Coin Credit Card Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Coin Credit Card Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Coin Credit Card

The company behind Coin Credit Card was founded in 2014 and is based out of San Francisco, CA. The official website of the company is It stores up to eight of your traditional credit, rewards, debit, and gift cards. The Coin Credit Card is promised to solve the problem of possessing too many cards. It has been featured on such popular technology websites as Gizmodo, CNET, Engadget, and Wired, as well as leading networks like NBC, CNBC, and ABC. The card is associated with many positive users' reviews. The company has taken an active position in social media, with 20,000 Twitter followers and millions of Facebook likes.

According to the Coin official website, the company consists of software engineers, designers, consumer electronics experts, and a former NASA engineer. All of these specialists have are passionate about building products that improve, simplify, and fit into the human life. As a result, they have built Coin card to make your wallet more spacious by removing unnecessary cards. But what is more important about this card is that it can be used in many ways and significantly simplifies the payment process. Let us take a closer look at its features and what real cardholders think about it.

Customer Reviews - Does Coin Credit Card Really Work?

The outer look and feel of the Coin Credit card is just like that of other cards with a magnetic stripe. However, you will find a distinctive feature on the back of this card - a button that allows you to switch between different cards. The second distinctive feature is a simple display that informs you which of your cards is active at the moment. This includes the last four digits, the card's brand, the expiration date and the security code. You can get many of your cards into the Coin device in a simple way. All you will have to do is to attach the included dongle to your smartphone, swipe the card you are adding and take a pic of the card. All the rest will be done by the Coin app on your phone as soon as it is connected to the internet. The whole process is expected to take only a few minutes. While the Coin app can hold a great number of cards, the device can hold only up to eight. When your cards are loaded onto your Coin credit card, it can be used just like traditional cards, even at ATMs. However, this card won't work for online payments. It acts, looks, and feels just like a traditional credit card, including a tamper-evident signature panel and your name engraved on the front.

Coin Credit Card has excellent security features, which is extremely important when it comes to eight of their credit cards held on it. Actually, the card uses 128-bit or 256-bit encryption, which demonstrates good security of the data contained on it. When paying with your card, you can use a special button on the back to avoid inadvertent changing of the payment source before being the card is swiped. After payment is complete, your Coin card uses a Bluetooth signal to "talk" with your smartphone. If it is more than 25 feet away, you will hear an alert from your phone to inform you that your card has been left behind. The Coin mobile app will provide you with the definite distance at which your card was left. It means that this card is quite difficult to lose. But if you managed to lose your phone, you can reconnect your Coin card to another phone. All you will need to do is to re-download the app and sign in. If you have lost both your phone and Coin card, you can "remote wipe" your phone to remove any sensitive information. It is high time to take a look at the testimonials left by real cardholders of this card online. Here are some of them.

"I ordered the Coin Credit Card and immediately started using it. I went to try it out at my bank. Gratefully, my bank card reader accepted this card. I also have an app to manage my card from my mobile phone whenever I wish. I love this service very much. Several times, I called the customer support and every time I received the necessary help. This card is a good idea. I would recommend it to a friend."

"I ordered my Coin Credit Card online. When I tried their customer support, they consulted me not only by email, but also by phone. My bank backed this card. They offer beneficial refund policy but I haven't tried it yet. This card is a great concept; it hasn't let me down since I received it. It works as gas station pumps too. I like this card very much."

"I didn't have much trouble getting my Coin Credit Card. The process was easy and fast. Now I use my card almost every day and it works well. I have used the card at gas stations and restaurants. The customer service is wonderful too; these people have helped me several times already. There is a good refund policy so I risk absolutely nothing. I am pleased with this new technology."

My Final Summary

According to the official website of the company, the major idea behind the Coin credit card is to improve your life by decluttering your wallet. It can replace a number of your other cards that make your wallet too big and heavy. As a specialist, I can say that this goal was successfully accomplished. This device represents a huge step forward in the methods of paying for goods and services. The Coin credit card is associated with a number of positive customer reviews. Most people are pleased with this card and its features. It is very easy to apply for the card on its official website. Before ordering the Coin, you will need to remember some major points.

The Coin website provides detailed information on how the device can be auto-locked. It ensures that the payment method cannot be accidentally changed when you are busy talking to someone, have drunk alcohol, or your waiter presses the button by mistake. The Coin credit card was designed mainly for the U.S. market, and at present supports chip and pin (EMV). It is available for users with an Android or iDevice. The only drawback of the coin is that it has no replaceable battery. When your battery runs out, you will need to buy another device for $100. The company promises that each Coin device lasts about two years with normal use. Taking into account all pros and cons of this card, I can certainly recommend it to buying. Many people have already insured that it is a great financial product.

Coin Credit Card Pricing and Rates

You can apply for this card on its official website. The application process will take no more than several minutes. If you place your order online and then suddenly change your mind and decide that you no longer want this card, you can cancel your order before your name is inscribed. But if you have already inscribed your name, you cannot cancel the order. In this case, no refunds will be available. According to the company, the Coin credit card costs $100. Earlier, its preorder price was $50, plus $5 shipping and handling. Hurry up to get your card. You won't regret. Many people all over the country have already benefited from its advantages.