Corona Premier Reviews - What Is It?

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Corona Premier

Corona Premier is a great-tasting refreshing light beer that has been waited by so many beer lovers. It was specially brewed to have an undeniable taste and to pair well with citrus-infused and traditional Mexican dishes. Being so easy to drink, this extremely light lager will inspire you to taking a moment to look around and see what life has given you and what you have to appreciate. This beer contains only 90 calories and 4.0% alcohol. Drink it is a chilled condition. Corona Premier is a great-tasting beer associated with a great number of customer reviews and high reputation among beer lovers. The average rating of the lager is over four starts from five, which is a good result for a beverage of this kind. Unlike Corona Familiar, it is lighter and not as strong.

Corona Premier is actually a low-carb, light beer that is a good option for those who try to limit the consumption of carbs and calories during the day. in this way, it gives you a nice beer-drinking experience without any negative influence on your body shape. With only 2.6 grams of carbs, this sort of beer is perfect for casual entertaining, sharing with guests, or rewarding yourself for a day well-lived.It has a refined taste, which makes this Corona the most drinkable of all Coronas. An even-bodied feel and a crisp taste give the smoothest sensations in the mouth. It tastes better when served in a dimpled mug or a lager glass. It comes in bottles. To understand how good Corona Premier is, let's find out what actual drinkers think about it.

Customer Reviews - Does Corona Premier Really Work?

We have encountered a great many of customers' testimonials about this lager on third-party websites and we must admit that most of opinions are positive in nature. Corona Premier comes in 12 oz clear bottles, which is highly appreciated by the majority of drinkers. It can be purchased off shelf at traditional supermarkets or ordered online from retail stores. The customers are satisfied with the price of the beverage saying it is absolutely worth the money. So, let's read some of the reviews.

One young man reports he bought Corona Premier in bottles and since he prefers drinking beer from a mug he poured it into his favorite mug to enjoy it when watching a game. According to his words, it is a clear, pale yellow liquid that forms loose foam on the pour. The foam is very thin and collapses to a collar that disappears almost in no time. The beer has a pleasant aroma of a cereal-grain meal, toasty corn and a slight syrupy note in the end. The beer it not strong overall. It leaves no unpleasant aftertaste on the tongue. To the customer's mind, malt/grain definition is almost absent. There is subtle sweetness; the beer is rather dry with faint feel of alcohol lingers. The body is flat, while the finish is pleasingly dry; however, it disappears really fast. Overall, the lager has a rich requisite of flavors, very light and easy to drink. The man was satisfied with his beer-drinking experience, though.

Another customers writes in his testimonial that Corona Premier is clear gold with white head that is one finger thick and lasts for about three minutes. The man has not observed any lacing. The lager smells like corona, as he says, a bit grainy with a bit of grassy herbal hops. The mouthfeel is light with quite strong carbonation. The beer is lightly dry with a balanced finish. It well with the customer's homemade low-carb stir fry. In general, he claims this beer is good for low-carb light beer drinkers. Another testimonial was left by a man who is diabetic and finds it very important to consume only low-carb beers. He cannot afford to be a heavy beer drinker because of the high risk of serious consequences. This is the reason why Corona Premier has become one of the best low carb beers for the man. It is a low-carb and low-calorie beverage that deserves a lot more credit than heavy drinkers can understand. It has a pleasant flavor but without negative impact on one's health.

There are many testimonials online from female drinkers too. One young lady says she loves Corona Premier a lot. It has a unique taste especially when dressed with some lemon, lime and salt. In her opinion, it is the best combination ever. Nothing else is not needed at all. The woman likes the packaging and recommends this lager especially the those who count calories. Another lady says that this is the best beer of the Corona line! It is her favorite beer and she also prefers to have it with lime. The woman appreciates the fact that this beer is affordable. The flavor is perfect and the drink itself is lightweight. It is not available in many bars, so the woman always keeps this lager in her house. One more young lady fell in love with Corona Premier after the very first sip. Initially she was unsure about trying it because usually lowe-carb or calorie drinks are not tasty but she was mistaken. This beer is not only low-carb but also very delicious. It is perfect for her, since she is on a low-carb diet. The beer looks like a clean golden liquid with a sweet pilsner malt aroma. She especially appreciates its refreshing taste on a hot summer's day when she can fully enjoy a good mouthfeel with a Corona-Mexican style taste. This is the best light beer she has ever tasted.

One beer fan has given a detailed characterizing of Corona Premier. This lager pours out an attractive light golden amber color with a medium-sized white head that goes away pretty fast leaving thin spotty lacing behind. This brew tastes well when poured into a pint beer glass. The rich smell of grains and malts cannot leave you indifferent. There is mild hop bitterness in the taste and smell. This beer goes nice on a hot day, since it is clean and absolutely refreshing. However, there is nothing overpowering about this beer, it is well balanced. The mouthfeel is smooth and crisp. It will definitely help you to keep your belly from touching the floor. Here are some more testimonials about Corona Premier left by objective drinkers online.

"Corona Premier is a great option for people who have strong beer cravings but are on a diet, for those doing Keto as well as sportsmen. It is 4.0% too, another aspect that makes it a "healthy" choice. This beer is not for an every day beer hopper. Personally I can drink it from time to time just to relax with my wife while watching TV. You know, women like this kind of beer - low-calorie and low-alcohol."

"Corona Premier is my choice number one among low-carb, light beers. It isn't bad and tastes well with ice and lime. I usually drink a pale ale or ipa gal, but this beer makes me fat, so I have become a fan of Corona Premier lately. I drink it to enjoy the taste and I don't mind that it contains little alcohol. This is a decent beer to be drunk daily after work or on the beach in summer."

"I am trying to lose weight without giving up taste and Corona Premier is just what I was looking for. It helps me to reduce the alcohol intake too. This light beer tastes almost as good as the regular corona but it contains 55 calories less per beer. I usually drink a few bottle, so it takes 100-200 calories out of my diet every day. There is no need to sacrifice taste with this beer. I highly recommend it. Add some lime to your beer. You will like it."

My Final Summary

Corona Premier is a light lager with a pleasant refreshing taste. This Mecxian import beer contains 90 calories and 4.0% alcohol in a bottle. It was brewed with a special technology to be easy-drinking and to have a great taste despite the low content of carbs. This is a superior light lager that goes well with Mexican dishes and citrus-infused foods. Due to its low-calorie content this beverage has gained popularity among people who are on a diet, sportsmen and diabetics. In addition, it is low in cost, so it can be afforded by everyone. The product comes in 12 oz. bottles, so you can easily enjoy it right from the bottle. This beer is low in carbohydrates and alcohol, so it can be consumed by people who for some reason cannot drink regular beer. Corona Premier is brewed by Grupo Modelo S.A. de C.V., a reputable company that is known for manufacturing some other sorts of beer. Taking into account all of the advantages and disadvantages of Corona Premier, this lager can be recommended to consumption.

Corona Premier Pricing and Rates

As it was already mentioned, this beer can be purchased from a great number of supermarkets across the country. It can also be ordered from many different retail stores online. sells Corona Premier at the price of $8.99 for 24 fl oz can. This Mexican import beer can also be bought on Target for the same price.