Color Doctor Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Color Doctor

It is important to maintain optimal health to you, so you may want to learn more about an efficient portable blood pressure monitor that is able to read your blood pressure easily and almost instantly. This device is called Color Doctor. According to the manufacturer, it uses a comprehensive color-coded system that responds in less than one minute. All you will need to do is just strap the unit to your wrist and press the Start button. You will immediately see that the screen displays one of the next results. Green means that your blood pressure is normal and that you are in good condition. Yellow indicates that your blood pressure is a bit higher than normal, thus you will need to be careful. Red means that your blood pressure is extremely high. The device can also detect an irregular heartbeat!

It is a fact that Color Doctor can store up to 90 readings including date and time for two individuals. This information can be shared with your doctor who will help you to prevent serious heart problems and to treat the current ones. It should be understood that high blood pressure is the major cause of stroke and heart attack, so this is not an issue for jokes. The positive moment in all this is that if you want to control this aspect of your health, you should get a portable blood pressure monitor as soon as possible. But should you choose Color Doctor over many other blood pressure monitors available on the market? Does it really perform as claimed by the manufacturer? Is it worth the money it costs? Let's find answers to these questions by taking a look at the work of this minicomputer and the customer reviews it is associated with.

Customer Reviews - Does Color Doctor Really Work?

To find out whether the device works accurately, we won't go into deep detail here, but we will discuss it in a nutshell. Unlike traditional blood pressure monitors, Color Doctor works with the use of built-in sensors. It straps to your wrist and monitors your heart's vibrations from local arteries. The device does not limit blood flow with a cuff. It belongs to the group of wrist blood pressure monitors. Wrist-based models have been on the market for a long period of time but the American Heart Association seems to recommend an upper arm model for more exact results. Nevertheless, Consumer Reports claims that wrist BP monitors demonstrate no less accurate results than those offered by the other models. If you wish to get more accurate reading, it is recommended by Mayo Clinic to place your wrist at heart level. The accuracy can also be affected by such important factors as proper wrist positioning and cuff fitting. When buying the Color Doctor, ensure that the monitor has been validated, tested, and approved by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation or any other validation organization. Based on the claims found on the official website, this device was properly tested and studied, so it can be trusted completely.

You can find a great number of customer reviews about the device online, not only on the official website but also on other independent sites on the Internet. One customer reports that when he received his device, he was doubtful whether it was giving him the right data. That is why he took it with him on his next doctor's appointment. The doctor checked and tested it properly and said that it really worked well. The man was very happy that his new blood pressure monitor was accurate and efficient. By the way, according to his words, it is very easy to use and does cost its price. The customer highly recommends this unit to everyone! Another monitor user (this time a woman) confirms the claim that Color Doctor gives clear accurate readings. Besides, it has compact size and comes with a case so she can take it with her when travelling. It is also light weight which makes it easy to carry anywhere you go. In addition, the woman loves that her blood pressure monitor allows her to set her local date and time. The monitor does not feel heavy on the wrist and has buttons that are very easy to press. The device features an adjustable strap that provides it with comfortable position around her wrist. Let us take a look at the actual and unbiased customer reviews left online to see what kind of experience they have had with the product.

"ColorDoctor is my best buy within the last several years online. It shows very accurate results. Even though I have used it for more than a year, it still works as new. What I really appreciate about this device is that it is easy to use. My blind sister also uses it. It is lightweight and is not even felt on the wrist. I have told the numbers to my doctor a few times, which is very convenient. I would recommend this device to my friends."

"I have used my Colordoctor for the past week and it appears to tell me the numbers I need to know, including Pulse, Blood Pressure, heart rates, as well as high or low BP. It is able to store information about two people. The device fits perfectly on my wrist. Once I took my device and went to the doctor. I was shocked to see that it was exactly what my doctor got on is arm. We are all people who have the right to control our health. The device is easy to use, has a low price and is highly efficient."

"I purchased Color Doctor for my father who suffers from CHF. The automatic device perfectly fits his arm and always produces a consistent and exact report. He likes my purchase for the ease of use, that it does not slip from his wrist and that it has only one button to operate. He has tested it enough to say with confidence that its readings are pretty consistent. All in all, it is a worthy machine for people concerned about their blood pressure. It is also accurate when it comes to pulse rate."

My Final Summary

The device offers a number of advantages. It is wrist blood pressure monitor that provides reading results really fast. It comes with easy but at the same time informative instructions, so you can use it step by step. The strap wraps around the human wrist firmly and easily. The strap has strong Velcro. It is easy to adjust strap for the device to fits any adult despite their shape and age. The number display is large enough, which can be an important issue for people with eyesight problems. This small unit can be taken with you wherever you go. It also comes with a hard case.

If you need a device that will help you to understand where your blood pressure stands in a fast and easy way, I think Color Doctor can be beneficial in achieving this. This unique product has been used by hundreds of people and is associated with numerous positive reviews. It means that the customers highly appreciate their purchases. I would also recommend Color Doctor because it performs up to the highest standard for little money.

Color Doctor Pricing and Rates

One unit costs $19.99 plus $9.99 shipping. You can buy a second unit at checkout for an additional $9.99 fee. The device is available on the official website, as well as on a number of retail stores. Each purchase comes with a 30-day refund policy and a free travel case. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can ship it back to the manufacturer. If you want to ask questions or request a refund, just call the customer service at 855-668-1655.