Counsyl Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Counsyl is a genetic testing company offering screening services to their clients for more than 100 genetic diseases. It is vital to do as these conditions could be passed on to your children. The company has been in business since 2008 and calls their services to be "an ultrasound for human genes". Their initial goal was to make the human genome useful for life-changing decisions. The company was founded in 2007, and has been featured in Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, the New York Times, and more. It holds an A rating with the Better Business Bureau with only three closed complaints over the last several years. Online reviews about their services appear to be positive mainly. The most common complaint was that the costs were not covered by insurance. Counsyl has an official website that claims that almost every one of us carriers some genetic defect. This isn't a big deal, as we need two sets of a defective gene before we face any negative symptoms. But if we decide to have children of our own, it is recommended to be thoughtful of any genetic defects that could be passed on.

It is a well-known fact that the majority of parents whose children suffer from genetic illnesses have no family history of that illness. However, Counsyl will be helpful if you and your spouse want to be screened for more than 100 genetic disorders, including Fragile X Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis, some types of epilepsy, etc. There are numerous genetic diseases, but the test promises to focus on the most actionable diseases. This will help you plan a healthy family. To have your genes tested you will need to follow three major steps. Thus, you will have to place your order, draw one tube of blood, and to have your genes analyzed. You may transfer the results of your analysis to your physician. Counsyl offers their own team of genetic counselors who can guide you through the process and comment on your results at no additional charge. Besides, the company provides clinical support. According to the official website, less than 1% of their clients are carriers of the same genetic disease. If you are a carrier of a genetic disease it means that your children are likely to be at a 25% risk of being affected with the symptoms of that disease.

Customer Reviews - Does Counsyl Really Work?

The company is associated with a great number of customer reviews online. The majority of opinions about the Counsyl testing carry a positive character. Some people were recommended to take the test by their fertility specialist, especially those people who have a family history. The test can be easily ordered online. Most customers received their kits in a short period of time, then they sent their saliva collection kits to the company again and the results were available within two weeks. If you are tested positive for any conditions or you are a carrier of this or that disease, you may be placing your future pregnancy at risk. So it is important to make a genetic counseling appointment as soon as possible. You are expected to receive a follow-up call the following day after getting your results. The genetics counselor will explain you the conditions you have been tested positive for, the risk it was to your future pregnancy, as well as options to screen a future pregnancy. The company will send your fertility specialist the summary letter of your consultation soon. The customers are usually impressed with the speed and quality of the service.

The genetic testing can be taken by women who are pregnant already and would like to ensure the health of their child. Due to your insurance the cost of Counsyl testing will be so much lower. This is another advantage many reviewers appreciate about the service a lot. If you have any questions or issues, contact the customer service of the company. You will be pleased with the helpful and professional staff. You may benefit from the Counsyl's financial aid program that is simple to understand via the online application. You will be asked for story, your current medical bill total and yearly income. Some people who confirmed their statement with the financial aid department had to pay a miserable sum of money for testing. These customers felt extremely happy because of this. Let us take a look at some of the actual users' reviews left online.

"I have used Counsyl services quite recently but I can say that I am highly satisfied with what I was offered. They sent me an email informing me that my insurance will not cover the genetics, so I would have to pay $350. I was not surprised because I knew that my insurance didn't cover many things but still I needed to save money. I went in their official website and applied for a financial aid program. I answered some questions and then I was informed that I shouldn't pay for those genetic testing at all. I was extremely happy!"

"I like counsyl in all aspects of their work. My mom was very ill overseas, and I emailed the company to see whether I could take her results while I was visiting her. I was pleased that the results did arrive in record time. I shared them with my Mom, and I was glad that she made it in the comfort of our home to await our little one with us! The company offers great customer service. I don't understand many negative reviews about it. I would undoubtedly recommend this service to my friends."

"I had nothing but a positive experience with Counsyl. After reading some of negative reviews below, I decided to leave a positive review because the company works really well. Our family has used their service on two occasions as we have a family history. I will not focus on details but I will just say that the company's staff has been the most helpful team of individuals during a very difficult time in our life. Based on our experience, I would recommend Counsyl to our family members and friends."

My Final Summary

Counsyl testing is associated with a number of advantages. Using only one vial of blood, it promises to screen for more than 100 genetic diseases. The whole process involves three simple steps. Genetic counselors will gladly discuss your results without any additional charge. The service has a mainly positive online reputation among customers. Even though it is a bit expensive, a considerable part of your expenses may be covered by your insurance plan. But even if it doesn't, you have an opportunity to apply for a financial aid program on the official website of the company.

If you have any questions, please visit for the latest details. In case of experiencing any problems, you can always contact the customer service that includes very helpful and responsive representative who are always willing to help you. Usually they respond quickly. The only downside of the service is that the results do not show the ranges, they just say "normal" or not. Taking into account all pros and cons, I can say that Counsyl is a great service for those who need genetic screening.

Counsyl Pricing and Rates

You can order testing from the official website of the company. The test costs $599. If you have health insurance, you are expected to pay no more than $99. If you pay for the company's testing service with a credit card, you will get the right for a full refund if you cancel your order by contacting But it should be done before the order is shipped. If it has been shipped already, you can return it unopened. But you will have to pay a $50 processing fee.