Cheap Caribbean Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Cheap Caribbean

The Cheap Caribbean team have proclaimed themselves to be "beach vacation experts," as they promise to provide the best vacation deals to Mexico reasonable prices. The company also provides photos, reviews, tips, and detailed information about the hottest vacation spots available. But is this service worth using in order to plan your next vacation? We have examined the company's claims and customer reviews to help you make a wise decision. Cheap Caribbean uses a special technology that scans numerous hotel and flight prices for your desired dates. In addition to the hottest deals, the company also claims to provide only legitimate customer reviews on their official site. All of the testimonials are verified before being posted. Here are the sections the Cheap Caribbean website features when looking for your next Mexican or Caribbean vacation. Deals and Packages include last-minute deals, all-inclusive resorts, and more. Resorts involve top-selling resorts, as well as search by interest (e.g. honeymoon, family friendly, best beach, etc.). Destinations include Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and other Caribbean destinations. Cruises allow to search by destinations, a specific cruise line, deals, and more. Luxury section involves top chains, luxury villas, spas, golf, etc. Beside these sections, you can look for flights (by specific departure and return dates from different airports), as well as hotels with the definite number of rooms. If any of the vacation packages appeals to you, you can buy it and Cheap Caribbean will do the rest, including booking a hotel for you and flight tickets. By the way, the company has been in business since 2000 and is based out of Doylestown, PA. In 2013, it was named as Inc. Magazine's Top 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America. The company also has offices in Dallas, TX and Phoenix, AZ.

Customer Reviews - Does Cheap Caribbean Really Work? has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, even though there are over 100 closed complaints over the last three years. These complaints reference poor resort experiences and difficulty booking trips (incorrect travel dates, cancelled flights, etc.). All of these complaints have been successfully resolved. During out research, we have read a great number of customer reviews about Cheap Caribbean not only on its official website but on third-party sites too. The majority of customers seem to be pleased with what the company offers; however, there are some customer complaints too. Most of them appear to be much the same. Some people found it difficult to reach a company's representative while on vacation. Other complaints involved frequently overbooked hotels and poor customer service.

Despite these few negative reviews, testimonials from other users of Cheap Caribbean appear to be positive. Many people consider it to be a great service with unparalleled customer service. The customers are also pleased with highly professional skills of the company's representatives who take care of the smallest details to provide the client with the best vacation experience possible. Thus, one woman reports that she booked a standard all-inclusive to Punta Cana. Before that, she heard from her friends who had preciously used this service that Cheap Caribbean was a reputable and trustworthy company. Nevertheless, the woman was somewhat nervous before calling them on the phone. As soon as she heard the voice and manner of speaking of the company's rep, she felt relief. It was obvious she was dealing with real professionals. According to the woman's words, they got exactly what was booked, namely airport transport, direct flights, and the resort itself. They did not buy any premium memberships or upgrades, so they had no problems when they arrived. This customer recommends this service to everyone who wants to have an enjoyable rest. It is easy to call the company and book a trip through them. It is important to ensure that the service meets your requirements (pool view, quiet room, etc.)

Another male customer booked a vacation to the United State Virgin Islands. It was in 2018 and they really enjoyed it. Everything was perfect and their family are planning to use this website again. The service is suitable for group trips too. The prices seem to be quite reasonable when compared to the competition even though they tended to vary a bit from one day's search to the next. In general, the resort the client had with his family seemed to be cheaper from The man feels that some other reviewers did not have as positive experience with the company. A young lady named Anastasia used the service for her last three vacations. Every time, the transfers were easy and fast, and everything else went smoothly. The only thing she didn't like was the necessity to be on hold when reaching the customer service.

One of the company's clients reports that he was highly pleased with his vacation that was organized by the Cheap Caribbean staff. There was a free gym at his hotel, the food was great, beds were nicely made, the beach was unbelievably beautiful, the pool was shallow so even kids could use it. There was also a tennis court and they could use high-quality titanium tennis rackets. The parties were so much fun with rhythmic music. The resort was great for his family. The company's customer service was simply the best. During our research, we have even encountered the testimonials from the employees at Cheap Caribbean. One of the workers writes in his review that he works in 8-hour shifts five days a week. He is pleased with his coworkers who are kind and always ready to help. Let us take a look at the testimonials left by the actual users of the service.

"I am satisfied with the quality of Cheap Caribbean services. I used them for the first time in February 2019 to fly into the Melia. It was an all Inclusive resort in the Bahamas. I went there with my daughter who turned 50. Our agent was with us from November to February, helping us on every step. He was always accessible and even gave us his direct number. Whenever we called him, he always answered in a timely manner. I would recommend this company to everyone who is fond of travelling. We will call Jason again to organize our next vacation. We are not aware of other customer service agents, but Jason is a real professional."

"We had great experience with Cheap Caribbean. Their customer service is perfect! I have booked three trips and can confidently recommend them to all of our friends! We have realized that it is better to spend additional money on a direct flight to avoid layovers. I also recommend using airport transfers. To my mind, trip insurance is not worth the money it costs. I have never had any issues with my trips, thanks God!"

"CheapCaribbean provides awesome service. I am especially thankful to Stephen Bennett, a company's rep who was patient and kind answering our questions. He provided high-rate service at a reasonable cost. We did appreciate his thoroughness and friendliness! We are going to call him again to plan our next trip! I recommend this company to everyone."

My Final Summary

Cheap Caribbean offers good package deals to Mexican and Caribbean vacation destinations. However, before booking your trip you are advised to pay attention to some important factors. First, it should be kept in mind that prices displayed on the official website can change from time to time, so if you are interested in a good deal, make sure to book it as soon as possible. Second, the company only sells the airline and resort tickets; anything outside of this agreement is beyond their responsibility. We have read numerous customer reviews about Cheap Caribbean with the majority of them being positive. The clients are mainly pleased with the perfect customer service the reps of which are always helpful and responsive. If anything bad occurs, you are guaranteed to obtain compensation from the company. Cheap Caribbean does everything to provide you with great vacation experience. The company often offers vacation packages at big discounts, which may be a good opportunity for budget-conscious people. With all these pros and cons in mind, we do recommend Cheap Caribbean.

Where To Buy Cheap Caribbean?

Vacations booked through can cost as little as a few hundred dollars, to several thousand. You can see details displayed on their official website; however, it should be kept in mind that prices may be changed from time to time. There are no hidden fees, but miscellaneous charges like airline baggage fees may not be showed on the site. Signing up for exclusive deals will provide you with $50 off your first package. Cheap Caribbean offers an SPF100 guarantee that gives you a $100 voucher if you face any rain during your vacation. The company also offers Standard and Enhanced travel protection insurance if anything unforeseen occurs before or during your trip. Cheap Caribbean offers refund policy the terms of which are described on the site. The vast majority of refunds are in the form of vouchers. To inquire about their refund policy, or to get any other information, you can contact the company's customer service department at 800-915-2322.