College Ave Student Loans Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

College Ave Student Loans

Whether you are going to become a college student or you already have children, you certainly need finances to pay for it all. College Ave Student Loans is there to help you. The company called College Ave offers new private student loans that come with competitive rates, loan refinancing, the best repayment options, and a nice application process. You will be offered friendly customer service. According to the company, you can apply for a loan in just three minutes and get an instant decision. This loan lender promises to help you create a loan that fits your individual needs ideally, whether you need it to cover your current costs while you are studying or you may delay monthly payments until graduation.

College Ave Student Loans suggests many different options for you to choose from. Besides, it promises to provide you with a great loan process. Although the company started offering student loan refinancing relatively recently, it has been offering original student loans since 2014. So, they have significant experience in the sphere. All undergraduate and graduate students and even their parents can take a College Ave loan. To do this you'll need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If grants and scholarships don't cover your college costs, use all the federal loans you can before using private loans. The matter is that federal loans provide more protection to the borrower.

Customer Reviews - Do College Ave Student Loans Really Work?

Most borrowers of the company are satisfied with the services offered by the College Ave. these people are pleased that there are four different loan products to choose from. Undergraduate loans are suitable for those who take part in bachelor's or associate's degree programs. Graduate loans are meant for those in doctoral, master's, and professional degree programs. Refinance loans are designed to simplify your finances. Finally, Parent loans are meant for parents who want to pay for school of their children. New loans (not refinancing) can be taken to cover general school attendance costs like books and supplies, tuition and fees, room and transportation, board and personal expenses. College Ave provides finances for up to a full academic year, and all loans are directed to the school. It is important to note that undergraduate students need one cosigner to apply for a loan because of absence of credit history and income.

In order to get your loan, your academic progress (SAP) will be checked by the College Ave (it must be at least satisfactory). Let's see what you might need to pay afterwards. There are four repayment options for an undergraduate or graduate loan. You can make full monthly payments, including principal and interest. You can pay only the interest on the loan. You can make a $25 payment each month. You can pay off the loan after you leave school. It is clear that you will save more money making payments while you are still in school. You can choose any of three repayment options for a parent loan. You can make full monthly loan payments to save more money. The next option is to make smaller payments, either paying just the interest or the interest and any additional amount of money.

Fortunately, College Ave's website offers a user-friendly tool that will help you to decide on the type of interest rate, term length, and repayment plan. You have to repay some private loans within ten or fifteen years. But the company also gives an opportunity to undergraduate and graduate students to repay in eight or twelve years. The shorter the term, the more money you will save. Making larger payments will allow you to save even more. College Ave parent loans are more flexible. It means that parents can choose to repay their loan in five years, twelve years or any number of years in between. We found out that most online customer feedback for the company is positive. There is only one complaint on the Better Business Bureau's website. It concerns a slow disbursement process. The company was featured in many popular media outlets including USA Today, American Banker, Forbes, etc. Let us have a closer look at the customer reviews about their experience of taking College Ave Student Loans.

"It is very difficult to afford and pay for college today. Even though I found many different choices, I was still confused. This was until I discovered College Ave Student Loans. These Loans may last for many years, so you have an opportunity to pay them off in a convenient way. The process was easy for me, the rates are highly competitive. I was glad with quick and affirming results. I had to talk to my representative about my application several times, and each time I was kindly consulted. He was incredibly helpful and I highly recommend College Ave. My sister uses a loan from this company too."

"I called two times before applying and the person I spoke to was helpful and pleasant. The application process was quick and easy! I am satisfied with College Ave Student Loans. The company's customer service team makes it easy to understand what you are getting into. It was very easy for me to understand the contract. The representatives were helpful and really helped me to know how to pay off the loan in the future. I had a great experience with the company! I highly recommend this company."

"I am glad I have chosen College Ave Student Loans. I enjoy working with the company because they know how to behave with their clients. They provide constant communication online, via emails and mail. You can also get into contact with a live person. Even though our loan for son's school was a higher rate than I expected, I went back for the second loan because of the wonderful customer service. Now that my son has a credit score the loan rate was better that time."

My Final Summary

It is a well-known fact that there are numerous student lenders out there but most of them seem to focus on earning money only. However, College Ave Student Loans are offered by the company that appears to care for each of their clients. They can boast their fast application process and quick approval. But what makes this company unique is that it offers a wide variety of repayment options. It can be a good option for those with a short credit history and/or a poor credit score. The company provides the best interest rates to parents looking for a loan.

College Ave seems to be much higher than much of the competition. It is associated with a great number of positive customer reviews. Most people are happy with the variety of flexible repayment options. Choosing this legitimate option for new and refinanced student loans can help you to significantly reduce your college expenses and stay away from debt! But before taking a College Ave Student Loan, you are recommended to carefully read terms and conditions of taking these loans. If you are fine with all of them, hurry up to take the desired College Ave Student Loan.

College Ave Student Loans Pricing and Rates

College Ave's APRs for undergraduate loans range from 2.20% to 9.29% for variable and from 4.99% to 11.24% for fixed. Graduate loans are 4.03%-6.03% for variable and 6.35% fixed. The minimum loan amount is $2K. You are free to choose any from the four different repayment options described higher.