Chukar Cherries Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Chukar Cherries Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Chukar Cherries

Chukar Cherries is a marketing brand that was founded in 1988 and was launched on the family farm with the goal of becoming a source for extraordinary foods and gifts created from locally grown berries and cherries in Pacific Northwest. These products are claimed to be shipped fresh from Prosser, Washington. The founder of the company, Pam Montgomery, got her idea to create this kind of business as a result of her daily walks around her family's orchard. She discovered that ripe cherries were able to dry naturally while still on the branches. Despite the studies at UC Davis that had concluded that it was not plausible to dry cherries without adding preservatives or sugar, Pam realized that natural sugars contained in cherries were enough for this process. This was when he founded Chukar Cherries.

In 1988, the woman moved her starting enterprise into a manufacturing facility in Prosserwhere she began offering dried cherries in snack-size boxes. This place was actually the center of Washington's cherry and wine growing region. She started using different kinds of covering; the most favorable one was the chocolate. Today they still make different kinds of snacks made from local fruit. They claim to be proud of their business in Northwest. The name of Chukar comes from an aerial speedster that originates from Asia and lives in the dry climate of the Intermountain West. Chukar Cherries offers a wide variety of products categorized in different groups on the official website. For example, Think Spring includes Cherry Blossom Collection, Chocolate Assortments, Springtime Favorites, The Chukar Bakery, and Gift Tins. The collection called Fruits and Nuts includes Cherries, Granola and Gluten Free, Energy Mixes, No Sugar Added, Fruitful Gifts, Caramel Corn Classic Tins, and Wedding and Event Favors.

Customer Reviews - Does Chukar Cherries Really Work?

To better understand whether the company is worth your attention, it would be a great idea to take a look at what real people think about it. There is a great number of customer reviews on Chukar Cherries. Most people seem to be satisfied with the offered goods and the service. There is a wide choice of products including fruit and berries with covering, bakery and pantry, pies and different baked goods, Gluten Free products, dessert sauces, chocolate assortments, caramel corn, etc. You can even find recipes for their goods online. The company offers an opportunity to save your money and to customize your purchase. There is an opportunity to buy big baskets of goods as gifts for your close ones. However, the greatest disadvantage of this place is that all of their foods are extremely expensive and cannot be afforded by everyone. According to the majority of customer reviews, people working at Chukar Cherries are very friendly. However, there were some clients who estimated their service as poor. All foods come in pretty packaging but still that business seems to be too loudly advertised.

One customer names Jeanette tells about her experience with Chukar Cherries in her online review. She placed an order on their official website for Valentine's Day for them to ship her order to her boyfriend's workplace. It was shocking news for the young lady to learn that the box was stolen upon delivery. Actually, the box wasn't delivered to his desk. The woman called Chukar's customer service and explained the situation to the girl named Maria. She also asked whether she could get a discount if she placed another order. The representative of the customer service answered that no promotions were available and she could not offer any discounts. Maria said that the client could place another order without any discount, though. The woman felt very disappointed that she was not offered any discount, especially taking into account what had happened to her previous order. She adds that their products are expensive and it's not fair not to provide any discounts. This is the sign of very bad customer service. Let us take a look at the actual customers' reviews left online.

"Chukar Cherries offers tasty cherries and honey pecans but their service leaves much to be desired. Besides, their goods are really expensive. A small bag of chocolate cherries costs $10 for. That's too pricey, to my mind, especially when it is packaged in such a corporate way. I don't have any desire to pay such money to such impolite staff. Besides, I wish their goods to have more of a local feel"

"I am not satisfied with my visit of Chukar cherries. These guys have very poor service. Come here and decide whether it is really worth $9.50 for a tiny bag of cherries covered with low-quality chocolate. We bought one bag and ate it really quickly. Good but not worth the price. I would not recommend this place unless you don't mind wasting your money"

"My friend asked me to go to ChukarCherries and check out their treats. So I did and was met by poor staff and high prices. All I can say this is not for me. I bought a sample thinking it would cost not more than five dollars but I was shocked to hear the price. OMG, it was almost $10 for a small bag of cherries! They are tasty but not for that price. I am not ready to pay for the hype only!"

My Final Summary

Chukar Cherries has become a rather popular marketing company lately but it has a number of disadvantages. Despite offering fairly good chocolate covered cherries and a wide assortment of flavors, this company doesn't seem to care for their clients. Chukar has a good online marketing plan, but there are some issues with the delivery of people's orders. They are selling the orders without even caring about proper delivery of each box. So, be ready that your purchase may be stolen just near your door. The second concern is the high pricing policy. Many customers complain of high cost for a small amount of their goods. A lot of people are also not pleased with how these are packaged. Chukar staff isn't polite and careful, as some customers report in their reviews online. However, some visitors found their employees kind and generous. However, you are going to like the taste of their products. Thus if you are rich and don't care much about the cost, this place may be right for you. But if you are not a big lover of dried cheeries, avoid this place. I cannot recommend Chukar Cherries.

Chukar Cherries Pricing and Rates

As it was already mentioned, the company offers a wide variety of goods, so their prices vary a lot. Let's take a look at the best sellers. Blossom Time Gift Basket costs $59.95, Cherry Delights Gift Basket is priced at $49.95, you can buy Springtime Favorites Gift Basket for $49.95, Pike Market Goodie Basket costs $99.95, Chocolate Cheers Gift Crate is priced at $39.95, Taste Northwest Gift Basket costs $89.95. You can buy Chocolate Honey Pecans Big Jar $59.95, while Life is a Basket of Cherries is priced at $99.95. One can order Sumptuous Assortment for $59.95. Washington My Home Gift Basket costs $89.95, Nuts Over Bings Big Jar is priced at $49.95, and you can buy Pike Market Box Trio $34.95.