Breo Ellipta Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Breo Ellipta

Breo Ellipta is a prescription inhaled drug that contains two active ingredients (vilanterol and fluticasone furoate) and promises to help COPD and asthma patients decrease airway inflammation, improve their lung function, and decrease the risk of flare-ups for up to 24 hours. According to GlaxoSmithKline, Breo's 100/25 and 200/25 formulations are the once-daily inhalers, which makes them convenient to use. To accomplish this, remember that it is not meant for relieving sudden breathing problems. Besides, it should not replace a rescue inhaler. As many sufferers from chronic COPD or asthma claim, the drug has proven to effectively ease breathing. Is Breo really as effective as claimed by the users? Does it carry any potential risks? Here is a comprehensive overview about this medication for you to be more informed of its benefits and dangers. You will be able to speak with your doctor about this product as well. But before discussing the product in detail let's find out what causes COPD and asthma.

Aasthma is a chronic disease that causes airway inflammation. This results in tightening of the surrounding muscles and increased mucus production by the airway cells, this snowball effect can increase inflammation even more. As a result, an individual finds it very difficult to breathe. Depending on the sort of inflammation, some asthma sufferers need to carry an inhaler with them everywhere they go. These emergency inhalers usually contain only bronchodilators like terbutaline and salbutamol. They widen airways. Some asthma suffers use inhalers with steroids like beclometasone, fluticasone, and budesonide. These are responsible for the prevention of airway inflammation. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a term that is often used to describe different diseases, including Chronic Bronchitis (inflamed bronchial tubes producing excess mucus), Emphysema (over-inflation of the alveoli), Refractory (Non-Reversible) Asthma and Bronchiectasis (thickening of the bronchi become from infection and inflammation.

Customer Reviews - Does Breo Ellipta Really Work?

As it is mentioned on the Breo official website, asthma can be caused by such irritants as dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold spores, and tobacco smoke. Long-term exposure to irritants may lead to the development of COPD, the symptoms of which include wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. Unlike asthma, these irritants permanently damage the airway. Breo Ellipta is claimed to be effective for both conditions. The medication has a great number of customer reviews on different websites on the Internet. The majority of them carry a positive character, which means that the customers are pleased with the effects of the medications. gave Breo an average rating of 6.8 based on 49 reviews at the time of writing. The most common compliments referenced better results than the competition, improved breathing, and decreased use of rescue inhalers in some cases.

From a company perspective, GlaxoSmithKline is based in Philadelphia, PA. It has been in business since 2001, although their holdings can be traced back to the 1800s. What customers like about the Breo Ellipta is that it is easy to use. Each inhaler contains 30 doses. To take your dose, you will only need to slide the cover down to expose the mouthpiece. You should hear a specific "click." Don't close the cover; otherwise the dose will not be available any longer. The counter will decrease by one. It is an automatic counter that is designed to inform the user how many doses remain. Inhale only through your mouth and hold your breath for a few seconds. Then breathe out gently and slowly. The medication has no specific smell or taste, but it is recommended to rinse your mouth with water and spit it out without swallowing. This will prevent thrush and some undesired side effects. On the other hand, there are some complaints about Breo Ellipta. The most common ones related to no results, side effects (muscle and joint pain, especially in the legs and neck; rashes, itching, worsened breathing, depression) and that it stopped working due to tolerance buildup. The same ratings can be found on WebMD. It is high time to read some of the actual customer reviews left online.

"Breo Ellipta is a great medication. I am still in the diagnosis stage, but I think I have asthma and COPD. I have smoked for many years and I have been allergic to pets too. My doctor recommended me Breo, and since using it I haven't had any coughing attack. I don't have any side effects either. I can breathe normally due to this drug. It is just amazing, which is why I recommend it to everyone suffering from CORD or asthma."

"I am 41 and was diagnosed with asthma when I was only 12 years old. I have always carried my rescue inhaler with me everywhere I went. Usually I used it 1-2 times a day. But then I learnt about Breo Ellipta. After a month of using it I noticed a big improvement. As of now, I have used it for almost a year. Believe it or not but I have only used my inhaler five or six times total. I am happy to feel like I can breathe again! Three weeks ago I climbed up Mt Fuji in Japan. What can be a better achievement for an asthmatic?"

"I have suffered from asthma for more than twenty years and I almost died two times. I have used many different types of inhalers but nothing really worked. I finally saw the commercial about Breo Ellipta and told my doctor about it. He checked the ingredients and said that I could use it. I have used Breo for about 9 months and I almost forgot about asthma symptoms. I have not had any attacks since being on the drug. This inhaler is my savior!"

My Final Summary

Breo Ellipta is an effective combination inhaler for the treatment of COPD and asthma. It has enough clinical evidence behind it and is manufactured by a well-established pharmaceutical company located in the USA. It also appears to have a mostly positive customer feedback online. The medication has proven to be helpful for many asthma and allergy sufferers where other prescriptions have failed. Hundreds of people have finally found their relief.

Before using the Breo Ellipta it is recommended to speak with your doctor in order to figure out whether it represents a good option depending on your specific diagnosis. If approved, you can give it a try. The majority of users report having no side effects related to the medication. On the contrary, the users inform that they started to breathe comfortably again. With this in mind, I do recommend Breo Ellipta to usage.

Where To Buy Breo Ellipta In Stores?

While the official website didn't list any prices, websites like PharmacyChecker and listed non-insurance prices between $71 (for a 14-day supply) and $179 (for a 30-day supply), or about $5-$6 per dose. Some prescription comparison websites reported even higher prices (between $290 and $380). Remember that you will still need your emergency inhaler as Breo Ellipta does not substitute the unit. The company behind the product, GlaxoSmithKline, offered some coupons to decrease some of these costs. Thus, you may be eligible for a 12-month prescription that costs no more than $10 per month. You may get your first month for free. The info kit is also free. If you need help in paying terms, you can apply for help on the website. You can ask your questions by reaching a GSK representative by calling at 888-825-5249.