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Carol Wright Gifts

Carol Wright Gifts is actually an online store offering affordable items for you and your family. Its rich catalog provides one-stop shopping for wonderful gift ideas, home furnishings apparel, household helpers, As Seen on TV Products, accessories, and so much more. The store brings you everything you may need to improve your beauty, featuring a wide variety of personal care products for the health of your skin, nails, hair, and feet. You will also find a lot of health care essentials including exercise and diet solutions, dental care products, hearing and vision aids, mobility and support products, and more. With the category of products called Home Furnishings you will be able to decorate your interiors of every room including bathroom and bedroom. There is a wide choice of vital essentials, furniture, tables, protective furniture covers, rugs and mats, window treatments, lamps and lighting, outdoor decor, and numerous decorative accents to add beauty and functionality to your home. There is a large choice of kitchen and dining items including bake ware, storage solutions, table linens, cookware, flatware, food prep and serving solutions, utensils and whatever you may need to keep your dining areas protected. Since 1972, the store has been a leading source for apparel, gift items, home furnishings and household helpers. Today it features a wide range of functional products. There is Premium Loyalty Program from Carol Wright Gifts that allows to get 10% back on purchases from their gifts catalog.

Carol Wright Gifts is an excellent place for shopping if you need any kind of household helpers such as cleaning supplies, pet supplies, home organizers, sweepers outdoor helpers, and other problem solvers. You can also find As Seen on TV Products on this site that are guaranteed to make your household chores so much easier. If you need any apparel or shoes, that's an ideal place for ordering daytime apparel, slippers and accessories. There is a size table for you to be sure that your item will always be a perfect fit. It is easy to find dresses, women's separates, outerwear, lounge wear, intimates, hosiery, and sleepwear, as well as hats, jewelry, gloves, and watches. Any of these things can make a forever cherished gift. The store allows to save a significant amount of money on men's pajamas, underwear, socks, outerwear, watches, belts, and wallets. You will be able to find a perfect pair of cozy slippers or shoes to keep your feet in comfort. To make an order go to The address of the company's headquarters is 100 Nixon Lane; Edison, NJ 8818, US. If you have any questions, call at the telephone 1-800-345-5866 or write to email

Customer Reviews - Does Carol Wright Gifts Really Work?

There are different categories of products on including Art - Hobbies - Crafts; Beauty and Cosmetics; Babies - Children - Toys; Books, Music and Movies; Clothing and Accessories; Cars, Trucks, Cycles and RVs; Computers and Electronics; Education and Supplies; Dance - Cheer - Gym; Food and Gourmet Gifts; Garden - Yard - Pool; Gadgets and Guy Stuff; Gifts and Collectibles; Health and Fitness; Green and Organic; Home Decor; Jewelry; Home Improvements; Kitchen and Housewares; Office Supplies; Music and Instruments; Party Ideas and Stationery; Outdoor Enthusiast; Pet Supplies; Power Sports; Plus Size Clothing; Religion and Spirituality; Senior Living; Rugs and Flooring; Shoes and Footwear; Travel and Vacations; Sports and Recreation; Weddings and Invitations.

The department For Her includes the following categories of products: Clothing - Women's; Beauty and Cosmetics; Clothing - Plus Size; Gifts and Collectibles; Jewelry; Health and Fitness; Shoes and Footwear; Senior Living; Weddings and Invitations. The department For Him contains such items as Clothing - Men; Cars, Trucks and Cycles; Clothing - Big and Tall; Gadgets and Guy Stuff; Gifts and Collectibles; Health and Fitness; Shoes and Footwear; Senior Living. For Kids includes Clothing - Kids; Babies - Children - Toys; Clothing - Teen; Education and Supplies; Dance - Cheer - Gym; Toys, Games and Books. For Home includes Garden - Yard - Pool; Computer and Electronics; Green and Organic; Home Improvements; Home Decor; Home Office; Pet Supplies; Kitchen and Housewares; Rugs and Flooring; Religion and Spirituality. Department For Fun includes the following categories: Art - Hobbies - Crafts; Food and Gourmet Gifts; Books, Music and Movies; Music and Instruments; Power Sports; Party Ideas and Stationery; Sports and Recreation; Travel and Vacations; Outdoor Enthusiast.

