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Cozy Phones

Cozy Phones were invented by a man named Paul who wasn't sleeping well and decided to create a product that would help him to get better night's rest. He became the founder and CEO of Cozy Phones. Paul's problem was not even falling asleep but he would often wake up in the middle of the night turning and tossing, and he was unable to get back to sleep. The man would get up, find some headphones and listen to audio books or podcasts until he was able to sleep again. Paul tried to wear earbuds for some time, but they were uncomfortable to use. He would wake up again because of the pain in his ear. He found it to be just impossible to sleep with earbuds for a side sleeper. He was actually a side sleeper. Paul used to try different pairs of headband headphones he had, but every time he faced similar problems. It was difficult to roll onto his side with a bulky pod on your head. The headphones didn't stay in place too. Then he tried a pair of sleep headphones, which worked better, but were pricey and broke within two months of regular use. After doing some research, Paul created Cozy Phones.

The product is claimed to be comfortable, affordable, and durable. According to the founder, these headphones will help you to enjoy relaxation you need. They feature thin, cushioned speakers with a durable 52-inch cable (removable). The sleep headband is comfortable, lightweight, and washable. It is made in such a way as to provide you with perfect fit. The speakers will stay in place due to the cool mesh lining, even when you turn and toss. Cozy Phones sleep earphones ware claimed to be helpful for those suffering from insomnia. They can be used to calm your mind while listening to your podcast, music, or eBook. According to the manufacturer, these headphones make good gifts for anyone! They are claimed to be suitable for people with special needs and sensory issues! The product can be used for sports, meditation, yoga, and relaxation.

Customer Reviews - Does Cozy Phones Really Work?

The manufacturer of Cozy Phones is not as reputable as to be trusted completely. The official website carries a purely marketing nature, since it is full of empty promises. For instance, these headphones are called pajamas for your ears which can be worn at night. The product is suitable not only for sleeping, but also for working out, running, walking, and relaxing. The item features Volume Limiting Technology that reduces your exposure to loud sounds and noises. But the claims that it can protect your ears from hearing loss is misleading, since it is not backed up by any scientific evidence. The soft fleece headband cannot effectively protect your ears from noise. The advantage of the product is its removable speakers that can play any music, meditation, or audiobooks. Another positive thing about these headphones is that they are portable, foldable, and simple to carry. They are also lightweight.

We have encountered a great number of customer reviews about Cozy Phones on third-party websites, but, unfortunately, they are not as positive as the manufacturer's claims are. Customers are not satisfied with the quality and functionality of the product. Let us take a look at some of the actual users' reviews. One customer reported that her purchase worked for a few days only. At first, she loved this headband but she was disappointed to find out that the speakers work for a few days only. The woman received a pair of these headphones for Christmas and wore them regularly every night. The size of the band was good and easy to use. The speakers did not hurt her ears at all. The cord was located behind her head and was long enough. After about seven days one of the speakers went out. The customer returned her purchase and now she is looking for a similar product of better quality because she always wears earphones before she goes to bed. The woman likes the idea behind the product but she does not like its quality.

Another customer says in his testimonial that he was intrigued by Cozy Phones and decided to try them. They arrived rather quickly, but when he pulled them out of the packaging, he felt a strong cologne scent. The man though it might be due to the plastic wrapping, so he took everything out to inspect it. The headband is micro fleece with static magnet properties, so it holds onto everything. The man saw hairs all over the band and suspected that he received a defective set. It was probably repackaged. The customer tried the speakers and found out that one side didn't work. The man had to start the return process immediately. Another customer thinks that he got a defective pair of headphones too. Within just two weeks the cord shorted out. There were no replacement phones for the head band, which is a bad sign. He returned that defective pair two weeks ago and he is still waiting for his money back. Here are some more testimonials from real buyers of Cozy Phones.

"The concept is just wonderful but the execution fails. What I really liked about Cozy Phones is that they are soft for sleeping on. They are also warm to wear out while walking the dog. Now it's time for drawbacks. The left speaker did not work consistently since the day I received the product. It was tolerable in the first several weeks. The worst thing was that the cable join at the jack failed within three weeks of use. Sound comes through one side only but it works bad, even when I am holding the cable in to improve connection. I am disappointed because I liked the idea."

"I have to say that Cozy Phones are not worth buying. I was especially disappointed in this product because it was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend. When I opened it, there was just headband. Then, it turned out that a portion on the inside of it had been torn or cut and the headphones were missing. It was probably a used product. We returned it back to the company. My boyfriend was also disappointed with this gift. Do not waste your money and certainly do not buy the stuff as a gift."

"Cozy Phones are cheaply made headphones. I tried to adjust them many times but they still were not over my ears. The cord from headband to the plug seems to be made out of paper. If you bend the wire you will see something white inside. I would not recommend these headphones to anyone. They are not worth the money they cost. I only bought them because I liked the idea, but they are not functional at all. I can hardly hear anything. Don't waste your money."

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Cozy Phones, these headphones appear not to be worth buying. They have too many disadvantages, based on numerous customer reviews. They work for a very short period of time. While some people report that their purchase worked for them a couple of months, others say their headphones worked for a few days only. The most common problem was that the speakers went out even with light use. The other parts of the product also appear to have a very low quality. A lot of customers are also not pleased with the sound quality provided by the headphones. Many people who received their headphones were very frustrated when they found out that they got defective products. They didn't work well when out of the box. Some products even had hairs of previous users, which was especially unpleasant. There are certain customers' concerns about money back guarantee. Many of them are still waiting for a refund. With all this in mind, I cannot recommend Cozy Phones.

Cozy Phones Pricing And Rates

This sleep aid can be purchased from the official website of the company, as well as from some retail stores. Amazon sells Cozy Phones Sleep Headphones at the price of $14.97. There is free shipping with Amazon Prime. The product is black in color and comes with a travel bag.