Comfort Cube Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Comfort Cube

Whether you're in class, at work, or at home, a high-quality, lightweight desk toy called Comfort Cube will help you relax, focus, and relieve your possible emotional stress. It works by allowing you to focus your attention at flipping, clicking, gliding, rolling spinning, and breathing. This stress toy is a desk gadget designed to increase your focus, reduce stress, and promote relaxation. It can be used in different situations, for example, when you are heading into a stressful work meeting, or feeling excited about some trip. Due to its small size and light weight design, you can take it with you wherever you go. It can be conveniently stored in your kitchen cabinet or desk drawer. Or you can bring it along with you in a pocket, purse, or even the counsel of your car. It is about 1.5 ounces and 1.3 inches on each side, which makes it easy and comfortable to play with for both school kids and adults.

If you are reading this article, you probably know that the modern market offers some other devices of the kind. Which one is the best for your individual needs? Is Comfort Cube a high-quality product? Is it worth your hard-earned money? Well, we will take a look at the key facts about this product and its competition. Actually, this device offers number of the following fidget factors. You can use it for clicking due to five dots on a die - two soft buttons and three clicker buttons. You can flip a long switch moving back and forth in a quiet manner. It creates a more distinct sound when flipped quickly. The device allows rolling a clickable ball and three mechanical gears. These will undoubtedly satisfy your need for rolling motions. There is also a gaming joystick with 360-degree movement. You can spin a rotating dial. Finally, one side of the Comfort Cube features a thumb-shaped indentation for you to rub it for relaxation. Thus, you can simply breathe deeply and slowly if you are worrying.

Customer Reviews - Does Comfort Cube Really Work?

It was found out by our team that the original version of this device was Fidget Cube that was developed by Antsy Labs in October 2016 via a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign. It quickly became popular and even earned about $6.5 million in just a month. Comfort Cube is very similar to this device, which why it has gained great popularity despite its young age. There are some other third-party brands on the market but Comfort Cube seems to offer better fidgeting functionality. According to numerous customer reviews online, it provides all possible motions to satisfy the need of an individual to use their fingers in different activities. Thus, it provides a total of eight different fidgeting options which can be used depending on the situation and your individual preferences. As the majority of users report, Comfort Cube is able to effectively improve their focus. They appreciate the fact that the device costs less money than other gadgets of the kind. This product is able to deliver real-world benefits, which is why is so popular among people.

The device has its own official website that claims that, according to a recent study, using Comfort Cube can dramatically improve performance at work and at studying. A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine in 2015 found that the toy can also reduce the risk of mortality associated with different causes including excessive sitting time. It means that fidgeting can increase your length of life even if you sit a lot. In 2016, the Comfort Cube was associated with enhancing heart health, as well as improving blood circulation, helping children with ADHD increase focus, and improving the ability to perform in memory tests. It can be concluded that the device is not just a toy but it is an effective means of improving human health. However, there is lack of clinical evidence provided on authoritative websites. Nevertheless, the customers still report that this fidgeting cube helped them to improve focus, to relieve stress and promote relaxation. They also claim that that the device helped them to decrease anxiety and nervousness. The greatest advantage about this device is that you can use it virtually anywhere - at the office, home, and even in soccer practice. It is ideal for all age groups. Let us check out some of the reviews from recent customers online.

"I have suffered from horrible anxiety since I remember myself and I tried many methods of decreasing this unpleasant feeling. This was until I saw Comfort Cube on the Internet! I immediately fell in love with my new gadget. I don't bite my nails anymore and my anxiety in cars has decreased significantly. I even managed to lose some weight as I substituted my habit of eating late with a habit to play with the cube. I also started sleeping much better."

"Due to the Comfort Cube I no longer bite my nails or shake my foot when I am driving with my father. I don't feel anxiety when I go to the mall. This little cube really changed my life within a week. I have not had a panic attack since buying my mechanical friend. Most of all, I like three clicker buttons and the flip function. When I am too stressed I need to flip a switch faster creating a calming sound. I am very grateful to the founders of this magic cube! I do recommend it to my friends."

"I instantly fell in love with the Comfort Cube because it is simply pleasant to play with. It also helps me to remember how to breathe correctly. Proper breathing helps me to ease anxiety and stress. It also keeps my hands busy during work meetings I hate. I have also noticed that the cube made me more focused. It has an impressive design that makes me to stay entertained all the time. I also use all the other motion provided by the product."

My Final Summary

Summing up, it is necessary to say that the Comfort Cube offers a lot of benefits to people who live in a more stressful world. This device proves to effectively reduce stress levels and improve your focus. It is highly appreciated by numerous users in the country. This method is not associated with any side effects, on the contrary, it is enjoyable to use every day. If you often feel stressed and are looking for emotional relief on a daily basis, this toy may be the right choice for you.

Comfort Cube is a unique way to deal with stress and to make you healthier. Due to its unique design, the cube offers eight different stress-relieving options to meet the needs by almost everyone. The device helps to relax, stay focused and simply entertained. It is lightweight and mobile, so you can take it anywhere, anytime. The absence of adverse side effects makes it just perfect to use by anyone. Considering these factors and product's functionality, I would recommend this stress relief solution.

Comfort Cube Pricing and Rates

One can purchase the Comfort Cube only online, for example, from the product's official website at The best bargain is a two pack at $50 and free shipping. Otherwise you will have to pay $29 for one device with $4.95 shipping. You may also opt to purchase a three pack for $20 each and free shipping ($60 in total). According to the Comfort Cube's website, all refunds or warranty replacements are subject to a 30% restocking fee. For more detail call the customer support at 877-919-9286. You will like to talk to the pleasant representative who will inform you that refunds are available within 30 days of purchase.