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Capella University

Capella University is a campus-based accredited university that operates online and offers more than 35,000 students a variety of 142 graduate and undergraduate specializations, more than 1,600 online courses, and 25 certificate programs. Compared to many other online universities, this college provides a competency-based education, offering critical theories, knowledge, skills, and abilities to master the subject matter. The university guarantees to give an opportunity to each student advance their career by providing effective assignments and professionally developed curriculum. Does Capella University can really meet the needs of its students? What do they think about their studying in this higher educational establishment? Are there better education options online? What vital considerations should be kept in mind? Let's answer these and more questions further in this review.

The college offers a number of important and unique programs. For example, Capella's FlexPath program is meant to help you receive an education by putting more work on your own schedule for you to graduate faster at less money. The university promises to help you earn a relevant and respected degree and to achieve your professional goals in future. Some of the University's programs are eligible for their self-paced studying format that allows earning the degree faster. How does it work? You will get an opportunity to complete every course at your own pace within 12 weeks, with no deadlines and class times. Actually, your studying is not assessed by the time you spend in class. Instead, it is assessed through certain key competencies. Are the students of this university happy with their studying and education they get after graduation? Let's check it out by looking at the actual testimonials from these people.

Customer Reviews - Does Capella University Really Work?

Capella University is associated with a great number of customer reviews online. In general, the overall customer reputation seems to be quite positive. You can find many reviews on different websites, such as, that contains 207 student reviews. The site gave Capella an average rating of 6.4 out of 10. Many students appeared happy with the quality of the education; however, a few individuals complained about disinterested professors, inappropriate advising and counseling, high tuition costs, and that it is just a diploma mill. Another reputable website,, gave the University A and B ratings, except for five areas: surrounding city (C+) alternative pay (C+), campus maintenance (C+), campus beauty (C), and social life and environment (C+). You will probably not need to worry about most of these areas while studying online. Some of the current and former students complained about Capella's quality of the education, grading structure, and that they are more about money than education.

From a company perspective, the university had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. There are about 100 closed complaints most of which referenced money owed, whether due to insufficient financial aid, dropped classes, or miscommunication with students. The college is based out of Minneapolis, MN. It should be mentioned that about 79% of the university's cash flow comes from US government Title IV payments. In 2006, the college was investigated by the Office of the Inspector General in terms of its policies and the necessity to return Title IV funds as to students who failed to provide official notice of their withdrawal from the school. As a matter of fact, it was all chalked up to some errors, while the school promised to take steps to ensure that this won’t happen again.

The students at Capella University are happy with the fact that this college offers a great choice of certificate, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs, as well as several professional accreditations, including Business, Counseling, Education, Health Sciences, Information Technology, Nursing, Psychology, Public Administration, Social Work. It should be remembered that each of these programs have different admission requirements. You are expected to be assisted by your enrollment counselor. This might completing an admission essay, include letters of recommendation, undergoing a faculty interview, etc. It is time to read some of the actual customer reviews left online.

"I am a student at Capella University and I have been really impressed by the high quality of education. I also like the ability to have free communication with Capella faculty. Online learning can give great education! I have received the same amount of knowledge as I did when studying at a traditional college. I have experienced good communication with my professors who have always been glad to provide me with help I needed. Every staff member has been kind to me."

"CapellaUniversity offers phenomenal programs. I enjoyed my online courseroom experience. At first I was afraid of struggling with the online format but, fortunately, I was mistaken. The professors have been knowledgeable and helpful in the field they were teaching. The only area I had an issue with was the technological aspect. Sometimes the link meant for uploading my assignment from Google Drive didn't work. In general I am satisfied with my studying at the university."

"Capella university has provided me with an intense study and prepared me for continuing my technological research in the field beyond graduation. I have got enough confidence to serve as a leader in my school. I am highly grateful to the professors who always helped me whenever I needed their help. Collaboration, responsibility, flexibility, and real-world application are just some of the features of Capella University. I had great experience with this college."

My Final Summary

We have reviewed the most popular online universities already and we have enough knowledge to give proper estimation to Capella University. This is the higher educational establishment that is able to make obtaining your college degree more convenient, easier and faster than in some other online colleges available. Most former and current students are pleased with their college experience. If you are fresh out of high school and you would like to study at a college with special features and requirements, this can be a great option for you. If you are focused on education, this might be a perfect fit too. Despite somewhat higher tuition, I can recommend Capella University.

Capella University Pricing and Rates

The cost of the program depends on many different factors, but in general the prices look like this. Doctoral Programs: $2,800 - $5,177 tuition per quarter, or $630 - $728 per credit. Master's Programs: $398 - $757 per credit, or $2,400 per 12-week course. Bachelor's Programs: $330 - $382 per credit, or $2,200 - $2,500 per 12-week course. Certificate Programs: $4,698 tuition per quarter, or $387 - $737 per credit. Capella also offers a wide variety of scholarships, discounts, grants, and other financial aid options. In order to learn how much money you will have to pay for your Capella University education, consult the counselors by calling at 855-439-5857.