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CBC Settlement Funding

Processing a lawsuit can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Personal injury litigation can take months and even years. But you are obliged to pay bills and run a household, as well as to pay fees to the lawyers. If you cannot work due to the injury, you may be missing an income too. Pre-settlement funding offers a way to get cash for structured settlement payments almost immediately. You can benefit from CBC Settlement Funding, a company that is happy to work with clients in different lawsuits. Most of their clients face legal cases concerning personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, product liability, defective medical devices, defective drugs, premises liability, medical malpractice, worker's compensation, worker injury and wrongful death.

CBC Settlement funding was founded in Conshohocken, PA in 2004. This company specializes in structured settlement products; including offering loans if you are waiting for a settlement to be finalized, as well as buying and selling structured settlements. Selling a structured settlement can be difficult. The company will provide you with a qualified financial advisor for you to talk to about the effects of selling your structured settlement. If you decide to pursue pre-settlement funding, you will need to follow this simple process in which the company will review your case in cooperation with your attorney. CBC Settlement funding will submit a written agreement to buy some of your settlement for an up-front payment. You will sign the agreement together with your lawyer. The funds are delivered to your attorney's office by the company, who n will give you the payment.

Customer Reviews - Does CBC Settlement Funding Really Work?

CBC Settlement Funding is based out of Wilmington, DE, and has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. There are just two closed complaints over the last several years. There is a number of online customer reviews about the company and its services, most of which appear to be positive. The overall satisfaction levels are rather high as customers are happy with the results they experienced while working with the company. CBC Settlement Funding works depending on your financial needs. The company provides cash payments in exchange for buying your annuities, structured settlements, and pre-settlement funds. It offers partial and full lump sum cash payments, as well as funding options described further. Structured Settlement is a program that will work well for you if you need to get money associated with a personal injury lawsuit. Annuities give an opportunity to receive one lump sum cash payment instead of getting monthly payments related to life retirement accounts, insurance policies, trust funds, etc. Pre-Settlement Funding allows you to receive your money in advance. This program is necessary if you need to pay legal or medical bills. Unlike other companies, CBC Settlement Funding claims that their interests are not very high as they take care of all their clients. Even though the company works with you very closely, you can find detailed FAQ on initial questions online.

The CBC Settlement Funding has a modern website that is fairly well laid out, so you can easily find any information you are looking for. This structured settlement company does not contain information about rates or fees on their website, but you can request for this information in many different ways. The website shows five easy and comprehensive steps of the sale process. This helps to understand difficult market regulations around structured settlement sales. By buying structured settlement or annuit in exchange for a sum payout, the company claims to have helped a lot of people to get the money they need. In addition, the CBC Settlement Funding promises to provide a stress-free and smooth transaction, as well as diverse payment options (full and partial). No matter which option you will choose, the company says that the process consists of three steps. At first, you will need to call a customer service representative to get a quote. Then you will have to study available options and complete the needed paperwork. Finally, choose the cash solution that is the most suitable for you, receive court approval, and get your money via electronic transfer or check. The overall process takes 6-8 weeks but it is rather straightforward. It is recommended to have your lawyer review and the necessary documents. Let us take a look at what real clients of the company think about it.

"CBC Settlement Funding is a good company. They work anonymously, so no one will know what financial problems you are experiencing. I have worked with this company and have a positive opinion about them. CBC has great management and attentive and professional co-workers. I enjoyed the time I spent there. I am sure this company will help me again if I need their help in future."

"For the most part I enjoyed my experience with the CBCSettlement Funding. That is why I would definitely recommend this company to everyone looking for a job. Professional managers will give you space to do your stuff without micromanaging. The traffic isn't bad and regular hours are promising."

"CBC SettlementFunding is a stable company that offers a lot of Benefits. I was pleased with good culture of its staff. In fact, it is one of the best commission structures in the field. I would certainly recommend this company. It is much better than JG Wentworth or Peach Tree. It gives an opportunity to make good money."

My Final Summary

CBC Settlement Funding is associated with a great number of advantages. Getting a quote through this company is absolutely free, even though you will have to call them at 877-386-3377 or info@cbcsettlementfunding.com. The company claims to have helped thousands of people to receive lump sum cash payments for money related to annuities, structured settlements, pre-settlement funding, etc. They say that their clients' interests are the most important thing in the whole process. The CBC Settlement Funding has a high rating with the Better Business Bureau. There were only two closed complaints over the last three years.

The only disadvantage about the company is that there are very few online about it. However, the overall customer opinion appears to be positive. The company tries to do interest rates as low as possible to meet the needs of their customers. The whole process may take up to 6-8 weeks. It is a legal lending company that has a number of positive feedback. Most customers haven't faced any problems with repaying the loan. I can certainly recommend using the services of the CBC Settlement Funding to all people who really need it. However, it is recommended to explore all your available options before making your final decision.

CBC Settlement Funding Pricing and Rates

You can apply for the services of the company by calling at their phone number 877-386-3377 or writing to info@cbcsettlementfunding.com. The program you will choose depends on your individual needs and desires. It is highly recommended to ask for an individual consultation of an experienced specialist before choosing an option.