ChromeCast Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE ChromeCast Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Chromecast is a plug-and-play device that gives you an opportunity to "cast" content from many different apps to your HDTV by using a WiFi-enabled device, such as a laptop or smartphone. It is said to be the easiest way to watch online video and listen to video music clips on your TV. The product is manufactured by Google and is associated with a great number of customer reviews that seem to be mostly. Such positive online reputation is due to the device's "bank-for-your-buck" feature. However, we encountered some negative reviews too. The most common complaints reference to its inability to work with some electronics, for instance, certain Kindle Fire tablets and WiFi routers. Streaming content from a Chrome tab can be unreliable and clunky. In general, Chromecast has a form of a 2-inch dongle "stick". All you will need to do is to connect it to your TV via an unused HDMI port. As a result, you will be enabled to play TV shows, movies, and music from Hulu Plus, Chrome, YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Movies and Music. It should be remembered that Google Movies and TV can be watched by Android users only.

The idea behind the device is quite simple: it works like an antenna and has no built-in capabilities; it just captures a signal and directs it into your TV. As the manufacturer claims, Chromecast works with all devices, so you won't need any additional knowledge to use it. Each box includes a Chromecast unit itself, a USB power adapter, and an HDMI extender cable. You see, your device requires power to operate. It can be installed and set up in a few steps. First, plug it into any HDTV via an HDMI port, and set the USB adapter. Ensure that there is WiFi connection and connect to your signal using your password. Download the setup app for your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. In about two minutes, you will be able to watch videos and more on your TV with the press of a button. Due to the supported app, you will be able to pause and play your content, as well as browse new content. By the way, you can use a few units in one network and even switch between TVs.

Customer Reviews - Does ChromeCast Really Work?

There is a great number of positive opinions about the device we are discussing in this review. The users like many features about it, for example that Chromecast is able to automatically update itself, unlike other devices of the kind. So, there is no need to worry about downloading new software periodically. Setup and use are quite easy and quick. This kind of antenna creates an almost seamless streaming environment with less buffering time. The owners of the product are pleased with an insanely low price. Google did a good job positioning this device as the easiest and the most affordable way to get apps like YouTube, Netflix, Tidal, Pandora and Spotify into your living room. In addition, the new Chromecast app claims to add a lot of new functionality, like fast play and universal search, improving the way you find content and decreasing the amount of time to start the stream.

People using the device are highly pleased with its performance. Videos crash less and load fast, while songs switch with less dead air. Despite all of these benefits, streaming is not completely pristine. You may need to occasionally disconnect and reconnect to the device in order to start a laggy video. The video can feel like behind the audio. In general, the new device has high-rate performance, once connected; videos are downloaded with minimal buffering. Chromecast is not perfect, even though it is close to it. The main drawback is that streaming isn't 100% pristine, although the design is very wisely made. One of the downfalls is that you cannot send your movies, photos, or music directly from your electronic device into the Chromecast. However, you will have access to supported apps via your tablet or smartphone, which basically acts as a remote. This will allow you to easily "cast" the content to your TV via the Chromecast. It is high time to take a look at the real customers' testimonials left online. This will give you an opportunity to make a more reasonable decision to purchase the device or not.

"ChromeCast is a pretty good device due to which I can go on any website and watch free movies and video music clips. Sometimes it may mess up but I am still pleased with the unit and its performance. I have used it for half a year already and I haven't had any serious problems with it. Go ahead and buy it too. I would recommend this cool device to all of my friends."

"Chrome Cast has become a perfect solution for me. I bought it for a seldom used location. I was subscribed to Netflix and needed to stream it to my TV. I purchased the device $10 off through Costco and I like it a lot. For a one-time $25 expenses, I managed to eliminate a $60 monthly cable bill. I do not regret buying this device and I would recommend it to everyone."

"Chromecast does exactly what it is supposed to do. I downloaded the app to my son's tablet fast and easily. The setup of the unit took two tries, but this is because of the tremor in my hands than a real glitch. I can plug this device into any screen in my home and enjoy watching any video I wish from the pad or my smartphone. I am satisfied with the quality of the image, but I would like to have higher internet speed but which complaints can be at only $35?"

My Final Summary

ChromeCast comes with a number of important advantages. It is really the most inexpensive way to stream video, music clips and your favorite programming from your devices to your TV using YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, HBO Go, and Google Music. The device has a compact design, which makes it easy to take it with you wherever you go. According to numerous customers' reports, the device provides high-quality image quality. Another important benefit of the unit is its low price, especially when compared to the competition.

Even though ChromeCast requires power for its operation, most customers do not consider it to be a problem. The power is easily provided via a USB adapter. Just be ready that you may have a new wiring dangling from your TV. Nevertheless, many people find this way of powering traditionally convenient. Screen mirroring process may be a little clunky; nevertheless, the majority of users remain highly pleased with their purchase. If you are looking for a nice little device that can make your TV more functional at a low price, you should consider purchasing Chromecast. But if you are expecting this device to perform as well as much more expensive boxes, you may be a little disappointed. Taking into account all pros and cons of this electronic gadget, I do recommend it to buying. It is a must have for all people who want more from their TV. It does work as advertised by the manufacturer.

ChromeCast Pricing and Rates

You can buy the device for about $35 through most retailers, including Walmart, Best Buy,, and others. However, you may be lucky to find the Chromecast for a few dollars cheaper.