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CBS Sports Fantasy Football

CBS Sports Fantasy Football is a service that provides players with different types of prize leagues, games, mock drafts as well as with a professional team of analysts. The latter will help you make wise decisions about football players. The official website of the service is one of the Big Four. This name was given to the fantasy football sections of ESPN, CBS, Yahoo and CBS has a basic tier of leagues where CBS Sports creates scoring and most league rules. This is what differentiates CBS from others. Commissioner League costs $149.99 per league and can be fully customized. If you are new to fantasy football, you will soon find out that there are different sites that can be joined to create a league or team. It is up to you to decide which one is the best for you but we will try to help you in this task. To do this, we have done a deep research of the offerings of CBS Sports' fantasy football. We have also talked to an expert and received some basic experience creating a league and taking part in a mock draft.

Customer Reviews - Does CBS Sports Fantasy Football Really Work?

CBS Sports offers different types of Fantasy Football games. The major one involves their head-to-head fantasy leagues, in which a draft takes place, managers join the league, the teams play each week until the playoffs, top teams are pointed to compete for the league championship. There are two forms of head-to-head leagues: free and paid. The latter is called "Commissioner League". The options for customizing the free league are limited, which is a drawback about fantasy football. These leagues follow standard scoring, allow up to twelve teams, and participate in auto or snake drafts. Standard scoring means that the scoring settings cannot be changed since they are considered to be "standard" for fantasy football. More vital scoring settings for this type of league include: interception or fumble: -2 points; receiving, passing, rushing TD: 6 points; 1 point for every 25 passing yards and 1 point for every ten rushing or receiving yards.

Points cannot be allowed for receptions in the free leagues, which is known as "PPR". In case of paid leagues, you are able to customize almost every aspect of your league, including waivers, scoring, and keepers. "Waivers" are the players who do not belong to anyon's team. When it comes to the free league, the manager who claims these players first is awarded them. In the paid league, you are able to change how waivers are acquired. You can use the option called Free Agent Acquisition Budget, or FAAB. The managers can bid on players who do not belong to anyone's team. It should be remembered that you are limited on budget for the season, so be sure to spend your money wisely. "Keepers" is linked to the option due to which you can keep a definite number of players for next seasons. You can join a free public league if you wish to test CBS Sports Fantasy Football. This will allow you to play with people who are not very serious about the game. But if you want to take a serious approach and you need the option that is more suitable for your league within the next ten years, you should opt for the paid version. The cost of this league is $149.99, that is $15 per person for a league of ten teams.

CBS also offers several other games that don't involve head-to-head matchups drafts, and league championships. There are cash leagues, in which you will have to pay for joining the league. The best two finishers can earn money. The difference of these leagues from the Commissioner League lies in the fees. The Commissioner League does not include payments for two best finishers. CBS offers great prizes to the leagues. The prize leagues contain twelve teams split into three divisions. At the end of fourteen weeks, one wild-card team t and he division leaders advance to the playoffs. We checked the CBS mock draft and our experience was subpar. The window used to draft your players is basic. It may not be easy to queue players, which involves creating a short list of players in a definite section of the draft window. You will have easy access to the players when it is your turn to draft, which is also helpful if you get disconnected. On the CBS site, you will have to click on the box with the player's information and drag it down to your cue. Be careful not to click too far; otherwise, you won't be able to drag the box and drop it into the queue. The draft platform is very important when it comes to having a positive drafting experience, but a site's advice draft kit is no less important. It includes a lot of lineups, information, and data a provided to you in order to prep for your draft. The CBS Sports Fantasy Football draft kit contains such features as Projections, Rankings by position, Top 200, Cheat sheet, Custom player rankings and Player ratings. The "Rankings by Position" feature is very helpful if you need to know why a player is ranked in this or that way. these in-depth rankings are provided for each position on your roster: RB, QB, WR, K, TE, and DEF. it is high time to take a look at the actual customer reviews available online.

"I am pleased with CBS Sports Fantasy Football. My first mobile draft was extremely smooth. My team was easily accessible in my phone app. All I needed to do is just log into my account. For pre-draft, the app contains video, mock drafts, and news to assist fans research and prepare their picks. The app contains player performance statistics, which is convenient to see during the draft. A countdown clock shows how much time I have left to make my pick. I can search players by name and various values. I can add individual players to a queue, as well as check a box to see only undrafted players."

"I like CBS Sports Fantasy Football very much, as well as the mobile app. The latter does a great job at summarizing draft action with picks listed by team, round, or in a grid format. As for after the draft, it is fun to follow in-season matchups and make roster changes easily. I can update point values instantly in the GameTracker during games. I can also chat with opponents over the course of the season and during the draft. I can watch live streams of CBS Sports Fantasy shows in the app, which is very convenient. A video section contains articles from the CBS Sports staff. I can open news stories by tapping a headline within the feed for quick reading, I can access player profiles conveniently within news articles."

"CBS Sports Fantasy Football is a perfect service that makes all games much more fun. The application is easy to use with friends or anyone else. It is interesting to track the scoring and I can make trades from anywhere. The app contains all the information that I need. There are small advertisements inserted in-line with the headline scroll. I do recommend this service to everyone who is fond of football."

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learnt about CBS Sports Fantasy Football, this service appears to have a lot of advantages such as wonderful features, device compatibility and free league. It provides a great number of features that compete with more popular platforms on the market including ESPN and Yahoo! Sports. Its free league is on-par with competitors. The users of CBS Sports gat access to the networks with a wide array of analytical channels, such as podcasts, blogs, injury reports, and news updates. CBS offers a full draft kit for those who want to practice their draft skills or take their fantasy league experience offline. Besides, CBS Sports Fantasy Football is optimized for Windows, Android, iOS, and Blackberry mobile devices. Taking into account everything we have learnt during our research, CBS Sports fantasy football appears to be quite successful service. The only downside of the website is that the draft platform is weaker than that of and Yahoo. The entry fee for prize leagues is reasonable, though. With all this in mind, we do recommend CBS Sports Fantasy Football.

CBS Sports Fantasy Football Pricing and Rates

CBS offers the following prizes and buy-ins to the leagues. Elite Double offers $5,000 for the first place, while you can get $2,000 for the second place. Entry fee is $999.99. Double Diamond offers $2,500 for the first place and $1,000 for the second place. Entry fee is $499.99. Diamond offers $1,100 for the first place and $500 for the second place. Entry fee is $249.99. Platinum offers $600 for the first place and the entry fee is $99.99. Gold offers $200 for the first place and the entry fee is $39.99. Platinum and Gold have no prizes for the second place.