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Clara Lending

Getting and refinancing a mortgage is usually associated with a lot of stress, hidden costs, delays, and confusing jargon. Fortunately, Clara Lending decided to put an end to this madness. This is a new company based out of San Francisco that claims to provide support to anyone who takes part in a difficult home financing process. They promise to make the procedure transparent and simple with the help of their advanced technology and dedicated staff. Clara promises to decrease the time and financial expenses associated with the loan. How is it possible? According to the official website of the company, it takes much time for most loan applications to collect, check, and re-check data points. Instead, Clara Lending claims that their software-based platform works fast and effectively reducing any errors.

Clara offers a number of benefits. The first one is a streamlined loan application that operates via phone or online and comes with expert support. Application and related documents are reviewed directly, so the user can be confident of a successful closing. You don't need to worry about hidden costs or fees. Whether you are purchasing a new home, saving on your monthly payments, or looking to refinance your payments, you don't want to lose your precious time in vain. Instead, you can benefit from Clara Lending's approach based on technology. Let's see what else this program offers and what real users think about it.

Customer Reviews - Does Clara Lending Really Work?

At present, Clara Lending offers four loan types: 5-year ARM, and 7-year ARM, 15-year fixed, and 30-year fixed. It is important to note that currently Clara loans are available in other states in addition to California. You can find real time rates on the official website of the company where you will need to enter the loan type, property type, and desired use; estimated property value, your credit score and zip code, as well as down payment amount. You will be immediately redirected to a page with a brief overview of every financial product. Click the See Details button to find more information on the topic. You will be able to get acquainted with important details about the products of the company, including an in-depth breakdown of fees. I studied the given information deeply and changed several of the available variables. Finally, I found out that most of Clara Mortgage's interest rates ranged between 3.187% and 3.906%, while monthly payments ranged between $1,592 and $2,486. Closing costs ranged between $5,716 and $8,093. Even different zip codes had some impact on these numbers.

There are many testimonials left by real users of Clara Lending not only on its official website but also on other sites. Most clients of the company seem to be pleased with its work and available features. If they need any help in the process they are able to contact Clara's expert customer service that can be reached at (844) 846-7948. The team of professionals is always ready to answer all of your questions. By the way, the company was founded in 2014 by Jeff Foster and Lukasz Strozek. At first, there was little customer feedback about Clara Lending, but now there is enough evidence to ensure that the company is worth your attention. There is a great number of online reviews on LendingTree, where the lender can boast a 4.8-star average rating. 100% of customers are saying that they would recommend the company. It is a very high rating. There are common compliments citing wonderful customer service, fast approval, and an easy closing process. There was only one complaint at the time of our research. It referenced closing fees that changed and ended up somewhat higher than expected. This information hasn't been confirmed though. It is important to mention that Clara may operate under the name Expedite Lending. It is a wise decision to read some of the actual users' reviews found on the Internet to ensure that the company is really trustworthy. Here are some of them.

"Clara Lending is a company very focused on its mission to assist their clients in getting financing in a transparent, efficient, and empowered way. The company is unique due to its professional and helpful employees who make spending time with them really inspiring. They are always trying to solve a problem of any difficulty level. They are even able to resolve the anticipated problems. Guys, you are an intelligent and passionate team!"

"I was always skeptical of lenders and their activities but this time I was not mistaken. I am especially grateful to two representatives from Clara lending - Kevin Bomarino and Roy Eun. They were just awesome! Both guys willingly answered all of my questions and assured me that they were offering me the best price I could possibly get. It was easy for me to understand well the written estimates they showed to me. They spent a lot of time helping me to understand all details of the mortgage process. Clara worked hard to give me their attention and help."

"Last year, I purchased a home in Oakland and I had a rather good rate. I just did my refinance with ClaraLending last November and they decreased my rate even more. So, I got rid of my PMI, and they saved me more than $100,000 of my loan. The process took place online but unlike other lenders, Clara's platform was very easy to use. They provided enough information for me to understand all details. Loan representatives were always available to help me whenever I needed it. I will definitely recommend Clara to my friends and family."

My Final Summary

Overall, Clara Lending is a unique lending company. They work transparently through their technology that was specially designed to make the process easier. To my mind, it makes sense to cooperate with this company because they appear to be professional enough to refinance even complicated mortgages. The company offers fantastic customer service who will deal with your individual case depending on your needs. They are ready to help even those people who have a fluctuating income or poor credit. Clara Lending is a legitimate company who simplifies the process of obtaining or refinancing a home mortgage. Application online takes just several minutes.

The official website of Clara Lending is informative enough which prevents any technical issues. Most people report that it is very easy to understand and use. The company's customers give a very high average rating to its activity. It is the major thing that proves its reliability and professionalism. Overall I was impressed with fair practices, the integrity with the low rates, helpfulness and patience Clara Lending team. Taking into account all pros and cons of the company, I can certainly recommend this knowledgeable team.

Clara Lending Pricing and Rates

Clara Lending is designed for people living a busy life, which is why it is very easy to apply, e-sign, and track progress anytime and anywhere. The customer support operates seven days a week. Your purchase loan will be closed in just 15 days, or you will get up to $5,000 credit at closing. The company gives an opportunity to save money by going online. Online application requires lender fee - 1% of your loan amount.