Copper Chef Set Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Copper Chef Set

Copper Chef Set includes a brand new nonstick 9.5 Inches Deep Square Pan and premium accessories for cooking your food! One griddle consists of six cooking features and can be used as a replacement for your rice cooker, stock pot, frying pan, baking pan, roasting pan, and wok. It broils, sautes, bakes, fries, braises and steams foods. It works perfectly in the oven and on all stovetops. Copper Chef Square Pan features lead and stainless steel hollow handles that are high temperatures resistant up to 850 degrees F. CeramiTech Ceramic coating is scratch resistant and non-stick, which allows anyone prepare meals with minimal amount of oil, butter, or grease. There is no need to apply high temperatures with the frypan, as it has stainless steel induction plate that is built directly into the pan. This helps to distribute high heat to the entire cooking surface evenly and quickly.

According to the manufacturer, the cookware in the kit is safe for children and adults. It is made from the non-toxic materials and is 100% free of PFOA and PTF. In this was the company's Multi-Functional Set includes 9.5 Deep Square Fry Pan with glass lid; handle steamer rack with legs, fry basket and an exclusive recipe book to help you start your culinary adventure. The pan works on all stove tops, including electric, gas, induction cooking surfaces and glass top. The skillet with its stainless steel hollow handles is oven-safe and high temperatures safe. In fact, it is heat resistant up to 850 degrees F. The advanced Cerami Tech non-stick coating allows you to bake, broil, saute, steam, fry, or braise your food with limited amount of oil, butter, or grease. Nothing is expected to stick to the surface of the pan. It is claimed to be very durable due to the five-layer construction. It provides great heat distribution and thermal conductivity. There is high temp outer and nonstick base and stain resistant coating, which makes meal preparation healthier, easier, and more mess free!

Customer Reviews - Does Copper Chef Set Really Work?

Copper Chef Set has a lot of benefits. The kitchenware is made from non-toxic materials and does not contain PFOA or PTFE. It was designed to replace all your cooking needs for many utensils and pots, like wok, deep fryer, baking dish, rice cooker, roasting pan, stock pot and steamer. With all these cooking features in one deep frying pan, you can prepare any dish you love, from stew to soup to main desserts and dishes. Pizza, pasta, french fries, fried cheese, crispy chicken, risotto, pancakes, cake and various exquisite recipes can be easily cooked with Copper Chef Set. Stainless steel induction plate is built into the bottom of the saucepan for proper heat conduction and faster cooking. It is extra-large (4.5 qt.) and has a special square shape to provide up to 25% more cooking space. It comes in handy for both small and big families. It can even be used when cooking for one individual. Every home chef will like the idea of easy and less time-consuming crockery cleaning. It can be just placed into the dishwasher or cleaned by hand.

Copper Chef 9.5 Inches Diameter Deep Square Pan features a steamer rack to prepare healthy meals in a snap; an oven safe tempered glass lid; fry basket designed to cook tasty crispiness of frying without the use of grease; and a specially created cookbook from culinary expert and chef Eric Theiss. You are going to get an exclusive collection of delicious recipes that can be cooked with Copper Chef Set. Ceramic non-stick coating will provide you with easy clean up, as well as the ability to cook without oil or butter. With the Stainless Steel Induction Plate you can forget about hot spots, as a result your dishes will be evenly cooked. The set is heat resistant up to 800 degrees. It is also dishwasher safe.

There are many customer reviews about this set on third-party websites. Most testimonials are positive in character. People like the functionality and quality of the product a lot. They note that even the handles are heat resistant and can be used in the oven. They report that nothing sticks to the surface. Another advantage is that the utensils come with the set as well as a cook book. The buyers appreciate the fact that the set comes with a fry basket, steamer tray, and four utensils. Some people report that they have used these items for a year or more on a regular basis. The ceramic coating stays in good condition. If you are not pleased with a pan for any reason, the company will gladly replace it but you will have to ship it back at your own expense. Frying eggs has never been easier and more pleasant. You will just need to heat the empty pan on low to medium heat, then crack the eggs and let them fry. There is no need to flip them. When the eggs are done you just "shake" the pan back and forth, and the eggs just slid off onto the plate.

As it was already mentioned, the majority of customer reviews are positive in character. Let us take a look at some of them. They say that the Copper Chef Set does everything as claimed on the official website. It also works well with an induction burner. Inside of the pot the rivets are rounded and smooth for easy cleaning. There is no need to worry that the handle may come loose. The squared shape of the pan is very interesting. In general, the set is reported to do everything it says. It provides even cooking but, it is important to read the usage directions not to apply too high heat. This may lead to uneven cooking. Besides, the pan may get discolored. The pan can make the steaks very beautiful and tasty. This also cleans up easily. Most users highly recommend the set saying that it is worth the money it costs. It is also time-saving if you follow the instructions. Everything you cook is claimed to slip out of the pan. Them you can clean it up with a paper towel, which is fast and easy. If the pan is too dirty you can run it in your dishwasher. Because of the easy cleaning, the dishwasher is usually not necessary. Let us take a look at the actual customer reviews found online.

"I love Copper Chef Set very much! I make almost everything in it. I had to get used to one thing, though - using it with less or no liquid at all. It simply doesn't need it! I baked mac and cheese (with panko, bacon, and extra cheeses) and it was ideal! I must admit that this pot reduces the preparation time of my dishes, since I do everything in one pot now. Within almost two months of regular use, this pot has met my expectations and makes my cooking time much more enjoyable."

"I am pleased with Copper Chef Set. I decided to try it out right after I received my purchase. I had to see whether it really worked as well as advertised on the official website. I took a big chicken and prepared my Greek Chicken. Usually this dish is associated with a major mess that needs a lot of cleaning up. I put the Chicken in it, put the top on and placed it in the oven for 1-1/2 hours. It came out just amazing. The meat fell off the bone well but the best part was that I was able to strip the meat off the bone right in the pan. There was no sticking, no mess, and I was able to clean it with no effort. I do recommend this product to everyone. You will not regret buying it."

"Copper Chef Set is perfect cookware. I use this pan every day, even twice a day. It cooks great and cleans up easily too. With this set I can cook hamburgers, egg fritatta, pork roast, stroganoff, soups, nachos (yeppers!), stews, NY strip, cobblers, chicken breasts, casseroles. This pan can handle almost anything. I do recommend it to everyone."

My Final Summary

Summing everything up, Copper Chef Set appears to be a worthy purchase for almost every customer. It includes Pan, Steam Rack, Fry Basket, Glass Lid, and Recipe Book. The product was designed with a stainless steel induction plate, so it can be used for cooking on any surface PTFE, PFOA, and PFOS-Free. The product features five-layer construction and a non-stick ceramic coating. Aluminum Core provides great heat distribution and thermal conductivity. There is also high temperature exterior coating and stainless steel induction base that heats up faster, thus, cooks food faster too. The pan cooks evenly, even in the corners. With all this in mind, I do recommend Copper Chef Set to buying.

Copper Chef Set Pricing and Rates

Copper Chef 5 Piece Cookware Set includes 9.5" Deep Square Frying Pan with non-stick ceramic coating, Steamer Rack, Fry Basket, Glass Lid, and Recipe Book. It can be bought at the price of $48.94 plus free shipping. The set may include ten pieces and costs $81.11.