Color Genomics Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Color Genomics

Color Genomics is a genetics company that offers saliva-based tests able to analyze 30 genes within the human body. Those genes can influence such types of hereditary cancer as BRCA1 and BRCA2. The company deals with selling genetic predisposition tests, focused on hereditary cancer. The founders of the company are Elad Gil and Othman Laraki who used their experience they acquired at Google, Twitter, and Microsoft as well as Gil's doctorate in cancer biology. Their genetic cancer screening test was introduced in 2015. Since then the test has evolved from the analysis of nineteen genes to evaluate the risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer, to analyzing thirty genes leading to mutations. The latter can undoubtedly increase the risk of developing diverse types of cancer. The main goal of the company is to reduce the cost of genetic cancer screening through providing their services. The Color Genomics has recently secured $45,000,000 in funding in the way to this goal.

Thus, if you have a family history of pancreatic, ovarian, breast, colon, and other cancers, ask your physician to order the Color test for you as part of your treatment plan. If cancer is detected early enough, this kind of testing can increase your chances for improved health and even survival. The Color process works in five steps. You will need to buy your kit, but this is your physician who needs to order it. After it is delivered to your door, activate your kit online, leave your saliva sample in the tube, and send it to the company. Your results will be reviewed by a certified medical specialist who will send you an email about a suggestion to make an appointment with a board-certified Color genetic counselor (in case if anything bad is founded). Based on your results, your physician will create a screening or prevention plan for you. Compared to other services offering genetic testing, Color Genomics claims that their expert team and custom software can provide you with clinical-grade genetic testing at a lower price. Is this kind of testing worth paying the money? Are there any other companies offering the services of the kind? Let's investigate the most important questions associated with cancer screening.

Customer Reviews - Does Color Genomics Really Work?

As it was already mentioned, the Color Genomics cancer screen must be ordered by your physician. This can be done online or via fax. Then the kit is shipped to your door. When you receive your kit, you will need to refrain from drinking or eating, smoking, brushing your teeth, or chewing a gum for minimum 30 minutes before taking the test. To do it, remove the tube from the clear tray and what you will need to do is to spit into the funnel until the saliva reaches the line named "Fill To". You may need several minutes. Close the funnel lid for preservation fluid being released into the tube. Replace the original lid with the separate blue lid. After that log on to the Color official website in order to link your sample to your account. Send your sample to the given address by dropping the box in any USPS mailbox. It includes pre-paid postage. You are expected to get an email when your sample arrives at the lab; but the results will be ready in about two weeks. According to Color Genomics, the quality of your sample will be checked several times as it moves through the process. In some cases, it may not pass because of lack of DNA data or contamination (bacteria, food, etc.). If this occurs, the company will contact you to discuss the next steps.

There are many customer reviews about Color Genomics online. The majority of them are positive in character. These tests are highly appreciated by the users and are said to be worth the money. Compared to other genetic testing companies, Color Genomics is a newer one in the industry. It launched in 2015 with the only purpose: to decrease the cost of genetic cancer screening and to increase access to this procedure. As far as it is known, the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes can significantly increase a risk of a woman to be diagnosed with breast cancer. Even though the medical community lacks knowledge about the majority of these genes, their testing helps to notice mutations in these structures. These might be a cause for alarm. Besides, the company has board-certified genetic counselors that can enter explain your screening results to you. These genetic testing services are recommended to all patients. Taking saliva genetic tests pose no risk to the patient's health but they can reveal potential issues effectively. Let us take a look at the real customers' reviews online.

"I am glad that I took the Color Genomics test. All of its limitations and benefits were well explained at definite points during the process. Now I am aware of my cancer risk, even though the report itself didn't include too much information. It contained no specific genetic variants in the genes that were analyzed. However, the test helps to find out whether these variants may lead to the development of cancer or not. This experience made me more informed about my cancer risks and about the link between the disease and genetics."

"I found a lot of information about the Color Genomics test on their official website. I read that the test would analyze my DNA and show me my genetic risks of developing any of the eight types of cancer. So, I decided to give it a try together with my doctor. The report did not show any mutations associated with a higher risk of getting cancer and now I feel really happy. I also heard that Angelina Jolie took a similar test several years ago. My doctor was satisfied with the process of taking the test. I also received a consultation with a genetic counselor."

"The ordering experience with Color Genomics was very straightforward. There were a few images of the kit and the components included in it. The video showed how exactly to collect my saliva sample, so it wasn't difficult at all. I ordered the kit for myself but my physician approved my decision. I paid $9.95 for shipping, the return cost was included. When activating the test, I was shown a video made to help me prepare for getting my results. The company kept me feeling informed and supported during the whole the process."

My Final Summary

Genes are numerous letters of DNA long, and is a mutation occurs in one letter it can influence your health significantly. In fact, many doctors note that 80% of inherited conditions occur in families without a history of the disease. That is why it is highly important to undergo a genetic screen from a reputable company like Color Genomics. It should be remembered that their tests will let you know if you have any of 30 genetic mutations.

If you are considering a Color Genomics genetic screen testing, discuss the situation with your doctor. In most cases, it is your physician who will need to order the test for you. Remember to discuss all the pros and cons with your doctor associated with the test. According to many customer reviews online, people are happy that they took the Color Genomics test. Taking into account the benefits of this test, I do recommend Color Genomics.

Color Genomics Pricing and Rates

The Color cancer screening kit will cost you $249. If any genetic mutations are detected, the company has partnered with the BCRA Foundation to offer testing to adult children, siblings, and parents for $50, plus shipping. The company also offers a 30-day refund policy on their products and less a $25 cancellation fee. If you cannot afford the Color screen, their Every Woman Program may helpful. If you have questions, contact Color Genomics customer service by calling at (844) 362-6567 or