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Coffee Joulies

Coffee Joulies are polished, stainless steel coffee beans that are specially engineered to soak up the excess heat from your cup of coffee and create the temperature optimal for drinking. The product works due to the special filling that functions in a matter of minutes. Coffee Joulies were initially featured on episode 13 of season 4 of the popular ABC television show Shark Tank. The company behind the product is based out of Sherrill, NY. Coffee Joulies has a rather high rating with the Better Business Bureau; however, there are some complaints about the product. Overall, most customers are satisfied with the product saying that it performs as claimed on the official website of the company.

Coffee Joulies are 18/10 stainless steel beans filled with an unusual phase change material (PCM). This material tends to become solid at less than 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and becomes liquid at more than 140 degrees Fahrenheit. As soon as you add these beans to your coffee, this material melts and absorbs the heat. As a result, the temperature of your drink falls down to the level comfortable for drinking. When the temperature of your coffee falls down to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, the beans re-solidify and give back the stored heat into your cup of coffee. One Coffee Joulie is half smaller than an average egg, but it is enough to regulate the temperature of your coffee. The stainless steel used in these beans comes from 85% recycled material, while the PCM inside the product is a special mix of the purest natural materials that are used for making food. All Coffee Joulies are manufactured in the USA, and have been extensively tested before getting to the market.

Customer Reviews - Does Coffee Joulies Really Work?

There are abundant user reviews online on these small shells. Most users consider these to be an awesome invention. Some people use only one bean, while others use from two to four beans at a time depending on the cup's size. These items are very practical for everyday usage, that is why they are claimed to be very helpful. Most customers report that Coffee Joulies work as advertised. These small units keep the coffee warm for a long period of time. The larger the volume, the more shells you will need to use. One bean will be enough for a small cup of coffee, while three items are required for an average-sized cup of coffee. Coffee Joulies work better in an insulated mug. In other options, the cooling rate is a little delayed.

Our team decided to test those beans. We checked the temperature in a ceramic uncovered mug and in an insulated mug over time. There was some difference but it was not too significant. A vacuum mug demonstrated a big difference. As this product was shown on Shark Tank, it can be completely trusted. This fact is important for people who are hesitant about buying this product. But as soon as they purchase it, they are very pleased with the effect. Another advantage of these beans is that they can be used in the thermos, too. If you are fond of travelling, be sure that the product will works well for your coffee travel mug. Most customers are satisfied with the price of Coffee Joulies saying that it is quite reasonable. Even the most skeptical people confess that they are amazed with the modern science. One user writes that black coffee will cool to a drinkable state a solid vacuum thermos within just a few minutes. And it will stay drinkably warm for a few hours. This man says that he came back seven hours later, and his coffee stayed warm.

Coffee Joulies may serve as a wonderful birthday gift for your friends and relatives who are crazy about coffee. Coffee fans tend to use them every day. These people claim that these beans help to keep their coffee hot and nice for a long time. So, the product is worth the money it costs. Remember that it is the most effective for a closed coffee thermos or travel cup. The beans are also effective in an open cup, with tea especially. You will need to use four of them for a large mug. You almost won't need to wait and can start sipping right away. But due to the special filling of the beans, your beverage won't get cold. People are not happy with the fact that the shells aren't available in stores. They can be bought from the manufacturer and some retail stores online, including Amazon. The delivery is usually very fast. So, if you're tired of digging ice cubes out of your freezer, get ready to invest some money in Coffee Joulies. They will save your time and your taste buds. Let us read some of the actual user reviews left online.

"I ordered Coffee Joulies a month ago and they were delivered rather quickly. By the way, I got those with a thermos as a gift. I love these small beans! They help to keep my coffee hot for a few hours. I usually preheat the beans and the thermos with hot water. Once I left my cup of coffee in the car and didn't come back all day, but when I returned I found my coffee still hot. This is a highly effective and worthy product."

"I bought CoffeeJoulies as a gift for my friend who is a big coffee lover. I based my choice of a present on a number of positive reviewsand recommendations online. My friend told me that the product works as expected. It seemed to be a bit expensive for me at first but now I can say that it is worth every cent, according to my friend's comment! The joulies make his coffee perfect for sipping almost instantly. The taste of coffee doesn't alter even after several hours. I am going to buy these shells for myself and my husband, too. Thanks."

"I learned about Coffee Joulies on Shark Tank and I absolutely love this product. It is worth the money it costs. I can seriously say that these small shells have changed my life. I am a very busy person and I have no time for waiting until my coffee cools down. I use these beans for other beverages and even soup. I wonder how many I need for a bath tub. I am completely happy with my purchase."

My Final Summary

Coffee Joulies are certainly not a scam. This is a well-thought out product produced by a reputable American company that manufactures a number of other products too. Their team focuses on the quality of their product most of all. craftsmanship. Thus, Coffee Joulies feature high quality materials in a well-designed package. This makes the product a perfect gift for people of various social layers. Based on the wide variety of online reviews, I can say that this product works as advertised. Our informal test backed up this information.

If you plan buying a set of Coffee Joulies, you should be aware that you will get an effective product with an artistic design. Some users purchase two and more sets of the product. They love it because it really works. In addition, you may get a coffee thermos as a gift to enjoy your coffee to the fullest. I feel pleased to recommend Coffee Joulies to usage. I am so excited that I want to get my own set too!

Where To Buy Coffee Joulies In Stores?

Coffee Joulies are available on the manufacturer's official website, as well as on a number of online retailers, including Amazon. The company offers two options. A set of five Joulies costs $59.95. It includes five Coffee Joulies and an instruction card. You can order Joulies logo carrying pouch for additional $2. A Perfection Pack costs $89.95. it includes five Coffee Joulies, a 16oz Joulies logo Thermos Sipp travel tumbler, Woven fiber gift bag and Joulies pouch, as well as an instruction card.