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Caviar Delivery

Caviar Delivery is a special service that provides an easy way of ordering food from local restaurants in over twenty cities across the USA. Caviar Delivery offers food delivery services in the following cities and metro regions: Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Brooklyn and Queens, NY; Dallas, Texas; Greater Philadelphia, PA; Fort Worth, Texas; Knoxville, TN; Manhattan, NY; Los Angeles, CA; Marin County, CA; Orange County, CA; Northern Virginia, VA; Peninsula, CA; Portland, OR; Philadelphia, PA; Richmond, VA; SF: East Bay, CA; Rockville, MD; Sacramento, CA; San Francisco, CA; San Diego, CA; Seattle, WA; Walnut Creek, CA; Seattle Eastside, WA; Woodbridge, VA Washington DC; Metro, DC.

The diners can place their orders on the official website of the company for immediate delivery or schedule them for another date in advance. There is also an opportunity to pick up the ordered food directly from the restaurant and save money on delivery fees. Caviar for Teams also offers businesses to make large group orders and get catering, which is billed to a corporate account. Just because the company promises to provide fast and reliable delivery, does this necessarily mean they deliver on this promise? I have a doubt. Do any other companies offer a better fit to meet your needs? In this review, we are going to give you all the information you need to decide whether this service is worth your attention or not.

Customer Reviews - Does Caviar Delivery Really Work?

To make an order of food, you will need to enter your address first, by clicking the Find Food button, and by choosing the restaurant in your area. It needs to be currently open and accepting orders. These results can be filtered by delivery or pickup, and using your current location via GPS or by a specific address. According to the website of the company, their system doesn't recognize addresses for in-law apartments, which is a drawback for some customers. If you choose ASAP, you will see an estimated time, which is explained as "dependent" on many factors including: current restaurant order volume, current Caviar order volume, the number of active couriers, overall distance and traffic/weather delays. If you choose Scheduled (it is recommended to book it at least 24 hours ahead of time), you can choose your delivery or pickup date and time window from a menu at the top of the page.

Click on a restaurant's photo to see their menu items. Click twice to add an item to your cart. You can add your special wishes to each item, or edit an item during check out. You can also leave special instructions for your order, as well as for the delivery driver. Some special instructions may cost you additional money. You can check out by tapping the shopping bag icon and entering your payment details. An automatic account will be created for future orders. Tap the Place Order button and you will be redirected to a confirmation page where you will find a GPS tracker and an itemized receipt for your records. Once your order is confirmed by the restaurant, this page will update accordingly.

If you want to cancel your order, just tap the orange "Cancel Order" button on the confirmation page. Another disadvantage of the service is that it gives you only 60 seconds; otherwise, you will have to reach out to Caviar's support department to cancel your order. To modify your order (like change the requested time or delivery or pickup options), you will have to call the company at least 30 minutes before your delivery or pickup window. If you are not absent when your courier arrives, they will reach out to you via email or text and wait for ten minutes. Then your order will be forfeited. Pick-up orders are also forfeited ten minutes after their scheduled time. You are not obliged to tip your courier, even though it is nice if they did a good job. iOS users may give tips between $0 and $5 ($0 to $3 on Android). You can add tips in the Caviar app up to two hours after the delivery.

There are about 9,000 customer reviews about Caviar Delivery between Google Play and iTunes with an average rating of about four stars. We have encountered both positive and negative testimonials. The most common compliments cited fast delivery, ease of use, and, while complaints commonly referenced delivery issues (incorrect orders, long delays, etc.), high prices and fees, limited restaurant availability, and functionality issues. Many of these complaints have not been responded by company's representatives. One customer reports that he has found their customer service awful. The only way to contact the company is through an online form or an automatic reply claiming that they will get back soon but they never did. The man says that it took over an hour to get a reply to his message. Within this hour he sent three more messages. Only the last one got a reply. In this way, their supposed 24/7 customer service took seventy minutes to reply to the customer. That is not how customers should be treated. Many other customers complained of poor customer service too. Let us take a look at the testimonials we have encountered on the Internet.

"I am not pleased with Caviar Delivery. I think those people who post reviews that the service has been excellent, are working for the company. In reality, it is terrible. I placed an order about two hours ago and when the delivery time frame was nearing, their tracker indicated the food was still being prepared. I chose the "Request Status Update" but they never got back to me. Then I went to their page and sent them a message, but they never responded.

"Caviar Delivery is one of the shittiest companies out there. They don't even have a phone number so you have no opportunity to contact them. Only crap companies don't have a number. I am sure they don't want to deal with the customers. Now I cannot request my money back for their terrible service and food that was delivered in bad condition."

"I have to admit that Caviar Delivery guys rarely deliver on their time promises. I have used their service several times and their delivery leaves much to be desired. Which the service is very expensive, the time frame is never stuck too. This is the worst premium delivery service ever. I would not recommend this service to anyone."

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learnt about Caviar Delivery, it is the worst online food delivery service available in the country. In other words, the company does not live up to their promises in terms of delivery time, quality of food and customer service. They offer limited restaurant options but request high price for their low-quality services. Based on the extensive user feedback on iTunes and Google Play, most users of Caviar Delivery are not pleased with their experience. The company standing behind these services offers a seven-day refund policy only but rarely ever provides any refunds. If you are not satisfied with anything you don't even have an opportunity to contact the company, since there is even no phone number. This is expensive and weak service, so I cannot recommend Caviar Delivery.

Where To Buy Caviar Delivery In Stores?

Although all restaurants have their own menu prices, the site emphasizes that the Caviar Delivery company does everything they can to ensure that "online prices are the same as they are in-store." However, some restaurants increase definite menu items to cover the cost of fees (such as bag fees, staff fees, related restaurant fees, etc.). Besides, each restaurant sets a minimum cost for the delivery order. Caviar charges a high delivery fee that may vary depending on the restaurant, the travel time and other costs. There is an additional 18% service fee included with each order. These fees do not apply if you place an order for pickup. You cannot cancel your order if your meal is already in production. The company does not offer any refunds. They are also not available if your courier has to wait for you more than ten minutes. You can report all order issues to their Customer Service department within seven days of delivery. Afterwards, all transactions cannot be adjusted.