Cologuard Test Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Cologuard Test

If you are over 50 and are at a higher risk for getting colon cancer, you will benefit from the Cologuard Test a lot. It is a non-invasive, prescription-only colon cancer screen that can be taken in the comfort of your home. According to the Exact Science Corporation, this method does not require any diet changes, time off, medications, or preparation. It requires three easy steps: get, go, gone. When the company receives your kit, its specialists identify presence of any abnormal cells in your colon due to the special screening technology, making it effective for identifying precancer or cancer. Colon cancer is a serious disease, and it is recommended to take initiative and get screened in time. But can the Cologuard Test really help you to prevent this dangerous condition? Are there any other better options? We will answer these and many other important questions further in this review.

It is vital to mention that this kind of test has been approved by the FDA since 2014. Today, it can be prescribed by any licensed healthcare provider who believes that you have to screen for colon cancer. It is claimed on the official website of the product that Cologuard works with the use of "advanced DNA technology". It helps to identify any abnormal cells in the lining of your colon. These precancerous or cancerous cells can be found in your stool, so there is no need to use colonoscopy. Thus, the Cologuard Test can identify colon cancer long before it increases in severity or even enters the bloodstream. Let's take a look at the features of this test deeper, as well as at some customer reviews found online.

Customer Reviews - Does Cologuard Test Really Work?

Unlike colonoscopy that involves inserting a thin camera into your large intestine, Cologuard detects abnormal cells via DNA screening. In other words, it is a genetic test that identifies DNA mutations acquired in cells lining the colon in the course of time. These mutations can be associated with the presence of colon cancer or high risk of its further development. You should be aware of the fact that the test does not provide information about DNA changes (inherited or acquired). After discussing your risk level for the disease with your doctor, they will order the kit. The order will be shipped directly to your door. When you receive it, open and unzip the bag carefully. The contents will include a collection container, preservative, plastic bracket, tube and probe, and detailed Patient Guide.

You can find a number of customer reviews about the Cologuard Test online. According to the reviews of real patients, the Cologuard collection process is very simple and involves four steps. The first one is called "Sit" and involves sitting on the toilet, making a bowel movement directly into the container and placing it onto the counter. The second step presupposes the use of the attached probe for scraping the surface of the stool sample. Put the probe back into the tube. The third step involves soaking of the stool with special preservative. Make sure that you have pressed the lid tightly enough. Finally, ship the sample to the lab by filling out both labels (your date of birth, full name, and the sample collection time and date. Wrap one label around the tube and place the other one on the container's lid. The Cologuard's lab has to receive your sample within 72 hours of collection, so it is recommended to use prepaid shipment companies. You will be informed of your test results within two weeks.

As it was already mentioned, some websites contain solid patient reviews about the Cologuard Test. It seems that some of HighYa readers have ordered it. There are a dozen of testimonials, the majority of which have a positive character. The users of the test make it clear that screening provides accurate results. The test is easy to use and is said to be worth the money it costs. Anyone with positive testing results should confirm them with a colonoscopy, while those with negative results should be regularly screened in future. Even though the pricing of the product is about $600 per patient, the majority of customers claim that it is worth tis money. Besides, the procedure itself is very simple and convenient - it does not involve a painful and unpleasant procedure of colonoscopy.

"Cologuard Test is very accurate and non-invasive. I chose it due to my age mostly. I am 50 and a few months ago and did this test. I received the results in two weeks, and my doctor told me that the test was positive. I had a colonoscopy that found and removed nine polyps. The prep work for colonoscopy was terrible and I would not wish the same to anyone. A pure screening test is much more pleasant. I would recommend getting a Cologuard test before colonoscopy if necessary."

"What I like about the Cologuard Test the most is that it was very easy to do. It was recommended to me by my doctor, and my insurance, Aetna HMO, covered it completely. I followed all the instructions when taking the test, and sent it to the lab immediately. In two weeks I got the results and, fortunately, they were negative. I would recommend this test to my friends."

"I heard about the Cologuard Test from my friend and I asked my doctor about it, as I was going to have a full colonoscopy. My doctor ordered it. I didn't have to arrange my visit to a hospital, wait for a long time to check-in, drink the horrible thick purge liquid, spend a few hours on a toilet and form hemorrhoids. With this kind of test I just stayed at home and did a simple procedure. Nevertheless, I will have to get a full colonoscopy due to a positive test result."

My Final Summary

The Cologuard Test is undoubtedly a good way to check whether you are subjected to the risk of colon cancer, but it has to be avoided by some categories of people. According to the manufacturer, their test should not be used by individuals with a history of polyps or colon cancer, IBD, a family history of colon cancer and certain hereditary cancer syndromes. Before the procedure it is recommended to talk to your doctor. The test itself has a number of advantages. It is convenient and easy to do due to the applied instructions.

The Cologuard Test's results are usually very accurate. A 10,000-patient clinical study showed that the test found 92% of colon cancers and 69% of high-risk precancers. Such patients need to take a colonoscopy and start the treatment as soon as possible. If you are concerned about the chance of developing colon cancer, I would recommend you to get screened with a Cologuard Test. You will get the results in about two weeks.

Cologuard Test Pricing and Rates

If you would like to buy the Cologuard Test, its maximum cost is $649. According to the product's official website, more than 30 states have mandated insurance companies that cover colon cancer screening tests for their patients. This includes Medicare and many private insurers. If you have any questions about coverage, pricing, or anything else, you can contact the customer service department of the Exact Science Corporation's by calling at 844-870-8870.