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Casper Mattress

Casper company launched in 2014 and has become one of the most popular manufacturers of mattresses online. You can see and hear Casper advertisements almost everywhere - on the internet, while watching TV, driving your car, or listening to the radio. This mattress is really marvelous. Why? First of all, because this mattress utilizes four different layers of foam. Top Layer consists of responsive poly foam which is comfortable and cooling. Second Layer is memory foam that relieves pressure and provides support. It is located below the poly foam layer to prevent potential problems with heat retention that can result from memory foam. Third Layer is support foam which is designed to help ease sleepers into the base foam. Bottom Layer consists of support poly foam that functions as the foundational base for the mattress. It is also used to support all the other layers.

Casper mattress is made in such a way as to create a responsive contouring feel for users by combining different kinds of foam. The biggest detractor to memory foam is its ability to "sleep hot." It creates support and pressure relief for the mattress, as well as absorbs heat. By locating the memory foam under a top layer of poly foam, you can enjoy responsive and cooling benefits of poly foam while supporting and contouring your body with memory foam. The cover of this mattress is quite simple but it has become a standard design for many other mattress companies. It consists of a single piece of white fabric that runs from edge to edge. It is stretchy, soft and thin but at the same time very tight and tight. The cover is also porous, which makes the mattress cooling and breathable. The top layer of the cover is 100% polyester, side panels are 51% polyester and 49% polypropylene, and the bottom is 100% polyester. The Casper mattress materials were selected to create the best feel for users.

Customer Reviews - Does Casper Mattress Really Work?

You can be interested in Casper mattress for a few reasons. First, if you value your money. Buying this mattress will enable you to save a lot of money as it offers good value over other mattress alternatives. This product will be beneficial for you if you appreciate average firmness. Sleeping on a too soft mattress may be harmful for your health. Casper mattress is especially suitable for side sleepers. You will like this mattress if you are looking for a resilient feel. There is latex over memory foam which creates a very resilient feel, however, you will get a bouncy feel too. This type of mattress conforms very quickly. You can find a great number of users' reviews on the product online. People share their experience of buying and using Casper Mattress. Here are some of their testimonials.

"After sleeping on Casper mattress for two weeks, I feel much better and healthier. It is really a good mattress as it delivers the benefits as promised on the official website. This mattress possesses innovative construction that includes both latex and memory foam. It's no surprise why so many companies the construction of this mattress. I have read that new companies have entered the sphere and even tried to dethrone Casper mattress. It is up to you to choose the suitable option."

"I decided to test CasperMattress during my sleep. I can say that I never felt hot or uncomfortable on this mattress Casper. It possesses cooling properties, which makes this mattress suitable for people living in hot countries. Casper mattress does not have any strong odors which could interfere with your sleep. What I like the most about this mattress is that it provides support in all sleeping positions. However, edge support could be better, so, sleeping close to the edge can be difficult."

"Casper Mattress can be a perfect option for you if you suffer from aches and pains associated with the use of your old mattress. My feel has significantly improved with Casper. The only drawback of this mattress is that it is very heavy. So, you may experience issues with changing the bed. The mattress has no handles too. Despite these drawbacks, I am still pleased with this mattress and I can recommend it to people who have chronic backache."

My Final Summary

Casper mattress is probably the best bed-in-a-box option with a latex over memory foam construction. It is a solid mattress with a sound constructed and great value. This is the reason why this mattress stands out among its competitors. Users appreciate the comfort and support provided by Casper mattress. It is not very expensive in comparison to other option of the kind. It doesn't feel hot when sleeping, on the contrary, it provides a cooling effect. Users are pleased with the materials from which the mattress is made. The durability of the mattress is also perfect. If you buy Casper mattress, you will be impressed. We have tested about 100 different mattresses and concluded that Casper mattress offers high quality and great performance for a reasonable price.

Taking into consideration all of these things, I can certainly recommend Casper mattress to usage. With this product, you will enjoy the necessary comfort and support. It is much better than many other mattresses available on the modern market. You can benefit from all advantages at a reasonable price. It should be added that Casper mattress offers some nice extras too. If you are looking for a medium firmness and great support, this mattress will be perfect for you. The combination of memory foam and poly foam creates a balance of comfort, contour, and performance. A thicker layer makes this mattress ideal for an average weight sleeper. It can be confidently said that Casper is the best mattress online, even though it has a great number of new competitors on the market. Its main advantage is a high quality at a lower price. Don't hesitate, order Casper mattress today!

Where To Buy Casper Mattress In Stores?

You can buy a mattress of this brand directly from the official website. The price of this product may greatly depend on the size of a mattress. For example, the price of a Twin is $550, while the cost of a Twin XL is $600. Full costs $800, Queen costs $950, King costs $1150 and California King can be bought for $1150. These mattresses differ in size and weight. The weight of the King-size mattress is 93.4 pounds. The Queen-size mattress weighs 83 pounds. The Shipping is absolutely free. The product comes compressed in a box in 2-7 business days (2-day shipping with Amazon Prime). The company provides a warranty for 10 years. There is also a trial period that lasts 100 nights. In general, Casper mattress is made in the USA, Border fabric is made in Belgium; while some covers are assembled in Mexico.