BurgaBox Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY BurgaBox Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


BurgaBox is a special subscription service that will send you a burger meal box whenever you make an order. The company sends you all the ingredients with the cooking instructions with them and it will be your responsibility to gather burgers together. Chopped meat comes raw too, so you will need to fry it, while the buns and bacon will need to be grilled. This is probably the greatest drawback of the service, not to mention its high cost. Meals for two people cost $59.00 per month, or $67.00 for a box that will arrive only once. So, constant clients receive discounts. Each box contains two 8 oz burgers, one 16 oz. tray of original recipe loaded French fries, two sides of Boston's famous baked beans, one 16 oz. tray of over-the-top mac and cheese, two sides of BBC slaw, and cooking instructions. Even though the latter are said to be easy to follow, you will still need to spend much time and effort on cooking your burgers. You are supposed to have certain cooing skills too. The company that manufactures these foods is not very reputable in the country. There is an official website. Let's take a look at the details of BurgaBox further and find out what real customers think about this kind of service.

Customer Reviews - Does BurgaBox Really Work?

There are limited customer reviews about BurgaBox online. The overall customer reputation seems to have a mixed character, which means that there are both positive and negative reviews. While some people are simply in love with this food, they are not pleased with its expensiveness. The others complain that the box is not worth the money it costs. Let's see what is in the box, as described by one woman who has received her BurgaBox in reality and even tried its burgers. Each box contains two 8 oz burgers, one 16 oz. tray of French fries cooked according to the original recipe, one 16 oz. tray of over-the-top mac and cheese, two sides of Boston's famous baked beans, two sides of BBC slaw, and cooking instructions. The box was shipped by FedEx.

The top of the box contained information sheets with instructions for what is in the box. The woman received The Irish Breakfast Burger. This burger was packed with Jolly Posh bacon, sauteed mushrooms, grilled tomato, fried egg and Irish cheddar. There were instructions for every item in the meal. You are expected to spend about 30 minutes on cooking and preparing the meal. Each of the ingredients shipped in a separate insulated bag. There were some ice packs for keeping some of the ingredients cold. According to the customer, all the food was well packaged. When the woman finished cooking the meal she was pretty amazed to see a big amount of food on her plates, so that it was enough for her family, including two kids. There were extra beans mac, and slaw in the box. However, the woman was not happy with the fact that she needed to coo some of the ingredients on her own. It is really time-consuming. The hardest part, though, was to get everything stay on the burger. There were too many ingredients. The customer was surprised to have an egg on her burger but it was not so bad. She said that one burger was so large that it could be shared with a child. The fries filled a whole caserole dish. These fries were covered with black and tan gravy, corned beef, and cheddar jack cheese. There was also horseradish sauce and scallions to put on top. One person may add scallions to their portion, while another can enjoy the meal with horseradish sauce. It is good to be able to choose the topping you want. As the woman said, one burger was enough to eat for her husband. Let us take a look at the actual customers' testimonials left on third-party websites.

"I was excited about Burgabox service and first and decided to try it. I am a lazy person and I don't like cooking, so it seemed to be a wonderful option for me. So, I immediately ordered my box. When it arrived I was shocked. Everything was raw and uncooked. Did I pay $67 for the ingredients I could easily find in any supermarket? That's ridiculous! The burgers looked great on their official website but they are certainly not worth this money! Thanks for the idea but I will not order this box ever again. You may if you don't mind wasting money"

"Burga Box is an extremely expensive meal-delivery service. $60 is too much for four burgers, even though you're also receiving the two sides. It means that one burger will cost you $15 in addition to the time you have spent on cooking. To my mind, it is better to go to the restaurant and buy a ready burger. I loved apples and onions in these burgers but they are too pricey for me. Besides, these are 100% home-style burgers which can be cooked any day of the week. The ingredients can be bought in any supermarket for less. You have to be thoughtful in your choices"

"I love the concept of BurgaBox but $50 for four burgers! Ouch! I have ordered a box once just to check whether they would be better than my hubby's burgers. And I ensured that my husband is the best cook if the world. Besides, preparing home-made burgers is much cheaper for our big family. They do not even offer an option of buying five, six or seven burgers. Some families are bigger, you know. And two or four burgers may not be enough"

My Final Summary

This meal-delivery subscription can hardly be worth the attention of people who know value for their money. Each monthly BurgerBox box contains the ingredients necessary for preparing two or four burgers (based on your choice). All of these components can be purchased from a traditional supermarket twice cheaper. If you think that this service will help you save your time of cooking you are mistaken. Some of the ingredients will need your efforts in terms of cooking. Be ready to spend at least thirty minutes. If your family really loves burgers and you are more than four, it will be wiser to go to the restaurant and eat burgers there at a lower cost. Even though BurgerBox offers tasty and large burgers, I cannot recommend this service.

BurgaBox Pricing and Rates

As it was already mentioned, a BurgaBox meal for two people will cost you $59.00 per month. You can opt for a one-time order for $67.00 per box. Cooking a meal will take 30 minutes of your time.