Cop Cam Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Cop Cam

Cop Cam is a mini security camera manufactured by a well-known company called Atomic Beam that is also known for a number of many other products. This is a wireless camera that has a rather high rating among its customers. It can can be used as a home security camera since it features an expensive hard-wired system. It is a rechargeable camera that measures less than one square inch! It can boast having high definition, so it can record full HD video. This camera is also equipped with a powerful microphone that is irreplaceable for recording good-quality audio. Cop Cam is able to record in the daylight and in the dark. It has motion detection system. It means that this camera is automatically activated by any motion and starts recording. It makes it especially convenient to use for home security goals. Other security cameras often show hours of useless footage. Cop Cam features an included swivel clip that can be attached to the unit in order to turn Cop Cam into an HD dash cam. This mini action camera includes one swivel clip, one USB charging cable, one wall mount, and an 8GB SD card. It is priced from $34.99 and is available from many online sellers.

Customer Reviews - Does Cop Cam Really Work?

It can be very expensive to get a hard-wired hidden security camera and have it installed in your home. Cop Cam by Atomic Beam is an affordable solution that will help you to keep an eye on your home. During our research of this camera, we have encountered a great number of testimonials left by the actual users of this cam. While some of them are positive, there are also negative opinions. The majority of customers claim that it is a high-quality product that is worth the money it costs, but there are few reviewers who did not like the cheapness of the cam and the low-quality construction. Let us try to define the positive sides of the device. What most users appreciate about this mini security camera is that it very small and measures less than one square inch. It can be easily hidden virtually anywhere, for example, you can hide it on a shelf or fix it to the wall. The camera records in HD video and features a microphone to record in the audio of high quality. It is recommended to review state and local laws of your jurisdiction about the use of a video recording unit.

Another thing appreciated by many users of this wireless security camera is the function of night vision. Not all home security cameras can be used for recording in the dark part of the day. But Cop Cam is a win-win in this aspect. It features six red infrared LED lights that will give you an opportunity to record even in pitch blackness. The infrared LEDs emit light that is absolutely invisible to the human eye, so burglars, trespassers, and other criminals will have no idea that they are being observed. Night vision in this camera equally works outdoors and indoors. The next positive moment about Cop Cam is the fact that it is equipped with a high definition camera. It can record in HD video and good audio for ideal footage. It is a motion activated camera, so it starts recording once it detects motion. It also automatically stops recording when the motion is no longer detected. With this cam you can forget about uneventful footage. According to many customer reviews, Cop Cam is more than just a security camera. It comes with a swivel clip that needs to be turned into a powerful dash cam whenever you wish to upload your videos to another device such as your computer.

The product is 3 x 7 x 10 inches. Its weight is just 6.4 ounces. For warranty information you will need to contact the manufacturer of Cop Cam. If your purchase doesn't meet your expectations or if you experience any technical problems with it, you can return it to the company and get a refund. This product has a rather reasonable price when compared to the competition. The users of the cam add that it can be used for making pics, but the quality of pics may be rather low, unlike the quality of the video and audio. Cop Cam can operate twenty feet away, which is quite good for a camera of this kind. It is weather proof, unless it is directly subjected to the rain or snow. Usually, even in bad weather the quality of the videos is pretty good. One customer complained that the cam only records in five-minute intervals; however, the sound is very clear. The product comes with easy-to-understand instructions. You get a good unit for $30.00. It is pretty cheap.

One woman reports that she bought Cop Cam to use it as a home security system and, according to her words, it works perfectly. It picks up motion activity pretty well. The woman cannot understand why there are so many negative reviews about this device online. It is an ideal security system for her home. The price is good too. It should be added that the product arrived well-packed in the box. The camera itself is easy to operate. Here are some more testimonials from actual buyers of Cop Cam.

"I got Cop Cam for an RC airplane. This camera is associated with a lot of bad reviews, but I am not sure why. The unit I received works well, it records good videos. Besides, it is super light and very small in size. When I received it I immediately started testing it and it was very easy to use. It is not difficult to use when uploading the videos onto the computer. Thank you for such a reasonably-priced cam."

"I have read some negative responses about Cop Cam but I did not believe them and still decided to give it a try. I must say I feel blessed with this cam. I am satisfied with just everything - picture clarity, good sound and audio. It resets every three minutes. Before going out, you can verbally say the date and time, and the cam will hear you. Stopping it, repeat the procedure. In this way, you will have an accurate record. This cam is really good for the money."

"I gave Cop Cam as a gift to my son last Christmas and he was very impressed with it. He says it delivers good video and it is a good product in general. He uses it in his car. I do recommend this mini camera to everyone. It is not expensive."

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learned about Cop Cam, this mini camera seems to be a worthy product. It can be used at home, in the car in the trip or anywhere you wish. It is only one square inch in size, so it can be easily concealed or attached to the furniture or clothing with the included swivel clip. In order to start recording you will just need to press one button or set the motion sensor to activate a the function when movement is detected by the unit. The cam is equipped with a microphone that perfectly records audio. The device picks up video in clear HD and can even record in the dark due to its night vision LEDs. Cop Cam can be a useful piece of security equipment, since it includes a memory card for uploading footage to another device. The camera features 140-degree visual range. Whenever you need a small yet good camera for your home, sports, traveling or housekeeping, be sure, Cop Cam is a great option. Taking into account all pros and cons it has, we do recommend this camera to usage.

Cop Cam Pricing and Rates

Cop Cam can be purchased from a great number of retail stores online. Amazon sells this portable mini hidden spy camera with motion detection and night vision f(Black (with 32 GB Card) at the price of $34.99. The product costs $39.99 on Walmart. It is up to you to decide where to buy this camera.