldwide. U.S. consumers get $1 free to try the calling service. The company promises to handle user data securely. You can check their User Data Policy on The customers appreciate the chance to make cheap international calls. The service allows to save them up to 90% while enjoying high-quality calling and messaging via their app. There are certain limits to the amount you can transfer. A minimum transfer is $10, while a maximum transfer is $2,999. There may be some limits in place for some destinations and transfer types depending on the laws of the country. You can find the details for your own transfer online. According to the customers' reviews, most debit or credit card funded transfers are sent within just a few minutes. But the exact length of time it may take your recipient to get their money depends on different factors including working hours and international holidays, the delivery method chosen, time zones and any review process required by the recipient's own bank or Boss Revolution themselves. You will get a notification when your recipient receives their money. You will be also able to check up on the progress of your payment by phone or online.

There is a lot of positive opinions about how the companies services are beneficial to their actual users. People especially like using Boss Revolution app. For instance, one woman reports that she has been using it since she came to the United States and she has never had any issues. She is happy being able to call her mother without any problems. The woman is grateful to have Boss Revolution and recommends them to all her friends. Another man says that it's a good app to call internationally. Usually it works flawlessly but the customer sometimes felt frustrated because his number did not show when he made an international call. It showed the recipient a local number or said unknown. Some people might reject such calls. The man has called WhatsApp customer service to inform them of the problem. They finally have fixed the issue and the customer is happy doing his international calls again. Another man reports that he always has clear calls without any issues at all. In fact, one minute costs him less than $0.23. It is also very easy to refill with no need to rush to the store when the card runs out. The man promises he will not leave Boss. Let us read some actual users' testimonials.

"I moved from Brooklyn New York to Georgia in 2013. At that period of time, there was no way for me to buy a phone card. Once I called my friend in New York to ask her to buy me a card and give me the pin. As a result, she called me back and gave me the Boss Revolution card. It was refillable, which I liked a lot. I have been using it until now. I also have the app on my phone, which allows me to make a call without calling Boss Revolution first. I like using the app because it is very convenient and works well. Boss Revolution has made me happy."

"I am an international student and Boss Revolution app has been ideal for me. I can speak with my family and friends at an incredibly low call rate. Within a year of using the app, I haven't had any problems with my credit card while funding my account. I can also send and receive money, which is very convenient for me. I don't have to come home every month, which allows me to same money. I would definitely recommend this functional application."

"I have the Boss Revolution app. Yesterday, I called the customer service to have my number changed. The man who talked to me was helpful and knowledgeable. He gave me all the necessary information to get my app working fine. He also gave me a number I can use in order to make calls to Honduras in case if my application doesn't work. I don't think this will ever happen, though. I love the app and have no issues with it! Thank you very much!"

My Final Summary

Having made a thorough research of the Boss Revolution services and app, we can say for sure that this company is worth addressing. You can make international calls so much cheaper and without any issues when compared to other providers of the kind. There is also an opportunity to make money transfers across the world at lower fees when using your debit or credit card. You are sure to get a good deal after doing your own small research and compare Boss Revolution with other alternatives available in the market. All we can say is that making an international transfer has never been easier. We have looked at the exchange rates and costs for different providers and found the best one for your payment - it is Boss Revolution. They have lower costs and allow you to save more money. It's worth saying that most customers are absolutely satisfied with the app and services provided by the company. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages, we can certainly recommend Boss Revolution.

Boss Revolution Pricing and Rates

There are certain fees you will need to pay when transferring money overseas and they depend on how you fund your payment and where you are sending money. You will see full details when modeling the transfer. It you agree with the terms you will be able to confirm it. Let's take a look at some costs. Sending $1,000 to France with a debit card will cost you $2.99, while you'll need to pay $3.99 when sending the same amount to the Philippines. Sending $1,000 to the Philippines or France with a credit card will cost 10.99. You'll also have to pay the fees your own card issuer adds. Sending money by bank transfer, you are recommended to check if your or your recipient's bank adds any extra charges. You will come across additional charges because of the SWIFT network. The intermediary fee can be deducted from payments made via this network; however, it guarantees simple and fast payments around the world. Sending money to your recipient's bank account remember to check if there are any SWIFT fees.