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Captain401 is a financial service that is based in San Francisco. It provides its users with automated and affordable programs which can be used for small- to medium-sized businesses. This service uses index funds for retirement plans. The index funds offer a cheap way to invest. In comparison, mutual funds are directed by financial institutions whose goal is to earn money first of all. The official website claims that index funds are a good choice for average investors. Captain401 launched in 2015 and includes a team of young professionals with interesting educational backgrounds including degrees from Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The CEO of the company is Roger Lee, a Harvard grad who successfully passed the Series 65, one of the tests showing his abilities to work as a professional financial adviser. By the way, the company was founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. In February 2016, Captain401 had raised $3.5 million in venture capital financing.

Let us take a look at what Captain401 is, how its retirement accounts work and why it differs from Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). We will also learn what fees should be paid to the company for its services. Its investment philosophy follows the best practices created within decades of academic research and developed by the best financial economists of the world. Due to the use of index funds they charge their clients minimal fees. Thus, the company intends to meet the objectives of their investors, not to make money. They also choose the lowest cost fund and consider hidden costs like the level of trading activity of the fund. Captain401 acts in the interest of plan participants with the purpose of providing benefits to them with reasonable expenses.

Customer Reviews - Does Captain401 Really Work?

Captain401 offers investment choices with the help of a diverse menu of cheap Vanguard index funds, namely ten different value and growth small cap and mid cap U.S. stock funds, one real estate investment trust (REIT) fund, three international stock funds, and six long-term and short-term bond funds. The company also provides access to almost all mutual funds and index funds if employees want additional choices, including household-name funds from Fidelity, BlackRock, Charles Schwab, Oppenheimer, and others.

Captain401 is associated with a small number of user reviews but available testimonials seem to be positive mainly. It means that most clients are satisfied with the company's services. They report being satisfied with automated investment advice for each employee. Most people like that the company offers personalized investment recommendations for each employee, as well as an investment platform for those who want to select and manage their own funds portfolio. Once the portfolio of funds has been set up by the employee, rebalancing is automatic. Captain401 has a number of features, for example, it provides no-fee investment advisory services. It also offers automated investing for employees and investment advising for employees who want to have their own funds.

Most users of the company are pleased with its customer service. It is known that support team is available by email and phone. Employee training presentations can also be found online, at the employer's location or via webinar. Another feature of Captain401 is speedy set up. It takes employers only ten minutes to set up their plan. Employers can use different options to customize their plan, to meet their business needs. For example, a restaurant owner who deals with high employee turnover can set a 1,000-hour service requirement or a 6-month eligibility requirement. Employees can choose from pre- and post-tax plans.

It is a good way to get information on fees and services is to read what your employees and fellow companies are saying about Captain401. While the number of user reviews on the topic is scarce, there are a few articles about the merits of this low-cost provider on well-known websites. In 2015, the author of the article on site Employee Fiduciary expressed some skepticism about the low fees ($90 per month at that time). However, it turned out to be really so. Investor Ruth Lyons (Junkie reviewer) gave Captain401 four stars, focusing on its perfect service. She also mentioned that the company joined the movement toward uncomplicated retirement plans for small businesses at a low cost. Let us have a look at a few actual user reviews online.

"Captain 401 is just outstanding. It is extremely easy to manage and customize the plan I have chosen. I am also happy with perfect personalized recommendations for my retirement goals. I do recommend this company to everyone. You will not regret."

"I am completely satisfied with Captain 401 and their impressive services. What I appreciate most of all if the affordability of their services. Their customer service is just great. The company's representatives are always ready to help. I am pleased with a nice interface too. I am glad to have chosen this company."

"As a person who has seen many companies of the kind, I can say that Captain401 really deserves your attention. It truly helps small to medium-sized businesses develop and flourish. It won't take much of your time to get enrolled. Hurry up."

My Final Summary

Captain401 is associated with a number of advantages. The first one is Fee Transparency. It means that there is no mutual fund fee kickbacks to the company and the fee structure is transparent for employers and employees. One can get No-Fee Investment Advice or investing consultation any time. There is a Full Array of Investment Fund Choices as the company's plan features low-cost Vanguard index funds from each risk category and asset class. Besides, any employee can customize their plan and choose from more than 30,000 index funds, mutual funds, target date funds and ETFs. Employers need to pay only $120 plus $4 per employee per month, which includes administration and compliance.

Employees can enjoy low cost services. In fact, actual flat fee is only 0.50% annually. While doing our research, we faced the fact that really impressed us - more than 70 million employees don't have access to Captain401 through their employer. Gratefully, the company made it possible for small- and medium-sized businesses to navigate the process in the least of their time or energy. So, if you want to find a company to launch a clear and simple program, Captain401 can be a great solution for you. As with any financial product, you are recommended to use your initial consultation with Captain401 to get data about the cost of the service. Find out how much fees you are going to pay. As a specialist I can recommend Captain401.

Captain401 Pricing and Rates

Captain401's fee structure is clear for clients. Employers pay a flat fee of $120 a month and $4 per month for each employee. They also need to pay $499 to setup their services. Employees need to pay a 0.5% monthly fee, which covers custodial, advisory, and advisory fees. It is clear that those who invest more get more out of their partnership with the company.