During our detailed research, we have encountered a great number of testimonials left by actual shoppers of Carol Wright Gifts. Most of the reviews are positive as the customers are happy with their purchases, the customer service, reasonable prices and wide selection of product. Thus, for instance, one woman writes in her testimonial that it was the first time she ordered from the store. She ordered the French terry pants and as soon as she received them, she fell in love with her purchase. However, she sent back two summer cotton dresses because she found the fabric to be too thin. The shipping and handling was $3.95, which is almost free. The woman also did not like the fact that she had to pay $1.95 for "Priority Service Plus prompt free replacement for orders lost in transit". However, this charge is not too high.

Another customer reports that she recently ordered from Carol Wright Gifts and was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the items. She especially loves the purse, which is the best one she has ever purchased. It is well made from sturdy materials. In the past the woman has paid five times that amount for a purse that would tear in two or three weeks. The purse she bought from Carol Wright Gifts still looks as new after two months of use. Other things are also great. The only wish the customer has is that the items were shipped a little faster. But generally, she is pleased with the customer service, affordable prices and good products. Even men often shop at Thus, one guy claims that their products are awesome. He has ordered several items from the store and found their products to have good quality and low prices. Some of their items can't be bought in any other store. Let us take a look at the testimonials of other people who had shopping experience at Carol Wright Gifts.

"Carol Wright Gifts is a great online store! I bought the best men's sweatpants ever! I ordered them for my husband and he was pleasantly surprised. The pants have a zipper in the front and look very stylish! In addition to two standard pockets in the front, there is a back wallet pocket with a Velcro closure. My hubby loves these pants. I am happy when he is happy. They are perfect fit for him too. I do recommend this store to everyone."

"I have ordered several pieces of clothing from Carol Wright Gifts and I am absolutely pleased with what I received. The order process was fast and smooth. The only thing that disappointed me was a claim "free shipping", but in reality I was charged for "handling." It is not a big amount but still I did not expect to pay anything else. Shipping took just several days via snailmail."

"Received my order made on Carol Wright Gifts in a perfect condition. I would rate this store as acceptable simply because they don't show the 10% off on the order screen when you make an order. You have to make an order, then receive an email to check what amount you will be charged. However, I was satisfied with the customer service. I will probably buy more from this store again in the future. I hope they will make changes in their business."

My Final Summary

Carol Wright Gifts is a perfect online store for those who are shopping for themselves, as well as for their friends and family members. There is always something useful for every home at an affordable price. The store offers a wide selections of products including personal care products for nails, skin, hair, and feet, exercise and diet solutions, hearing and vision aids, dental care products, mobility products, decorative essentials for every room even bathroom and bedroom, furniture, rugs and mats, lighting, window treatments, outdoor decor, different decorative accents for your home. There is a great variety of kitchen and dining items such as storage solutions, bake ware and cookware, food prep and serving solutions, utensils, flatware, and table linens. Carol Wright Gifts offers a catalog of household helpers such as sweepers, cleaning supplies, home organizers, pet supplies, outdoor helpers, and other problem solvers. There is a big collection of As Seen on TV Products, apparel, and shoes.

Carol Wright Gifts Pricing and Rates

There is a great number of items sold at Carol Wright Gifts, so we will take a look at some of the products and their prices. Bright Stripe Round Neck Stretch Sweatshirt can be bought for $55.95. Trendy Color Block Long Sleeve Sweater costs $65.95. You can order Great Lengths Destroyed Straight Leg Mandy Fit Jeans for $65.95. Paisley Print Mandy Fit Straight Leg Stretch Jeans can be purchased for $70.00 instead of $99.95. Light Wash Frayed Hem Sophie Fit Stretch Jeans costs $65.95. Denim Bermuda Knit Cotton Stretch Shorts can be bought for $65.95. you can purchase Adjustable Drawstring Zipper Pocket Sweat Shorts for $45.95. There are many products for sale. For example, the price of Simple Cotton Round Neck Long Sleeve Cotton Sweatshirt is $35.99 instead of $65.95. Jersey Knit 2 Pocket Wool Blend Blazer is priced at $149.99, while the initial price was $189.95. A hoodie can be bought for $45.99 instead of $75.95. At present, there is a Special Offer from Carol Wright Gifts - you can get free shipping on orders of over $30. Your savings will be applied at checkout on the site.