Cozy Wings Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Cozy Wings

Probably, each child has dreamt to have wings or maybe even you have virtually flown indoors and outdoors with imaginative wings. We are going to discuss the product that will certainly be appreciated by any child. Cozy Wings are fabric wings that can be used by kids for many purposes: as a blanket at night, during day nap, for reading, for playing, for having snack and for flapping around for fun. Child's imagination is unlimited, so your little one will certainly find out what to do. This is a durable product, which means that it will serve for a long period of time. It is made of comfortable and soft double-sided microfiber that is machine washable. When choosing a pair of these wings, you will be offered to choose between twelve different styles that can make your kid look like a fairy, a butterfly, a dragon, a spider, or a spaceship. The wings come in two different sizes, including a child's size and a large size that will fit most grownups.

The functioning of the product is quite easy. As soon as you get a pair of Cozy Wings, you can put them on like you would a jacket or blouse. During the day, it gives you an opportunity to keep your hands poking out through the armholes so you can eat, read, play with your cell fact, you can do any other things you with your hands for. But at night, if you wish, you can take your arms and hands out of the holes and wrap your wings around your body like a blanket. If it is rather warm in your house, your wings might substitute your usual blanket. But if it is cold in your house you will need an additional blanket. Each product has a secret compartment that can be used for keeping different things. The manufacturer of the item is rather reputable and well known in the USA. They have a nicely designed official website. Let us take a look at the real users' reviews about Cozy Wings.

Customer Reviews - Does Cozy Wings Really Work?

There are not many customer reviews but the available ones demonstrate that the product has a great number of beneficial features. As it was already mentioned, the company offers twelve styles of Cozy Wings for you to choose from. Four of them will make you look like a purple, yellow, pink or rainbow butterfly. You can also masquerade as a cyan, purple, or green fairy. Three more choices include a green dragon, a blue spider, and a blue and silver spaceship. These wings are available in two sizes, including a large size for grownups and larger children and a small size for smaller children. The larger size can be worn by parents and other caregivers to take part in the game with their children. Each of the products is made from soft microfiber fabric, so the wings are extremely comfortable to wear. It will feel nice on the skin of anyone who wears the wings including little children. The wings are so cozy that they can be used for sleep or rest. At the same time, Cozy Wings are safe to run and even climb in. however, it is important to wear the proper size of the wings. They need to come down to your thighs, so that your legs are free if you want to climb or run. It isn't dangerous to do so, as the wings are not very long enough.

Another positive point of the garment is the inner pouch you can use to carry something small in it, such as your pencils or a handful of coins you don't want to lose. The product is suitable for both boys and girls, since it comes in twelve styles. When choosing the wings, pay attention to the gender of your child, their interests and needs. Usually, boys prefer spaceships and spiders, while girls are fond of dresses such as fairies or butterflies. What people lie about Cozy Wings is that this product encourages creativity in their children. Giving your kid a pair of Cozy Wings you will encourage them to switch on their creativity. You may help your child to choose the character of the item on their own, be it a spider, butterfly, dragon, fairy, or spaceship. Even if a kid is playing alone, this will help to stimulate their imagination. Of course, it can be much more fun if a group of children play together while wearing these wings. There is no doubt that a pair of these wings can make a good gift for any child under the age of should be remembered, though, that if a child's wings are too long for them, they will need additional supervision as they play. Finally, the product is machine washable, which means that you will not need spend your time on transporting them to the dry cleaner's or wash them out by hand. Let us take a look at some of the actual customers' testimonials available online.

"When I saw Cozy Wings on the Internet I immediately decided to buy it, since I know that my daughter has always dreamt to have something of the kind. And I wasn't mistaken. My girl likes her wings in the style of a princess a lot. She often takes a nap wearing these cozy wings. I liked the fact that the company offered twelve styles to choose from. I do recommend buying this garment."

"Cozy Wings is undoubtedly unreplaceable product for most twins are not exception. This was the reason why I ordered two dragon-styled pairs of wings for my sons. Both of them were very happy with such a Christmas gift. They were playing with these wings all day long. At present they continue to play wearing these wings but they also prefer to take a daily nap with their wings. My kids are five years old."

"I was thinking about choosing a good birthday gift for my niece and I went online. I saw an advertisement of Cozy Wings and decided to give it a try. When I gave this item to my niece all of us became the witnesses of child's happiness. She wore her fairy wings and started doing magic. We had a nice evening watching how Ann was playing with her new "toy". T was marvellous."

My Final Summary

Taking a look at everything we have learnt about Cozy Wings, this product appears to be a beneficial product not only for children but also for their parents. A pair of these wings can be used as a light blanket but it can only be used during warm weather. It means, that if you get a pair of these wings for each of your children, you won't have to keep many light blankets. But if it is quite cold in your house these wings won't help as much. The product is a great option for games. It will help to activate your kid's imagination. These wings are safe and easy to clean in the washing machine. There are no reports if they could shrink if put in the dryer, though. If you are concerned about this issue, it is better to hang them to air-dry. The product is made from soft and pleasant to touch microfiber fabric. These wrap-around wings are designed with special holes for the kids to put their hands through if they wish. The wings have pockets for keeping secret things. The product is available in many different styles such as fairy, butterfly, dragon, spaceship, and spider. It is a reasonably priced garment. The only drawback of the product is that it may annoy teachers or coaches at school or club your child visits. You should also supervise your kid playing while wearing the wings. The large size of the wings will fit most adults, but they probably will be too small for bigger men. If you are very tall or wide, you may not be able to join the game of your child. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of Cozy Wings, I do recommend this product to buying.

Cozy Wings Pricing and Rates

The cost of the wings on the official website ( of the company is $19.99 plus $9.99 shipping, so the total price will be $29.98. Cozy Wings can also be found on some retail stores but the price may slightly differ. Amazon sells Cozy Wings (Purple Buttery) at the price of $24.99. You will enjoy free shipping on orders over $25. There is also an opportunity to get Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime for free. The product is also available in the styles of Star Dust Fairs, Rainbow Butterfly Dragon, Spider Web, Space Ship. Each of the products costs $24.99.