Brush Hero Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Brush Hero

Brush Hero is a kind of a wand used to clean your car's wheels. It is claimed not to have any analogues on the modern market, which sounds quite interesting. The company behind the product is well-known and reputable in the country and is also known for making some other products on the kind. The company is based out of Alexandria, VA. It was founded by Glenn Archer and Kevin Williams. The device we are going to discuss in this review uses only the water pressure created by the powerful turbine inside. Its patented technology is claimed to spin its interchangeable heads with powerful turbine. There are no mechanical parts at all. The device also features high-quality injection molded plastic that can withstand cleaning chemicals. It has a simple, lightweight, and easy to use design that is able to cut through dirt and dust easily. The manufacturer calls it "the ultimate detail brush" that never corrodes. Is Brush Hero really the only product of the kind product, as claimed on the official website? Does this mean that it is the best solution for your needs? We will try to answer these and more questions further in this review by taking a look at how this brush works and what real users are saying about their experience of using it.

Customer Reviews - Does Brush Hero Really Work?

According to the official website, this cleaning device contains no blades, fins, gears, or any other mechanical parts that can rust or break over time. It features a turbine that works on the dynamics of water under pressure. It converts that pressure into turning force, or torque, with the help of your garden hose. This force works to turn four interchangeable brush heads at the front, which are claimed to last for four-six months. Let us take a look at these brushes. The Navigator has a tapered head to clean hard-to-reach spots, whether on a barbecue grill, vehicle, pool or Jacuzzi, or rain gutters. White Brush features stiff bristles for tougher cleaning jobs. Black Brush is a softer option for sensitive surfaces (chrome, paint, etc.). Grimefighter is the stiffest option made for tough cleaning jobs like scum, mold, etc. To change the brush, you will need to pull firmly to remove the current head. Then align the desired brush with the square and push into place.

Brush Hero doesn't use any mechanical parts or batteries; however, the water-powered torque proves to safely clean the required surfaces. The device delivers enough power to keep spinning in most cases, although it can be stopped with firm pressure of your hand, or by pushing it into a small space. Instead of spinning fast, it creates a wet mess and can hardly graze the surface of grime. As a result, it starts spinning slowly. It should be noted that the amount of torque created will depend on the water pressure provided by the faucet. The highest water pressure is usually delivered by standard residential systems, while rural well systems might provide lower pressure. In any case, the unit will work well. Brush Hero has a built-in toggle switch responsible for adjusting the water flow, which can also be paused in between tasks. The manufacturer also offers a water-saving trigger handle known as the Flow Pro. Even at full flow, the unit uses half as much water as a flowing hose, which means that you will use about a bucket of water to wash a full-size car.

According to the advertisement on the official website, Brush Hero can easily clean hard-to-reach places on cars, bikes, motorcycles, furniture, window screens, barbecues, and pets. The process of cleaning is very easy and does not cause any backache. The device's additional accessories can make it even easier and more useful. Soap Star combines soap, spray, and foam with the perfect amount of water, which allows to scrub, sud, and rinse an item. Extension Wand is used to add reach. There are 18" and 36" versions for you to choose from. Both of them have a male quick connect adapter and three-position trigger handle. Flow Pro is a water-saving trigger handle that has an ergonomic grip to conserve water. Shower Adapter Kit is used to adapt your device for indoor use. 4 and 5-Piece Quick Connect Set allow removing and adding of the appropriate adapter.

There are many customer reviews for the Brush Hero on third-party websites. These had together given the product an average rating of more than four stars. Most compliments refer to the quality of the product, competitive price, ease of use, effective results, and solid customer support. Only Amazon has about one hundred customer reviews with many compliments. These frequently revolved around high functionality and quality of the unit. Even though the product officially launched in June 2015, it has entered the America's consciousness due to the fact that it appeared on season nine, episode 18 of ABC's Shark Tank. Let us take a look at some users' reviews available online. One guy reports that he was pleasantly surprised when he ordered Brush Hero and used it for the first time. He says that initially he was skeptical as to the quality of the product. He hooked it up to a hose and started washing his motorcycle. The thing worked perfectly and the spinning brush did not stop spinning when he tried to have this unit get in small areas, like in between the spokes of a wheel. Then the man decided to apply more pressure to clean the wheels that have not been cleaned for many years. The user was shocked to see that the brush did the job great! The device is really strong and sturdy. The man can't wait to try it on other objects around the yard. Here are some actual users' testimonials found online.

"We don't have an indoor storage space and we live not far from the water, so we have always had issues with spider webs and other creature droppings on the deck furniture. Brush Hero is just Wow! It was easy to use out of the box. I purchased it to clean my furniture and this unit worked perfectly on my outdoor furniture. I was not sure whether I was getting the real product, but now I would recommend this device to buying from the manufacturer's site."

"I bought Brush Hero to deal with the grime and residue on my alloy wheels coming from the brake pads. As a matter of fact, I have dealt with other high pressure washers but I have been unlucky. This was until I got Brush Hero. Even though the results were not perfect, I was more satisfied with the clean-up this device than that performed by other tools. I did not use any detergent at all but I would like to order the soap dispenser accessory."

"Brush Hero works pretty well on cleaning tire rims. I got both the soft and stiff brushes. The tool even cleaned really hard-to-reach spaces. My only complaint is that some water sprays back towards me. So I had to change my clothes after the procedure. Next time I will wear appropriate clothing not to get soaked. I do recommend buying this device."

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Brush Hero, this product seems to offer a lot of cleaning benefits. It is able to clean almost anything including your vehicles, furniture and anything else in your yard. The device is suitable for cleaning hard-to-reach areas too. It hooks up easily and does not need any electricity or mechanical parts for operating. Instead, the device provides optimal torque to cut through grime and grease accumulation. With its handle-mounted switch, Brush Hero provides an optimal cleaning solution, whether you want to clean your motorcycle, bike, car, watercraft, or about anything else. It seems to have a reasonable price. You can buy accessories separately, depending on your preferences and needs. With this in mind, I do recommend Brush Hero to usage.

Where To Buy Brush Hero In Stores?

You can purchase the Brush Hero Starter Set (with one white and one black brush attachment) directly through the website of the company. It is priced at $34.99. There are some additional sets too. Marine (with tough and extra tough brushes) costs $39.99. Extra Reach Combo (with the 18" extension) is priced at $49.98. Pro (with Flow Pro) can be bought for $42.99. Super Bundle (with Pro and Soap Star) costs $64.99. Dynamic Duo (with Soap Star) can be purchased for $54.99. Indoor (with Pro and Complete Shower Adapter Kit) costs $69.99. Direct orders come with a 30-day refund policy. You can ask for a refund by contacting the support at 888-550-HERO (4376) or Most of the upper mentioned accessories can be bought separately for $0.75-$39.99. All direct orders over $40 come with free shipping. This product and its accessories are also available through Amazon. For instance, this retail store sells Brush Hero (Starter) at the price of $39.99 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime.