Bowflex HVT Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Bowflex HVT Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Bowflex HVT

The Bowflex HVT is claimed to be a revolutionary trainer for supporting whole-body fitness with Hybrid Velocity Training or HVT. It allows you to stay in constant motion with strength and cardio exercises, while minimizing impact and maximizing your payback. The company promises that you will get impressive results really fast within just 18-minute sessions. There is no need to be involved in higher-impact cross training. The system provides computerized fifty trainer-led videos and workout programs. This unique cardiovascular trainer also offers usual strength exercises. It can be used in home environment and allows you to be involved in resistance training for your core, upper body, and lower body. This system is said to be good for those who would like to exercise their heart and circulatory system in general. Bowflex gyms are said to be suitable for people with different ability levels, so anyone can train with it regardless of their former fitness experience. The manufacturer promises that you will achieve new heights with sessions.

The Bowflex HVT offers a number of gym workouts. Actually, it is the first home gym that includes a customized mobile application with workout videos and computerized cross training workouts. The system comes with a colorful guidebook and different machine attachments (bars and pulleys) meant to help you strengthen and tone all the major body muscle groups (arms, shoulders, legs, back, abs and chest). There are fifty HVT workout videos available on the system, all of which are led by pro trainers to keep your sessions motivating. These are also meant to demonstrate how the machine should be used. You can create and save your own computerized workout. There is an opportunity to choose from three available programs. Let us take a look at what kind of workout feedback real users receive from this home gym system.

Customer Reviews - Does Bowflex HVT Really Work?

The average rating of Bowflex HVT is 88 out of 100. This is a new offer from Nautilus meant for strength and cardio training. This home gym looks good and allows you to save time while reaching your fitness goals. Sessions last only 18 minutes, but, according to the manufacturer, give you an opportunity to strengthen and sculpt your body while improving your cardiovascular endurance. This gym is tall but narrow however, it still requires a lot of space. The user can train while standing on a sturdy platform and having access to different handlebars and pulleys. Unlike other home gyms, it offers feedback throughout your session for every user to set a profile for feedback about calorie burn and heart rate; however, it is not always accurate, as the users claim. Setting a profile allows you to train in "auto" resistance mode. You can control the machine with the help of preset programs, as well as to design your own workout. You can send Bowflex HVT training videos to the console via Bluetooth. Its mobile app provides fifty video workouts with personal instructors. The trainer comes with an accessory tray and cooling fan.

Let's take a look at the Bowflex HVT features more closely, as well as at the real customers' reviews about the product. The machine itself is 6'6" tall but since it is quite narrow, it can save some of your living space. It has a sleek metallic and black frame with red accents. There are three sets of pulleys attached to the frame, all of which feature adjustable tension and textured grips. These are located at the sides, top, and base of the system. There are also two sets of stationary exercise bars, one of which is at chest level and is curved to support different poses and grips. The other bars start at the base and are angled to provide you with different exercises demonstrated in the HVT videos and guidebook. You can use a ledge for easy view of your mobile device with the HVT workout app. Both a cooling fan and an accessory holder are built into the frame.

Many customers complain of the high price of the Bowflex HVT, saying that it is too expensive for a device of this kind. Another concern is the short duration of workouts. Some people find 18 minutes too little for a good workout. Since most people using the system prefer a home gym, they wish it to have a bit smaller proportions. Another concern is that the pulleys are placed too high. Many customers report that they machines broke really fast. If this happens and your system needs repair, be ready to ship it to the manufacturer. There are some complaints about the product too. Thus, most people appreciate the fact that the trainer supports exercise for strength and cardio training simultaneously. The Bowflex HVT gym offers workout guidance with fifty video workouts, customizable programming and preset routines. Resistance training is quite gentle on your joints, which minimizes the risk of strains when compared with free weights. It is high time to take a look at the real customers' reviews left online.

"I ordered Bowflex HVT directly from the manufacturer and it was a big mistake. I paid for its assembly, but the guy didn't know how to do it correctly and could not even hook up the strap. This is a very expensive machine for such a poor quality. It makes loud rubbing noise when being used. It is not suitable for short people; the stride is too long and causes back pain. Unfortunately, we were unable to use it immediately after arrival, since we went on travel. Six weeks have passed and we cannot return it now. I don't recommend this gym to anyone. Buy something better"

"BowflexHVT comes with simply grotesque pricing but it is not worth the money it costs. Other similar systems provide pretty much the same types of exercises but cost so much less. I was not satisfied with the poor assembly I aid for. It appears that this machine has a negative impact on my joints. Its workouts are depicted not clearly in the manual. I don't think that this device can promote my losing fat. I cannot recommend it to anyone"

"I purchased Bowflex hvt for about $2400 after taxes, and believe it or not but this machine didn't last even six months. The problems started almost immediately after buying and got worse. Unfortunately I passed the return policy period and I cannot return it. It started to create unpleasant noises, including a clicking noise when I am doing rotation motions and in the belt. My workouts are not as enjoyable as I wanted. I called customer service and was asked to investigate the problem and describe it to them on the phone. Since I didn't have the necessary tools to do so, we finished our talk"

My Final Summary

The Bowflex HVT is a workout home gym that is expected to combine both cardio movements and strength training into one workout. Gym sessions are too short to be effective. The product itself is very expensive. Taking into account all the customers' complaints, it turns out to be not as powerful and effective as claimed by the manufacturer. Many users report getting problems with their systems after a few weeks of using them. Even though the Bowflex HVT comes with a money-back guarantee, few people manage to return it on time. The customer service leaves much to be desired too. Its representatives are not helpful. With all this in mind, this home gym cannot be recommended to purchasing.

Bowflex HVT Pricing and Rates

Bowflex HVT Trainer M7 Cardio Machine is available on Amazon. Its price is $2,199.00 + $150.00 shipping. The warranty for 2017 includes: two years for the parts, two years for the frame, and two years for electronics and 90 days for labor. The customers also receive a six-week money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your fitness results, you can return the product and get a refund.