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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Corona Familiar

Corona Familiar is a beer designed to be poured into glasses and drunk together with your closest friends and family. It has a long history in Mexico as one of the most traditional beers in the country that is packaged in a classic brown bottle that is popular in Mexico. It is a bright lager, golden in color with a clean taste finished with a slight hop bitterness. The delicate head and light carbonation make this beer an ideal addition to different Mexican dishes. You can enjoy this refreshing beverage at your next barbecue in the backyard, with family and friends while watching the game, or when spending time at the beach. Alcohol content of Corona Familiar is 6.0%. ABV is 4.8%. It tastes so much better when served chilled. This sort of beer has very high customer reputation online. The main difference between Corona Familiar and regular Corona is that it is darker and stronger. It has no unpleasant after taste. It also comes in bigger bottles, which is an advantage. Corona Familiar comes in 32 oz bottles. It has higher IBU and ABV than Corona Extra does. The beer embraces the bright, crisp taste and has a fuller flavorthan Corona Extra. With strong ties to heritage and authenticity, Corona Familiar is recommended to be served in small companies of family and close friends, since it creates the tradition of sharing vital experiences. But is this beer really as valuable and tasty as it is claimed by the manufacturer? To find an answer to this question, let us take a look at what actual beer drinkers think about it.

Customer Reviews - Does Corona Familiar Really Work?

According to the majority of people who have tried Corona Familiar, this beer has a golden appearance. It pours a light golden color forming a strong head. You will immediately sense aromas of cereal, popcorn, corn, bread and some lemon. The beer is characterized with strong flavors of seltzer and soda, some yeast. Further it demonstrates a buttery popcorn note, twang of grass and faint German spice. As it warms it evolves into a classic German corn, malty, grassy, flavor. It is notable for prominent German qualities. It finishes seltzer and dry. Corona Familiar has pleasant carbonation, a medium body, leaving a soapy feeling on the palate. In general, it is a good adjunct lager, absolutely worth trying. It is not too sweet, with a strong flavor profile. According to the actual drinkers of this beer, it is more flavorful than the original Corona. Due to the dark bottle, this traditional beer does not skunk or lose its flavors. It's a well-represented beer.

Let's find out what actual beer drinkers think about Corona Familiar. One young lady writes in her testimonial that it has a crystal-clear look of an attractive yellow-gold liquid. It forms a white, spongy foam that falls apart when you are drinking the beer. There remains a thin collar and little lace for a few moments. When it comes to the smell, there is a fair amount of pale malt with corn tortilla adding some color to it. The woman also feels a bubblegum undertone of light intensity. The taste is characterized with a nice rush of malt after the first sip already. It has a fuller flavor that the Extra, mildly-bitter, with a herbal note in the finish. A soft malt sweetness is sensed too, maybe that of a Dr. Pepper or cola. Positive impression of a toasty and grassy shade is kept in memory. The carbonation sizzles out a glassy roundness up front, washing it through and leaving a slight gummy residual film with a delicate stickiness. Overall, Corona Familiar seems to be a version of a malt liquor that somewhat resembles a Euro pale but it is good.

Another customer reports that the beer is medium gold in color; crystal clear, with a white head less than a one finger thick. It then turned into a thin collar with little lacing. The customer felt distinct corn sweetness. The taste is doughy and light grain; a little sweet and bitter on the finish. This beer is light bodied with medium carbonation and light dry finish. It is easy to drink; tastier than many other AALs. One man mentions in his testimonial that he tried Corona Familiar at a Latino party. It tasted to him more rounded and malty than the standard Corona, with a pleasant malt finish that made adding lemon unnecessary. He drank this beer by pouring it from a bottle to a glass, which made it even more attractive to consume. It created a minimal to flat head that was disappearing pretty fast. The man liked the aroma of barley and corn that was followed by a medium mouthfeel. It seemed him to be even better than an American Macro Brewery beer.

One more man shared his experience of trying Corona Familiar. He poured the beverage from 32 oz bottle into a pint glass. The man says that the beer pours a golden color with a thin fizzy head that fades quickly leaving almost no lace on the sides of the glass. The beer has a little heavier aroma than a Corona Extra with a slightly grainy and stronger caramel smell. Some other aromas the man sensed included lime, corn and harvest fruit. The initial taste is a bit grainy in combination with corn and caramel tastes. There is a lime taste and a herbal hop flavor that gets stronger as you drink the beer. In the end the man felt a little bit of hay and grass come to the tongue leaving a grainy and sweet caramel and corn taste. The body of the beer is average in terms of creaminess and thickness with an average carbonation level. The mix of flavors create a nice feel and makes it easy to sip. The man like this beer more than the Corona Extra due to a more malty and caramel body, which creates a more balanced and robust brew. It is high time to read the testimonials found on third-party websites.

"In my opinion, Corona Familiar has got a more full-bodied taste than the traditional Corona. To tell you the truth, it is one of my favorite Mexican beers in addition to Modelo especial Estrella Jalisco Victoria sol and pacifico. I like to buy a pack of six 12 oz bottles. At present, I live in Washington, so I order this sort of beer online, which is very convenient. I prefer to enjoy it together with my friends while watching a game. My dad was Mexican, which is one more reason why this deer is special to me. It combined great taste, perfect flavor, high quality and reasonable price."

"As soon as I sipped Corona Familiar I realized it was a good beer. It poured a clear gold with a nice white head. I appreciate the grainy aroma with a sweet corn taste. It has no bitter after taste. The Extra gets somewhat skunky in the end. It is ideal on a hot day! I will drink it with great pleasure again."

"Corona Familiar is my number one choice when it comes to Mexican beer choice. It is hoppier and maltier than Corona Extra, refreshing and finishes dry. It generally comes in quarts, which is convenient to get one quick drink. I like its rich flavor and a brown bottle."

My Final Summary

Corona Familiar is one of the most traditional beers in Mexico. It is a bright, crystal clear and golden-colored lager with a pleasant refreshing taste, equally sweet and bitter. This tasty beer contains 6.0% alcohol and taste better when chilled. Its caramel and corn taste is finished with a mild hop bitterness, which perfectly complements many Mexican dishes. The beverage comes packaged in a classic brown bottle that has become the most common in all of Mexico. It is recommended to be drunk from beer glasses. The first impression comes from the logo on the bottle that looks pretty nice but at the same time simple and classy. The smell is slight bready malt. The taste includes sweet grains with a the finish of slight bitterness. The beer has medium body with medium carbonation, which makes it easy to drink. Overall, it is a fine beer that appeals to many beer fans. Corona Familiar is stronger and darker than Corona Extra. It is perfect summertime beer which goes well on its own and does not require adding lime. The beer creates little foam, which may be a drawback for some consumers. It fits well with Mexican dinners, off-season grilling, and seafood. It is important to mention that this beer is not expensive. With these advantages and disadvantages, Familiar place can be certainly recommended to beer lovers.

Corona Familiar Pricing and Rates

Corona Familiar can be purchased from a great number of websites. The price may slightly vary from site to site. For example, sells this Mexican Import Beer (24 pk 12 fl oz bottles) at the price of $8.99. The product is also sold on Target at the same price.