BottleKeeper Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


No one likes warm beer in the hot summer's day, since the temperature of this drink is responsible for its taste too. If you don't want to spoil your outdoor party you will probably be interested in the BottleKeeper, an insulated beer bottle. This product can solve the problem due to its patented design that is meant to keep your drink carbonated and colder for a longer period of time. It addition, it is less susceptible to breakage if your drink falls down. The item is also easier to carry around. The company behind this product is also called BottleKeeper. It is a well-known company that also offers other appealing products that will be useful to anyone who loves to keep refreshing drinks flowing all afternoon long. According to the official site, the company earned over $15 million in 2018.

The company has its own history. It was founded by two cousins Matt Campbell and Adam Callinan who used their backgrounds to invent BottleKeeper and finally solve all the disappointment associated with drinking warm beer at the party. Their creation is patented, which means that it is absolutely safe to use on a regular basis. The BottleKeeper is actually an insulated bottle where you can place your beer bottle in order to keep it carbonated and colder. Its additional benefit is the protection of your beer and avoiding messy situations with broken glass. The company claims that they are selling 2.5 BottleKeepers per minute through their own website and Amazon. So, it is expecting to earn more than $15 million this year. By the way, the company is run by a team consisting of five members. It remains self-funded.

Customer Reviews - Does BottleKeeper Really Work?

At first glance, the BottleKeeper looks like a traditional stainless steel bottle, but unlike an ordinary water bottle, its bottom can be unscrewed. You can insert your beer bottle from the bottom and the interior walls will safely protect it, since they are lined with a neoprene sleeve. The bottom is padded in case of accidental drops. There is a bottle opener under the cap, as well as a tether that helps to keep it safely attached to the bottle. The Standard 2.0 BottleKeeper is suitable for most 12 oz. bottles. You can see the full list of compatible brands online but we can say for sure that this bottle holder is a worthy thing. We tried a few BottleKeepers out and they work very well. The look of the bottle is discreet, and you can set it down with no need to worry that it will fall over and spill accidentally. Since there is a small hole in the cap, you can pick it up easily and don't have to hold the entire bottle all the time. Unlike other similar beer insulator products, the BottleKeeper covers the entire bottle except for the mouth. It also has the additional useful features of a bottle opener, cap, and tether to transport your beer.

Although it can be hard to tell that you are drinking a beer from you BottleKeeper, it does not mean that you should drink illegally or irresponsibly. The company notes that they do not recommend breaking the law by using their product to drink a beer. You should drink it responsibly, but this bottle holder will make your experience more refreshing. Any beer drinker can get the product for $35 gets and enjoy their parties and barbecues for a long period of time in the future. The item is really durable since it is made from stainless steel. To better know whether BottleKeeper is worth buying we have read a great number of customers' testimonials online. It should be noted that most of them are positive in character, which is a direct indication that people are pleased with the quality and performance of the product.

One woman says that her husband and she enjoy tailgating during the season of football in college. All of their friends are beer drinkers and they prefer bottled beer. They are in Florida and beer gets hot after opening fast. The woman is responsible for cleaning up and she noticed there were a lot of beer bottles half full being left around. When she was searching on Amazon one day, an ad popped up. It was advertising BottleKeeper, so the lady decided to order one product to test it. Her husband used it and asked where she got that. Long story short, they bought these bottle holders for all of their tailgating friends. Then they also got some as Christmas gifts. Their friends love this product a lot. The woman says if you like cold bottled beer, this is the product for you.

Another customer is a man and he is also pleased with his new bottle keeper. He claims that his bottle fits like a glove and, what's more, the outside of the keeper doesn't sweat or leave rings. The drink stays cold even if he is busy doing something. Many other people agree that BottleKeeper serves as wonderful gift. One woman gave this to her son for Father's Day. He said it definitely kept his beer colder for a long time. Another woman said it was a gift for her father who likes to drink beer on those warm summer days. She has seen him use it and he commented that he really enjoyed his gift. He likes how the holder can adjust for bottles even if they have different heights. Let's take a loo at some more testimonials.

"I ordered five BottleKeeper to give them to my adult family members as gifts for Christmas. They were happy with their gifts and everyone appreciated their bottle holders. Now we can spend more time together drinking cold beer in hot Florida day. Our beer does not get warm as quickly as it does without this bottle holder. I would definitely recommend this product who likes beer. Remember, though, it fits only traditional bottles."

"I am absolutely satisfied with BottleKeeper. It has no strange neoprene smell as some people complain about with generic versions. The holder perfectly fits my Bud Light Lime. The only problem I have faced is the inability to screw the top back on completely. This keeper is quite expensive but it is worth it. I can take in to the beach where no glass is allowed. It does a good job of keeping my beer cold even on the beach. Besides, it looks like a water bottle. I will order more items for my friends."

"I bought BottleKeeper for my son's 26th birthday. It is hard for me to choose gifts for him, as he often does not like what I present to him. However, that was not the case! He liked his BottleKeeper so much! It's a good way to keep his beer cold and to remember his loving mom. I think I shouldn't be supporting his deviant ways, but I feel good to make him happy! He said it was the funniest gift he had ever received."

My Final Summary

Our life consists of simple pleasures - spring and summer fragrances, clear blue skies, blooming flowers, and cold beverages for adult consumed as you are observing these beautiful sights. If you like drinking beer, BottleKeeper will be a good option for you. The product will keep your beer cold for a longer period of time. According to many customers, it is a must-have for any beer drinker. Each item can hold a 12 ounce bottle. Besides, the product can be a good gift for Christmas of Father's Day. Another benefit is that it looks like a water bottle, so it can be taken with you to places where glass is not allowed. Many users appreciate the fact that there is a bottle opener in the cap of the holder, so that you can open your beer wherever you are. If you are fond of organizing parties in your home, forget about wasted hot beer on hot summer days. Your beer bottles will stay cold to the last drop. It should be mentioned that glass bottles will not break if they are kept in BottleKeepers. The product has become a favorite beverage holder to millions of people. With all this in mind, I do recommend buying BottleKeeper. It is a great idea for modern bottled beer drinkers.

Where To Buy BottleKeeper?

It is certainly better to purchase the product directly from the manufacturer's official website. The price of one item is $34.99. BottleKeeper can also be purchased from some retail stores. The cost may differ from store to store, though. Amazon sells one original beer bottle holder at the price of $39.99 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime.