Clever Investor Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Clever Investor Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Clever Investor

Real estate investing can be a risky activity, which is there is a company that claims that their training products can help you improve your life and provide you with outstanding customer support. Clever Investor is one of the largest resources on the Internet for experienced and beginning investors. They offer award winning products to help you make each step of the way. If you have ever faced the real estate industry, you probably know that it may carry empty promises. The real estate training company we are discussing today works to bring their real estate investors real profit. But how does it work? Let's take a look at the facts and see whether their promises are true.

The founder of the Clever Investor is Cody Sperber, a professional who claims that there is a science to profitable real estate investing, which is why he offers his support and self-proclaimed award-winning real estate investment training. The company has quickly become popular due to its ability to make each individual a successful real estate investor. As a result, you can live the life you have always dreamed of; take long vacations, work when you want, spend more time with your family, and just become financially secure. Let's see what exactly the company offers.

Customer Reviews - Does Clever Investor Really Work?

Clever Investor provides effective, step-by-step investing advice and information for you to use no matter what niche you're pursuing, whether it is wholesaling, flipping, foreclosure investing, or anything else. The official website of the company depicts five major sections to the Clever Investor. The first one is education that involves courses and tips on creative real estate investing, wholesale real estate, etc. Products include Video and audio courses on Fast Track Profit Systems, Reverse Short Sale Systems, and Automated Marketing. Mentoring programs are expected to offer you real-world information that can be used to start or develop your real estate investing business, with no need to involve continuous upsells. Events are actually gatherings of other real estate investors where you are supposed to learn new methods of operating your business and bringing it to the next level. Most of these methods can be implemented into your business plan almost instantly. Finally, Blog is a regularly updated content on real estate investment.

You can find a great number of customer reviews on Clever Investor online. The average rating of the company is four starts, which is a good result. Most investors are just impressed with their cooperation with this investment company. It was created not only for experienced investors but also for beginners in this field. The company provides the necessary support and consultation on the related issues and problems. One customer writes that he has never been involved in the art of real estate investing; however, he started learning new things about it and realized that his mind was open to the information of this kind. To be a successful investor is not as difficult as he used to think before. The man was confused at first but after reading the recommended book he started using his potential and at present he has more income flowing in.

The customer service team will gladly inform you of the nuances of real estate investing. You may be really impressed as you read along the content. It is not a guide about traditional "flipping". This book efficiently clears up important questions in the field of investing. It will teach you how to invest in real estate for profits without having a lot of money. You will learn about the aspects of effective marketing, how this system works and what will make you successful in such an activity. Most clients of Clever Investor recommend the company to others. They say that if you are interested in Real Estate Investing, but you are at a loss what to do, you should just take a risk and you won't regret. Soon, you will have a more clear understanding of the field. Let us take a look at the testimonials of people who already benefit from real estate investing and are willing to tell you more about it.

"I bought a few products from Clever Investor over the last several years. Every time I had effective training that was of great help to me in my real estate investing business. I managed to earn more money. The customer support is good way out if you are in trouble and need help. There is also a tech support team that helped to set up my sites. I have seen a lot of their training videos and I can say for sure that their team of Mentors truly cares about his clients. I would probably still be sitting in the office for little money if it wasn't for Cody Sperber. This is a real deal."

"I have been a real estate investor from time to time for many years and I am a licensed real estate agent. So, I have bought and studied numerous real estate training programs and I can sincerely say that Clever Investor is truly the best! They have taken care of me from beginning to end. What impressed me was that they were ready to give you any information you asked them about. They didn't leave me with confusions, like other companies of the kind. They laid this info out easier and comprehensive for anybody. At present, I am interested in other levels too."

"I regret writing my original negative review about Cody Sperber. I realized that I may have overreacted and expressed a wrong opinion. The matter is that I have had some bad experiences with other coaching programs in the past, and my past effected how I felt about Cody. After getting to know his team better, I realize that Clever Investor staff is nice people who really do care about their customers. I have had some of the best training I have ever seen online. I truly do apologize for saying negative things I did about this company online. Cody is knowledgeable about real estate."

My Final Summary

Summing up, I should say that Clever Investor products are truly worth your money. The company is associated with a great number of positive customer reviews. The clients of this investment company are pleased with the services and support. Separate attention should be given to the customer service provided by a team of real estate specialists. There are very few online complaints regarding Clever Investor. Most clients say that they achieved success following the recommendations given by the company. The information they provide is suitable for both experiences investors and beginners.

The company offers real estate investing books, mentoring programs, videos and webinars. As a result you can get efficient real estate investing to improve your financial sphere. The Clever Investor products are designed to change your way of thinking and make you a prosperous individual within a short period of time. To my mind, Clever Investor will be helpful for those people who want to make real estate investment the main field of their profit. Taking into account pros and cons of Clever Investor I do recommend this company.

Clever Investor Pricing and Rates

Most of the information in the Education section of the official website of the company appears to be free. The Reverse Short Sale System costs $97. There are many other products, including the Automated Marketing Machine, Fast Track Profit System, or Mentoring programs. Subscription programs come with a 30-day trial. Afterwards you will need to pay $97 per month.