Brooklinen Sheets Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Brooklinen Sheets

Brooklinen Sheets are made by the American company called Brooklinen. It is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality linen in the country. The company has its own official website that sells other products. The website is very informative and gives anyone an opportunity to quickly order almost any item of linen. These sheets are woven from 100% long-staple cotton. Usually, they are sold as a part of the Brooklinen Classic Core sheet set that includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillow cases. But today we will mainly focus on the sheets. They also have a 270 thread count and a percale weave. They are designed to be an ideal weight for proper breathability and to become softer with every wash / dry cycle. Brooklinen's fitted sheet can fit a standard. The item has an elastic band around the entirety of the bottom to provide a snug fit for a standard mattress.

Brooklinen sheets have a strong build quality. It is easy to determine if you carefully examine the quality of the material, stitching, and overall construction. The percale weave is tough but at the same time smooth. No sheet has loose threads. Even though there were several loose threads it is not difficult to remove them. If any threads are left, be sure they will not create any problems. The elastic band of a fitted sheet is sewn on well and the Brooklinen sheets are made up to the highest standard. All in all, the entire set fits the mattress nicely, looks aesthetic and feels smooth.

Customer Reviews - Does Brooklinen Sheets Really Work?

Brooklinen Classic sheets have been tested for durability and performance. The first thing that was checked is the shrinkage. This is the most common complaint about other sheets. Buying a new sheet, it is important to be aware that it won't shrink too much after normal wash. The test for shrinkage of Brooklinen Sheets showed that these items have low shrinkage ability. We took measurements before a wash and dry cycle, as well as after these procedures. Then we run the sheets through the washer and dryer and took new measurements after doing so. After that we compares the two measurements to find out how much the sheets shrank. As a result, we saw minimal shrinkage from the sheet. The flat sheet shrank by 3.70%. According to the standards, shrinkage less than 5% is considered to be a norm.

The next we examined was the quality of thread. The sheets have very few loose threads that are easy to remove. But even if you don't treat them, they won't get worse after being run through the dryer and washer. Thus, the thread used in the product has high quality. Finally, we tested the color materials and found out that they don't dye run off. Color Test involved soaking of Brooklinen Sheets in warm water. After doing so, we took a few paper towels and put them underneath the sheets. Then we pressed a rolling pin against the sheets and checked the paper towels for any color run off. The sheets proved to be manufactured from high quality materials that do not lose color during washing.

The damage test was conducted with the goal of analyzing the sheets for any damages caused in the course of use. After a long period of use, the Brooklinen sheets seem to have serves quite well. There was no increase in size after usage too. The items also feel very soft and pleasant to the skin. They have a cooling effect and unique style. The lightweight texture feels pleasant on the body. Sheets float tenderly around you with no trapping effect. You will find it easy to move around even if you are using one sheet with your partner who often rotates in bed. Brooklinen sheets are extremely soft but it does not mean that they get caught on the human body, which can wake up the partner. The cooling effect is another positive attribute of the Brooklinen sheets. This sheet does not trap the heat inside or create a too warm sleeping environment. Besides, such a sheet has good breathability, so you will not get too hot with it. The ultra lightweight will also positively impress you. Finally, you will like the style of this sheet. The style has been created with the wide range of colors and patterns for you to choose from. So, you can select a set that perfectly matches your bedroom. You will probably fall in love with the Window pane pattern with a white and grey color scheme.

There is a great number of users' reviews about Brooklinen Sheets, most of which are favorable. People express their satisfaction with the product. Many of them say that they enjoy the look of these sheets, while others emphasize incredible softness of the sheets. Let us have a look at some of these testimonials.

"I got the Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle that included two Brooklinen Sheets. I chose the Classic set because I prefer the cool feel it is known for. I and pleased with the quality of this product and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for new sheets. I am sure that Brooklinen is a wonderful option for a person who is looking for luxury sheets at a reasonable cost."

"BrooklinenSheets are percale, they are soft but not as silky as Brooklinen Luxe. I think these sheets have a well-balanced feel of softness, lightweight and coolness. My sheets got much softer after the very first wash already. It is a good idea to wash them before sleeping in them. Brooklinen advises to wash the sheets every week. Even though it is recommended to replace sheets every year, my items didn't lose their attractive look yet."

"I highly appreciate my Brooklinen Sheets. They have thread count of the highest quality. I also like the type of cotton these are made from. Brooklinen uses 100% Egyptian cotton of high quality. They also use 60 and 80 yarn count threads in fabrics that are suitable for cotton bedding. These sheets are really breathable and cool. I used to get hot often when sleeping on other sheets. Now my skin breathes well, so I don't sweat excessively at night."

My Final Summary

I would certainly recommend the Brooklinen sheets to people who are looking for 100% cotton sheets. These ones are made from 100% long-staple cotton. You will like a nice lightweight texture and the soft feel of these sheets. The manufacturer offers a wide range of modern designs of Brooklinen sheets that are offered in various colors and designs. If you want to match the colors in your bedroom, you will undoubtedly select suitable patterns for both men and women. In general, these sheets will meet aesthetic tastes of anyone. You will certainly appreciate the soft feel of these sheets that tend to get softer with every wash. According to users' reviews, people are satisfied with the materials from which the items are made, the comfort and cooling effect sheet can boast, as well as low shrinkage index and high quality. The Brooklinen sheets are extremely durable and bring the lightweight feel.

Where To Buy Brooklinen Sheets In Stores?

Though the products have a very high quality, the price is not very high. For this reason, Brooklinen Sheets can be afforded by anyone. The cost of the product depends on its size. All kinds of these sheets can be ordered and bought directly from the official website of the company.