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Chill Chest

The Chill Chest is a stackable and foldable, cooler that promises to keep your food items cold for up to ten hours at a time with no need to use any ice. The device has a collapsing design that allows you to enjoy increased mobility and condensed storage in a few seconds. The product weighs less than two pounds, which makes it ideal for backyard parties, sporting events, or a day at the beach. The manufacturer also claims that it can be used to keep your groceries cool on your way back home. It sounds impressing but the device is able to hold up to sixty soda cans however, the main website does not provide the exact dimensions, which is the first red flag. We contacted the customer service and were informed that they didn't have this information at that moment. That sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?

The official website of Chill Chest is low informative in general. Its main claim is that the product uses a temperature lock technology that works by trapping the cold inside. This allows foods to stay cool for up to 10 hours. The product is also promised to be able to keep hot foods warm and toasty due to the same insulating properties. The cooler is made from polypropylene, which is strong enough to hold over 100 times its weight, according to the makers. As a matter of fact, the device's commercial demonstrates how a full-sized truck is running over the product that stays unscathed a bit. Despite this, the same commercial shows a senior citizen who can lift two empty coolers over his head with ease. Can this polypropylene construction really keep your food well insulated? Let's try to answer this question by taking a look at some other features of the product and real customer reviews.

Customer Reviews - Does Chill Chest Really Work?

Obviously, if the product were really able to deliver on all of the higher mentioned claims; it could be a unique insulating device to be used for many different applications, as outlined on the official website. But can polypropylene truly deliver the insulation properties? Looking around online, we found a lot of different coolers with polypropylene constructions. Some of them came with customer reviews on marketplaces like Not all users are pleased with cooling properties of these products. It is important to note that the same can be said about Chill Chest, since this product is made from the same material. Based on this product’s customer testimonials, this device is not able to keep food items cold for ten hours, as promised by the manufacturer. This material does work but not as well as claimed by the company behind the device we are discussing today. Let's take a look at what real users think about this product.

One woman reports in her testimonial that this cooler is terrible and it doesn't work. She feels very disappointed because she is on Social Security and does not have a lot of money. This product is a waste of money, to her mind. Another reviewer writes that it was a bad decision to buy this product. He says that it was probably designed by a teal of fools because making a cooler black is in itself very stupid. Polypropylene is really used in many insulation products, but none of them is black in color. It is shipping and handling scam, as the man says. A customer named Linda tells that she bought her Chill Chest a week ago and she is not happy with it. Her products didn't stay cool at all and her frozen fruit thawed out really fast. The woman is going to take it back to the seller. Another woman reports that Chill Chest is nothing more than another insulated Styrofoam Box Maiden China. She had not seen all the negative reviews before she purchased this piece of junk. It is not worth the money is costs at all. Most probably it is a scam. Many customers report facing issues with the customer service. They call at the phone call provided on the official website but doing so they are said to call a different number. The different number is hard to reach. Remember that it is impossible to change your order or cancel it if it was processed already. Many customers complain that the product is not as light as said in the commercial even when it is empty. If you fill it with food you will be hardly able to lift it even with some other person's help. Many customers regret having wasted their money. One reviewer reported that it is nothing more than a black Styrofoam cooler. She had to send it back even though she had to pay for shipping and handling. Here are some actual customer reviews available online.

"I ordered ChillChest on August 15, 2017. Today it is September 17, 2017, and I have not received the product yet. I have not heard anything from the company. I tried to contact the customer service but in vain. I have a customer reference number and an order number but it is said nowhere when I will see my order. Has anyone had the same problem? Help me please. Thank you."

"I ordered Chill Chest via their "deal" on Facebook. A few weeks later I got an order cancelation notice in my mail. The customer service phone numbers did not work. I placed another order and today I received another order cancelation notice. I have no idea how to contact the customer service. None of the links works. I am not sure whether I need this thing anymore."

"I ordered Chillchest on August 5th, 2017. It is January 30th, 2018 today, and I finally received my purchase. It is not what I expected, though. I called the company several times and every time they deducted money from my purchase. They told me I would pay only $29.99 but when I checked my payment, I saw that I was charged the full cost! Don't deal with this company ever."

My Final Summary

Bringing everything we have learned about the Chill Chest during our research, we have several thoughts about the product. The design of the cooler seems to be convenient from an outside perspective, but its functionality leaves much to be desired. It is black in color, which is a big drawback. The item itself is not as lightweight as claimed by the manufacturer. Many people simply cannot use it due to its heaviness. Besides, a lot of customers complain of the device's inability to keep food cool even for two hours. The manufacturer's claims seem to be deceptive. Some reviews call it to be a scam. There are numerous issues with the work of the company's customer service too. With all this in mind, Chill Chest cannot be recommended to purchasing. The modern market offers a wide variety of other cheaper and more effective options for you to choose from.

Chill Chest Pricing and Rates

The Chill Chest is available on the product's website at the price of $39.99 plus $9.99 for shipping. In addition, there is a one dollar web service charge at checkout. You can get a second unit for an extra $9.99 fee. The return policy involves a 60-day money back guarantee, except for shipping, web service, or double offer fees. It means that you can get a refund for only the original purchase price of $39.99. To initiate a return, call the customer service at 844-201-2230. You will need to pay return shipping to get a refund.