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If you have been interested in learning how to program for many years, this review is for you because it is dedicated to Codecademy, a new website interactive programming tutorial that teaches you the basics of JavaScript. Even though it hasn't been around for too long, the website has created a lot of buzz on the interwebs. The reason behind this buzz is a great number of users who want to find an easy and interesting way to learn how to code online. The tutorial was started by two gentlemen, Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski, who wanted to improve the situation in the area. They describe their motivation on the official website of the company by saying that Codecademy emerged when Zach got frustrated with learning how to program. Ryan taught Zach the basics of CSS and HTML for many years, but videos and books didn't really help. Then Zach and Ryan teamed up to create a better way to learn how to do this. One of the unique features of Codecademy is the gaming aspect.

As you progress through the lessons, you will get badges and points, which are then displayed on your profile. Your progress can be viewed by your friends who can check out your profile any time they want. Codecademy is an education company committed to providing you with the best learning experience. This makes it the best place for people to teach, learn, and create the modern online learning experience, despite the fact that education is an old term. In fact, the current public school system in America dates back to the 19th century. Many modern companies try to "disrupt" education by altering the way how classes are held in the classroom as well as by bringing the classroom online. The creators of Codecademy are rethinking education completely. Initially, the tutorial was designed to ease the process of learning the basics of JavaScript. It costs only $199.00 and lasts for 8 weeks. The class size is 125 students. You will need to study for 10 hours a week. What do real customers of the program think about it? Let's find out by looking at the real users' reviews.

Customer Reviews - Does Codecademy Really Work?

There are many testimonials about the tutorial left online. The users highly appreciate the definite benefits of learning how to code with Codecademy. The company claims to have helped more than 24 million students. The customers provide three major advantages they like about the program. First of all, it is free. Yes, you can learn coding online completely for free. There is no need to pay for the class and sign up for a monthly subscription. This tutorial is perfect for someone on a tight budget. The only thing you will have to invest is your money. So, if you would like to start learning to code and you don't intend to spend much money, Codecademy will be the right place to start.

Another advantage all users appreciate about the tutorial is that it takes care of the set up procedure for you. Some people claim that the setup work is one of the most difficult things about learning to code. Thus, many beginners never even have a chance to do so. But, fortunately, the company does all the hardest part for you. But this is not the case when you are learning JavaScript itself. What Codecademy has done just perfectly, is allow you to learn the syntax of a programming language through the interactive experience in your browser. You won't need to waste your time on setup. The third great advantage of using the tutorial is that it covers many topics and languages. Codecademy has broad offerings for you. Today they have tutorials on CSS, HTML, Sass, Rails, JavaScript, AngularJS, Ruby, ReactJS, Command Line, SQL, Git, and Java. These languages will keep you busy for a while, providing you with enough opportunities to determine if you like this coding thing.

To get started with the tutorial, you will need to sign up on its official website. As soon as you do, you will be able to take your first lesson right. The website will provide you with comprehensive information to teach you how to print, find the length of a word and do simple math. After a few lessons, you will be offered to create an account. This can be done so by entering password and an email address, or by connecting with Facebook. To save your progress you will need to register. Once you get into Codecademy you will be able to take more lessons whenever you wish. A sidebar on the screen will teach you how to complete a task, and it will walk you through creating code to do it. Is learning with the tutorial really as easy as claimed? Let's try to find out this by reading some of the users' reviews available online.

"I am using Codecademy at present by taking the "Build Websites from Scratch" course. It takes 12 weeks and covering the basics of Github, CSS, HTML, and Javascript. The course includes quizzes, projects, online lessons, and access to information from advisers via a chat feature. If sometimes use it when I get stuck. Three of the projects are submitted by an advisor. I do recommend this tutorial to others."

"I have almost finished the course with codecademy and I have learned a lot. Of course, it required a lot of my time on submitting bug tickets for errors but still I am happy with my lessons. The course is very affordable and is worth the money it costs. If you want to learn how to code, be sure this fun tutorial will be of great help to you."

"I was so keen to sign up for Codecademy and I haven't been disappointed with my choice. I set up an email marketing system and immediately started using the service. I took my lessons every day and can already boast having great results. The tutorial is really effective!"

My Final Summary

Codecademy is a relatively new company that has just started its operating; nevertheless, they have a great variety of lessons already and are going to add more lessons. According to TechCrunch, the creators of the tutorial, Zach and Ryan, were not ready for such attention to their website. Thus, they addressed Hacker News in search for feedback and managed to get 1,000 signups within just several hours. The company uses their user base to create new lessons for their clients. This tutorial can be a perfect starting point if you are a beginner in learning to code. Codecademy will help you to get a sense for how coding works. It is a wonderful free way to check whether coding is something that speaks to you as a future career option.

Codecademy will provide you with different learning opportunities for you to build proficiency faster. If you are just starting to code, it can be a good resource to get a proper toolbox. Just go to their official website and check out these 64 online resources offered by the service. Only within eight weeks you are expected to learn how to code. These basics can be very helpful for your future career of a programmer. Taking into account all pros and cons, I do recommend Codecademy.

Codecademy Pricing and Rates

Codecademy is an online tutorial including such subjects as CSS, Command line, Design Principles, HTML, Git, Javascript, UX Design and jQuery. The program is available online only. It costs $199.00. The length of the online course is 8 weeks. The size of the class is 125 students. You will be required to commit 10 hours per week on your studying.