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Casper Wave

Casper Wave Mattress is the most recent release of the company called Casper that is known for manufacturing some other mattresses of the kind. Casper launched in April 2014, but this was not the first mattress company to enter the market. After selling $1M worth of product in the first 28 days, the company has become one of the most recognizable names in the field. Their mattress was even advertised by actor Michael Rapaport who said that it is the most comfortable mattress on Earth. The company claims to have raised about $240M from investors (including such famous people as Leonardo DiCaprio, Adam Levine, Tobey Maguire).

The mattress we are going to discuss in this review introduces the patent-pending Natural Geometry System. The manufacturer claims that this mattress provides precision contouring, while the strengthened polymer network under your shoulders and hips promises to relieve pressure, support your natural curves, and align the spine properly. It also provides a hypersensitive top layer for better comfort. Since this product is made by a direct-to-consumer company, anyone can order Casper Wave directly from the manufacturer's website. Based on the majority of customer reputation online, the company appears to be enjoying success. But what about Casper Wave? Can it boast success among its users? Let us answer this question by taking a look at some interesting facts about the product and real users' reviews.

Customer Reviews - Does Casper Wave Really Work?

The manufacturer of Casper Wave describes an experiment in which one man was sleeping on the mattress for ten nights. The tester, Vic, was a bit larger than the average human with 260 pounds. He slept on a queen size mattress for eight consecutive nights, a brief vacation, and two more nights. The man was quite happy with his experience. The mattress arrived in a large, heavy box, so he needed the help of a second person to move it around and set it up. The mattress was delivered in the original box, which was an advantage. Setup was fast and straightforward. It involved removing the product from the box, which was wrapped and compressed in plastic roll up. They just put it on the bed frame and opened up the plastic. The process took no more than four minutes and the help of one person. The mattress was ready for use. Wave's cover looked nice and was made from a grayish-white material with a zipper.

When it was set up, they guys had a chance to view the mattress's five layers. They were as listed on the official website. The top layer was made from hypersensitive Flo foam that gave a soft feel during the night. The next layer was made from latex foam, while the middle layer consisted of visco elastic memory foam. The fourth layer was manufactured from high resiliency foam with a polymer network. Finally, the bottom layer was made from contouring support foam. It was noted by the user that Wave's bottom two layers had a contour shape, where rectangular pieces of foam have been removed for softer feeling and reduced pressure in the shoulder area. A new elastic polymer material is attached to these contour shapes in the second-to-last layer. It promises to provide a firmer feel which can be found too firm by some users, though. According to the promo video on the official website, Casper's Chief of Product, Jeff Chapin, explains that these two technologies provide helped them to create a mattress of optimal firmness. It is not too hard and not too soft; it is right in the middle.

But what do real users think about the Casper Wave Mattress? During our research it was rather hard to find honest reviews on the Casper Wave. Many of those ones that we found were from affiliated websites who receive a commission from selling the mattress. But we managed to find some testimonials on third-part websites too. Unfortunately, not all people are as pleased with their purchase. Some of them find it too hard for their back, while others find it too soft in the hip area. Several customers reported that their hips sank deeper into the mattress than the rest of their body, making their spine ache at night and in the morning. As a result, these people reported feeling not rested well in the morning. They would like to feel straighter no matter in what position they prefer to sleep. The good news is that these customers managed to return their products back to the company and get a refund. There were just a few complaints that some customers are still waiting for their money back. Some clients noted that it was very difficult for them to reach the company's customer service. People who suffer from chronic back pain confessed that the mattress did not bring them the desired relief. Let us take a look at the actual customers' reviews found online.

"I had heard a lot of positive things about the CasperWave and the way how it supports your body. Every morning I sleep in my bed I wake up sore and stiff. The last night I even had to get up and sleep in my recliner. Two years ago I had back surgery, so I need a comfortable mattress. So, I decided to give it a try and ordered the mattress a week ago. I hope they will arrive on time or give me a refund."

"I had high expectations from Casper wave but these were not met. I was anticipating the arrival of two long twin mattresses for me and my husband. The delivery was rather fast, just like the set up. Unfortunately, we were disappointed in our purchase because the mattresses are very firm. Both of us are side sleepers and we feel discomfort in our shoulders and hips. We are in our early 50s, I am only 120 pounds, and my husband is 260 pounds. The mattresses are going back."

"I was really looking forward to my order, but as soon as Casper Wave arrived I realized that it was too hard. The first night, I did not sleep well at all. I was hoping that this mattress would be amazing after reading all of the positive reviews. I feel very disappointed. Unfortunately, I have to return the mattress and start my search again. I do not recommend this product to anyone."

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about the Casper Wave in our research, this product does not appear to be suitable for everyone, as claimed by the manufacturer. People suffering from chronic back pain should be especially careful when choosing the appropriate mattress. The one we have discussed in this review is associated with a great number of complaints from real users including hard feel, back pain in the morning, not feeling rested during the day and many others. The company's customer service department does not seem to take much care of their customers. With all this in mind, the Casper Wave cannot be recommended to buying.

Casper Wave Pricing and Rates

The Casper Wave mattress is available in different sizes. Its models are priced as follows. Twin costs $1,000. Twin XL can be bought for $1,150. Full is priced at $1,650. You can buy Queen for $1,850. King costs $2,250. CAL King is priced at $2,250. No matter which model you will choose, all purchases come with free shipping in Canada and the USA, as well as a 100-night trial and free returns. Wave mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty against the defects in workmanship and material. If you have any questions of concerns you can contact the Casper's customer support team by calling at 888-498-0003.