Citizens Disability Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Citizens Disability Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Citizens Disability

You have probably seen a TV ad for Citizens Disability hosted by Alan Thicke and you probably know that the Social Security Disability process can be very frustrating. If you are looking for help, this company claims to assist you navigate the confusing and difficult process of getting disability benefits, including attending hearings and filing paperwork. Citizens Disability is known to have decades of experience but can it really be involved in your disability claim? Are their services worth your money? We tested these claims and here's what we found. As the Citizens Disability website claims, the Social Security Administration gets hundreds of thousands of applications every month. It means that the company really helps them to solve their problems. Citizens Disability promises that they will find a professional disability advocate for you who will handle your application, evaluate your situation, and work with the Social Security agency on your behalf. You are expected to be fully informed throughout the process with both Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

The process includes four stages. The first one is Initial Application. Your SSDI application is complete and your information is gathered, it will then be filed with your local SSA office to be verified. The State Disability Determination Service will assess your disability level. It should be kept in mind that your application can be denied for a number of reasons, including a lack of medical evidence, earning too much money within the last year, and incorrectly filed paperwork. The next stage is Reconsideration. It takes place in case if your SSDI application is denied. Citizens Disability will file an appeal. The third stage is ALJ Hearing that involves your Citizens Disability advocate's going before a judge to discuss your inability to work. You are expected to get a decision within six months of this court date. If your claim is still denied, you can file a new application or file a complaint in Federal Court. If you filed a complaint, you will face the next stage called Appeals Council. An Administrative Law Judge will review this decision and uphold it or reverse it.

Customer Reviews - Does Citizens Disability Really Work?

The Internet is filled with testimonials from real consumers of Citizens Disability. Their reviews have a mixed character and appear to be mainly positive. People appear to be pleased with the services offered by the company and its perfect customer service. However, there are quite many negative testimonials with the most common complaints citing unreturned phone calls, failure to send withdrawal letters to the SS administration, rare case updates, repeated phone calls from Citizens Disability representatives. If we take a closer look at the positive reviews, we will see that people are grateful to the company's experts who helped them to fill out their forms, provided the doctors' information, gave them directions and were just on top of the whole process. Most customers feel grateful to the company for all their help and communication both with calls and mail. Many people appreciate the fact that they kept them informed of all the time frames and stages. They offered doctors' appointments and notified their clients of all their dates for them not to miss these appointments.

The representatives of the company also help their clients to fill out the necessary forms. Thus, most customers are very happy with the company and would recommend it to their relatives and friends. It is high time to take a look at the real user reviews left online.

"I am working with Citizens Disability right now and I have been doing this since 2013. The personnel have always been well mannered and polite. They return calls quickly; give me advice and answers to all of my questions. They are very persistent in giving everything to their clients. The best thing about this company is that they do push as hard as they can. I believe in them and I trust them. I know that we will win. So, I do recommend this company to each person with any disabilities."

"Citizens Disability is not a scam, but an honest and effective company. I used their services and I won. Their major advantage is good and persistent customer service. They are also responsible and responsive. I always received prompt call backs and answers to my questions. They have been helpful for me, and I would undoubtedly recommend them. The whole process took five years, but I am young and I am satisfied with the results. Thank you very much."

"I had a great experience with this company. Citizens Disability has been helpful from the very beginning till the end. I talked to many experts on the phone and ensured that each of them was professional and knowledgeable. Everything they said was accurate. They gathered all of my doctors' contacts and the paperwork throughout two years I dealt with them. They knew what to do and even though I was denied two times, after about 8 months I won the process. It took a lot of patience but due to the company I succeeded."

My Final Summary

Social Security Disability offers a wide variety of claim types and after doing a detailed research I can say with confidence that this company can assist you with your claim. Their services will be beneficial for anyone who uses them. The average monthly SSDI check in 2014 was $1,148. It amounts to roughly $14K per year. If you win your case and your monthly check meets the average payout, they will take $3,500 for the year or $287 from each of your monthly checks (25% fee). It means that the company is worth addressing as you still win. It is important to mention that Citizens Disability has positive online reputation among its customers who are especially satisfied with their great customer service.

If you need help navigating the SSDI application process, ensure that you have weighed all options available before signing up to the Citizens Disability services. Remember that you will have to pay 25% of your much-needed benefits. This is a rather cost-effective option. I believe that the specialist of the company will be able to help you more than you can imagine. You may need to wait a bit more than expected but in most cases the company wins. If you wait patiently you will be a winner sooner or later. These terrific people don't hesitate to talk to you if you need it. Thus, they deserve every penny earned. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of the company and services they offer, I do recommend Citizens Disability.

Citizens Disability Pricing and Rates

Citizens Disability claims that each of their clients gets their initial evaluation completely free. There is no obligation or risk. In fact, the company only gets paid when your case is won. They will collect 25% of the accrued benefit amount. The maximum amount is $6,000.