Cardpool Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Cardpool Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Cardpool is a website that sells discount gift cards from different retail businesses, hotels, movie theaters, and restaurants of the country. Those retail businesses usually deal with selling shoes and clothing. Some discounts on the cards are too small (3%), while others may reach 35% off. Along with selling cards, the company also exchanges or buys unused gift cards. It means that if you find a card in your wallet that you don't want to use, you can go onto the website and sell it for money or exchange it for another gift card. The website contains a list of the 150 retailers whose gift cards they are ready to buy. You can sell an unused gift card not only through the website, but also through kiosks or sellers at participating grocery and department stores. It will give you an opportunity to get cash back instantly. You can find locations page link at their website to find participating stores and kiosks. You may be asked for a check or email from Cardpool if you sold a gift card through the website.

To exchange an unused gift card, you will need to start the process of selling the card and request a gift card instead of cash. If you choose the Amazon eCard, it will arrive to your within just one business day. Checks usually arrive through the mail between five and ten business days to. The company claims that you can get up to 92% of your gift card balance when selling an unused card. To find out how much money you can exactly get for the card, go to "Sell Gift Cards" and enter the retailer's name of and the card's balance. After that, you will receive an offer. It is up to you to decide whether to get paid via check or an Amazon eCard. There are various offers for buying unused gift cards as it is the retailer who determines the exchange rates. While one card will bring you 92% back, another one will only offer 50%. You are not obliged to accept an offer.

Customer Reviews - Does Cardpool Really Work?

There are numerous users' reviews about the company of different websites. Reading those testimonials will certainly help you to decide whether it is worth to do business with Cardpool. Most reviews posted on Cardpool's website are positive, but those found on independent sites are quite polarized. The reviews regarding the company's services vary significantly from one-star to five-stars. Some reviewers come from dissatisfied customers because the process of receiving the cards took longer than anticipated or their orders were canceled after providing their credit card information. Some other reviewers had problems using the Amazon eCards they got in exchange for their gift cards. One customer claimed that they spent a few months trying to redeem a card and did not succeed. Some customer reviews received five stars. Their authors report that they received their physical cards or Amazon eCards right away or were paid for gift cards they sold immediately. These people didn't have any issues with selling or buying gift cards through the site. One pleased reviewer said they have dealt with the company for a few years without any problems. There are several accusations that the company didn't provide the promised amount of money for the unused gift cards. Some people think that Cardpool is just stealing credit card numbers but this claim has not been confirmed. A few users reported that their orders for gift cards were canceled after they had input the numbers of their credit cards.

If we focus on positive reviews, we will see that people are highly satisfied with the services offered by the company. For example, one customer writes that he has used Cardpool for gift cards for his family members who live in other states. The company always sends cards directly to the man's relatives. The company has timely service, great prices, and perfect customer service. The website is very easy to use. The cards are sent on time and received on time. Another user reports that she has had only good experience with the company. She has bought and sold gift cards without troubles and considers Cardpool to be a reliable company! However, one customer says that he thought he was getting an actual gift card but it was just a paper card. However, most users love the company and its service! It gives customers an opportunity to get the gift cards they like cheaper than from the store. Let's take a look at the actual testimonials of the website's users.

"I really love saving money with Cardpool because I can eat out more frequently with this website. That is why I always check what savings I have. Gift cards can be used within one year, which is very convenient. I have never had a problem while using this website for a few years. Be sure that if you ever get a "bad" gift card, they will fix it as soon as possible."

"I like using cardpool very much. Unfortunately, there have not been gift cards for the store and restaurant I wanted lately. But a week ago those cards became available and I got very happy. In general, I have been pleased with the efficiency of the staff in sending gift cards to me quickly. The website is really very useful."

"All I can say about Cardpool is WOW! I purchased two O'Charley cards for $50.00 and $100.00. The first one went through without any problems but the second one was hard to be authorized. So, I contacted the customer service that evening and the next day I received a full refund by. I don't regret cooperating with this type of company."

My Final Summary

Considering customer reviews for Cardpool I would say that this company is worth working with. The users claim that the website is easy to use, offers convenient terms. However, some people have found a few annoying aspects. Overall, most customers were satisfied with the experience they had with the company. It is associated with a number of advantages. The major one is a possibility to receive 94.9% of the value of your gift card. This is the best return from any gift card exchange service known. Being a first time seller you will not be asked any questions or "interviewed" by the Cardpool staff as other similar companies might suggest.

Another important advantage of the company is the excellent customer service the representatives of which always respond to their customers' emails within one business day. They are ready to give you refund the next day if any serious problem occurs. Both a debit and credit cards will work well when selling to the company. Most customers claim not having had any problems with any of the gift cards they have purchased. The only drawback of the company is that they don't support bank deposit and Paypal. Taking into account all pros and cons I do recommend Cardpool to usage.

Cardpool Pricing and Rates

If you want to purchase a gift card, you can visit Cardpool website and click "Buy Gift Cards" at the top of the page. You can look for proper cards by entering the retailer's name in the search box. Choose the category of the gift. When you see the image of the desired card you will notice the discount percentage below it. Choose on the card you want to purchase and its value will be displayed near the price. The cost may vary from card to card.