Cardillo Weight Belts Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Cardillo Weight Belts Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Cardillo Weight Belts

Cardillo Weight Belts are advertised as double thick. Usually, a single thick belt is just 10mm thick, while a double thick is a 13mm belt. It is made from leather, including the inside layers. This is what gives the belt its support, because the thicker its leather the better and more supportive the belt is. However, this belt is more expensive than the others available on the market. Cheaper belts tend to layer up thin pieces to get the necessary thickness, while high-quality belts tend to use fewer, thicker pieces. It means that a high-quality belt is generally made from has two layers of ~5mm thick (~10mm total) supportive leather inside two layers of ~1.5mm (~3mm total) thick decorative material. The craftsmanship of the belt is considered to be quite good. It is rather attractive belt.

The leather used for manufacturing Cardillo Weight Belts is sturdy but at the same time pliable. According to the manufacturer, it is supportive and comfortable. It comes "broken in" out of the box, since many people don't like breaking in a stiffer belt. To be clear, it is not junky like some other belts. This kind of a belt is said to be suitable for performing squats and the deadlift. The garment leather is nice and the stitching is crisp and straight. Some other details need more attention; especially the edges that could have been finished and sanded better. The adhesive used to glue it all together has been badly removed by the manufacturer. The logo on the belt loop is often not centered in either the vertical or horizontal plane. The Cardillo official website doesn't offer full belt images. The manufacturer is not very reputable in the country. Let's take a look at what real users think of this belt.

Customer Reviews - Do Cardillo Weight Belts Really Work?

There are not so many customers' reviews about Cardillo Weight Belts online but we managed to find some of them. It has a mixed customer reputation, which means that there are both positive and negative testimonials about the product. This belt is said to be about $20 cheaper than the regular 410DL belt, and, according to its prescription, the Cardillo contours are expected to prevent pinching when dead lifting and squatting. Some specialists recommend staying away from contoured belts, since they are thin in the front and don't apply the pressure evenly. However, it is difficult to find any information on the belts integrity in terms of contouring. Let us take a closer look at what real buyers of the belt think about it.

One guy reports that he purchased Cardillo Weight Belt and was very disappointed because it was improperly sized. When he was ordering it, he was promised to get the correct size. It is too small for him and he simply cannot use it. He recommends other people to order a size up. It feels cheaply made and not worth the money it costs. The belt is also very stiff, which may cause it to poke in awkward places. It is difficult to wear the belt at the right position place. It may cause discomfort. If it is wrong-sized be ready that it will not provide the necessary back support. However, some users found the belt suitable for squatting saying that it is less thick on the sides. It does not pinch and looks really thick. They say that the manufacturer uses quality leather. It seems that these reviews are quite the opposite. Probably this is the case when one can say that tastes differ.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer of Cardillo Weight Belts does not provide enough photos of the product on the official website. Some customers take photos of their purchases and show them to others. The belt is mainly available in the brown color. Black is not available currently. One man says that he stopped using the belt because he felt it weakened his back. People over--rely on them instead of lifting raw! Some customers say that the best can be customized for you if you wish. Your nickname can be put on it. Let us take a look at the actual customers' reviews left online.

"I have a mixed experience with CardilloWeight Belts. I picked up a stock Cardillo 410DL powerlifting belt. It only comes in double prong with black garment leather inside and out. It cost me $185 with shipping. There is an option for embroidery, but the cost will be $20-45 higher. The belt shipped very quickly (within a week). But if you order a unit with embroidery, you will have to wait for it for 14-16 weeks. The belt came in a large box and wasn't shoved inside it. I was glad that it came undamaged during shipping. There was no protective plastic sleeve, though. So, the main drawback of this belt is its extremely high cost"

"I read positive reviews about Cardillo Weight belts and decided to give it a try. I bought one from Amazon. When the item arrived it looked fine, but only within a week of use it tore. With time, the tear has gotten much worse. So I clicked "Return or Refund" and was told to contact the manufacturer. I contacted but after two weeks I was told to contact the original seller. Because it too me two weeks to reach the maker, now when I click refund or return on Amazon, it says that my 30-day trial period has finished. I feel disappointed"

"Cardillo Weight Belts are not worth buying, especially taking into account their high cost. The unit I ordered on Amazon did not fit me well. In fact, it was too small for me. I contacted the customer service but they ignored my request to return the money. I am an international customer and I expected better service. The matter is that I don't have the means to send it back. It is actually more expensive to send it back than to buy. I am in Panama City, Panama, Central America"

My Final Summary

If you are lifting for fitness, you will need to get a high-quality belt. Cardillo Weight Belts appear not to be as good as claimed by the manufacturer. While this belt is comfortable for some users, it is not suitable for others. Many people said that it can wrong-sized and they simply failed to use it. It looks very attractive but may not perform as well as promised. Besides, its price leaves much to be desired. It is very expensive when compared to the competition. The only advantage about this belt is that it can be customized. It also comes with a little keychain that looks just pretty. However, the unit itself may not be a good option for someone who is familiar with the gym. Most professionals haven't been impressed with their purchase. If you are serious about weight lifting and you need good support for your back, save your money from this and buy a genuine weight belt. I cannot recommend Cardillo Weight Belts.

Cardillo Weight Belts Pricing and Rates

Cardillo Weight Belts can be purchased directly from the official website or from some retail stores such as Amazon. The price of one unit on Amazon is $49.99 plus $10.00 shipping. It is a rather expensive belt when compared to the competition. The product is unisex and is meant for adults only. It comes with right-hand pull only. There is Cardillo logo stamped on the belt's back.