Copper Crisper Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Copper Crisper

The Copper Crisper is a great innovative fryer that prepares delicious fried foods and can be used in the oven. The device consists of a raised mesh tray and a ceramic lower cookie sheet. This allows cooking foods evenly. Due to the special construction of the mesh copper tray, ventilation of food is possible. This provides a thorough cooking; as a result, you get crispy tasty food. What makes this food special is that it is not fried like on the frying-pan. It is a well-known fact that fried foods are harmful for the human health and should be avoided by people with certain health problems. The Copper Crisper creates dishes which have a very similar taste of those cooked on a frying pan. So, if you love fried foods but you want not to harm your health, this device is for you. Ventilation does not allow foods to get burnt or soaked with fat and oil.

As you can see, Copper Crisper works by ventilating the food that is being cooked. Small mesh wires are located between the oven and the food, so the bottom of food cooks at the same speed as the tops. The elevation of the device allows the heat to work in the upper levels of the oven and beneath the food for you to enjoy the best results. This is a perfect fryer for those who wants to eat healthier foods, but likes fried and baked foods. The Copper Crisper will provide you with crispy, evenly cooked foods that taste like they are just out of the fryer. You can cook food on this device without the use of any oil. You dishes will be tasty and well-cooked due to the unique elevated nonstick tray. But even if you are using oil, the tray beneath will catch all grease and drippings. It is important to note that the aluminum tray may heat up to 850 degrees. It works well on electric, ceramic, gas, and induction stovetops.

Customer Reviews - Does Copper Crisper Really Work?

You can encounter a great number of testimonials from people who have tried this device in their real life. These reviews are positive mostly. The users are happy with the unique construction of the Copper Crisper that has an elevated mesh crisping tray and allows heat to circulate in the oven. The users receive well-cooked, crispy and extremely delicious dishes. They like the fact that they don't need to turn or flip their food and it won't get burnt. The fryer cooks food at 360 Degrees evenly on all sides. There is no need to add butter or oil, which means that one consumes less calories and less fat. The device is also perfect on the outdoor grill. The users are also provided with Copper Chef Bake and Grill Mats that are heat proof up to 500 degrees. Due to the grade non-stick coating food doesn't stick to the mat.

At the same time, aluminum foil and cookie can be used for preparing baked foods faster. There are also outdoor deep grill ridges, which are several times higher than traditional grill pans. Your food will get nice grill marks too, which is another advantage of this device. Copper Chef Grill Mat is nonstick that makes outdoor grilling easier, faster, and stress-free. It is also easy to clean after usage.

The main thing that most people like about the Copper Crisper is that this fryer simultaneously cooks all sides of food. The secret lies in the elevated mesh tray that lets heated air circulate around all 360 degrees. You can forget about flipping your food with no fear to burn it! No grease and crumbs drop inside the oven because a non-stick cookie sheet catches drips, crumbs, and splatters. The oven always stays safe and clean. The best way to learn whether the product is worth buying is to take a look at the testimonials left by real users online.

"I love fried foods, but I have high levels of cholesterol in my blood. It was good news for me to find out that Copper Crisper does not have a negative impact on this body index. So, I decided to give it a try, especially after I read many positive reviews about this device. The parcel arrived really fast and I immediately started experimenting. It works just like said on the official website. Once, I forgot about my food being cooked in the oven, I ran to check it but it wasn't even burnt or got stuck. The device cleans very easy and its quality is good."

"I am very happy with CopperCrisper set! I often cook frozen French fries and I am satisfied with the results of using this device. The potatoes are more brown, crispier, and aren't "limp" like they used to be on the cookie sheet. It is also a great way to prepare crispy chicken. There is no need to use oil. I love the easy clean up too. I am going to buy another one for my parents. I am sure they will appreciate such a present."

"Copper Crisper does work as advertised on the official website of the company. Both the bottom pan and the basket are non-stick. I like the basket more as it doesn't require turning the foods over during the cooking process. I am glad with the size of the pan too. Nothing sticks; even fried eggs just slide out. There is nothing easier than to clean this fryer. It is dishwasher safe too. This product is worth the money. I have no complaints at all. I have all reasons to give 5 stars to this product."

My Final Summary

I can certainly recommend buying and using the Copper Crisper due to the number of benefits it offers. This is perfect fryer for people who are tired of burnt bottoms of foods. However, the biggest benefit of this product is that it allows cooking fried foods completely with no need to use oil. As a result, you receive delicious and healthy dishes. The device has a lot of positive reviews from real customers. Most users are happy with the product, mainly due to its unique mesh design. The Copper Crisper allows the heat in the oven to circulate well over the food, preparing every part of the food evenly, so that you could enjoy perfectly crispy dishes.

The best part about the Copper Crisper is that you can eat tasty fried food from the oven without the feeling of guilt that comes with high-calorie food cooked on a frying pan with a big amount of oil or fat. You can use the device for baking too, but you won't have to worry that your foods will get burnt on the bottom. One of the biggest benefits of this fryer is that it requires no flipping. The foods come out evenly cooked or baked. The Copper Crisper allows health conscious people to get delicious food with no need to sacrifice their health goals. Hurry up to buy your Copper Crisper today.

Where To Buy Copper Crisper In Stores?

The Copper Crisper is available on its company's official website and Amazon. At present, the fryer is available for only $19.99, plus $7.99 (shipping and handling). You can additionally buy the ceramic tray ($7.99). The product can be also bought from retail stores.