Brain Chase Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Brain Chase

Brain Chase is an online program for 2nd through 8th graders (known as Adventurers) that aims to help them avoid summer learning loss. It was founded by Heather and Allan Staker and offers unusual educational activities and interesting academic tasks that are fun to perform. Thus, the program is covered only once a year. It has been on the market since 2013, so it is associated with a number of positive customer reviews. Brain Chase has partnered with myON, Rosetta Stone, Khan Academy, credentialed teachers, Google Books, and others to guarantee access to online curriculum, help when your child needs, support your child achieve success, etc. Can this summer program really help your child come to school fresh and confident next year or will your child just groan every time you ask them to learn anything? Will it be an enjoyable experience or a chore for them? These questions will be answered later, but at first let's take a look at how the program works.

Brain Chase is a 5-week program that can be followed at the user’s own pace to conquer four subjects each week, such as language or writing, math, reading, as well as one "bonus subject" (for instance, completing a Smithsonian Museum virtual tour, identifying celestial constellations using Google Sky, etc.). The child will have to read online for 15 minutes a day to earn 10,000 energy points through Khan Academy, complete one language or writing assignment, and work through one bonus challenge. As the official website claims, one needs on the average one hour a day to complete these tasks. All of the tasks are adaptable to your child's learning level and age. With this program, there is no need for parents to be concerned whether their child is well-educated. It is a well-known fact that a well-educated and well-bred child is a fundamental component of a thriving society. The developing brain is susceptible to learning, and this is the reason why education is focused on children mainly.

Customer Reviews - Does Brain Chase Really Work?

Children are usually in school for nine to ten months a year and this period is very important because they acquire the knowledge they will need further in their life. A summer break is introduced because of the hot weather that does not provide a productive learning environment. But there is one very unnecessary drawback about summer holidays school children tend to forget what they have learnt at school. Brain Chase was created to remove the block in children's education often called brain drain. The users of the program claim that it is great creation for those who don't wish to forget major skills acquired throughout the school year. Parents may not be concerned about brain drain of their children who are involved in a fun learning adventure during their summer break. In general, Brain Chase is based in Austin, Texas. One of its founders, Heather Staker, is a researcher from Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Learning who has written a book on innovative learning techniques. Her husband Allan is an experienced professional in the entertainment field. Both of them are parents to five children and former graduates of Harvard University. The Stakers managed to raise $500,000 from investors.

The excitement for Brain Chase has created huge waves that have been documented by the following publications: Budstikka, Huffpost, Inc., OregonLive, cool mom tech, Deseret News, Fox News, KSL, the Gwinnett Citizen, NBC, Tech Age Kids, Red Tricycle, Examiner, uexpress, Bay Area Parent, edSurge, and others. The impact of the program is subjected to intense study. There are many customer reviews about the Brain Chase's program online. Parents are happy that it helps them to keep their children entertained and involved in the interesting learning process. Thus, a child completes fun daily activities through animated episodes featuring Mae Merriweather's team. These contain clues to the place of a mysterious golden mechanism. Children deal with encoded numbers or words, pictures, things people say, locations, background items, and plot twists. They can solve them by taking notes, watching videos, cooperating with family members and friends, and searching online. The more clues they will find, the faster they will be able to figure out the location of the key. Let us take a look at what actual users think about this program.

"Brain Chase is a wonderful program that is made specially for my son who used to forget a lot during his summer holidays. It pairs math, reading, and typing challenges. My son likes watching animated adventurers of some characters who travel across the globe in search for treasure. My son uses a few treasure-hunting tools and he succeeds a lot but what I really appreciate about this program is that it is interesting. I am pleased with the results."

"I ordered Brain Chase for my daughter and I am satisfied with it. My child likes it so much and is always looking forward to another session. She can submit one guess every 24 hours; and she has already found several clues. I like the fact that my daughter can improve her educational skills in a fun way. By the way, there is a possibility to customize the level. Math exercises are linked to the Khan Academy education website."

"Brain Chase is a great way to make any family friendlier as it allows its members to discuss how to solve mysteries. This encourages a child to use logic and critical-thinking skills, as well as to be more perceptive. Many of the exercises allow a child to try again until they get the correct answer. As a result, the child learns not to get frustrated after the first try. It is easy to see on a world map with just one click. We like to look for the treasure's location with our son."

My Final Summary

Brain Chase summer learning program appears to be effective, but what is more important is that it is interesting and fun to do. This programs seems to meet all of your requirements as a parent and at the same time it efficiently entertains your child. Even if your child is not very keen on education, they will be likely glad to start this summer learning program. It is able to keep your child motivated in meeting challenge and gaining benefits offered by Brain Chase that might only take an hour of their day.

Another great advantage about this summer learning program is that it is able to represent personalized experiences, as you can choose the learning style, entertainment preferences, and personality before starting the program. Brain Chase treasure hunt is open to U.S. residents of 49 United States and the District of Columbia, as well as residents of Mexico, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The program is associated with mainly positive customer feedback, thus, Brain Chase seems to deserve your attention.

Brain Chase Pricing and Rates

There are two different packages of Brain Chase programs. Brain Chase includes a 5-week session with access to Khan Academy, Rosetta Stone, personalized learning, myON, and help from credentialed teachers. It costs $199. Premium Package is similar to the Brain Chase package, but it also includes a t-shirt, an Adventurer backpack, and Sunstone of Cort's patch. Its cost is $249.