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Crank Chop

Preparing a meal for a big family can be fun, but difficult. However, the right tools can work well to simplify doing this task. If you feel like it's all about you, you may be interested in a new product called Crank Chop Review. It promises to make chopping of different types of food easier to enable you prepare healthy salads, homemade salsas, fruit medleys, desserts and other dishes! All you have to do is to put the desired ingredients into the device, pull it cord, and wait for a few seconds to have your food chopped. Each pull makes three blades chop your food twenty-four times. The more you spin the more it till chop. Finally, you can check the results! Crank Chop is very easy to use and easy to clean. Put the blades and clear plastic base into your dishwasher, and take your time to spend it with your close people. It has a compact design to save your space and a durable construction.

Is Crank Chop really worth your money? We will try to answer this question further in the review. The Company behind the product id reputable and well-known in the country. There is an official website that contains enough information about this device. Crank Chop's manufacturer also produces a number of other products including InVinceable. The host of Crank Chop's commercial is called Vince Offer and has an average rating of 4.5 stars. People like their products for high quality, good service and reasonable shipping charges. Crank Chop is said to work as advertised, that is why it comes with high marks from customers, who appreciate its ease of use and positive results. Let us have a closer look at the customer feedback online.

Customer Reviews - Does Crank Chop Really Work?

Crank Chop is a new toy for people who love cooking. This is a new hand held chopping device that dices and slices easily and quickly. The company claims that the system is the quickest and easiest way to chop a different vegetables and other foods in the kitchen. It can be used even by a child. The hype surrounding the product says that it is being sold by the makers of the Schticky and the Slap Chop. There are many users' reviews about the product on the Internet. Most customers are satisfied with the product saying that it has a good design, works as advertise, is easy to use and clean. The Cost of the Crank Chop is only $19.95. It is not a high price for a high-quality product of the kind. For that price you will also get a bonus called "Food Topper". It is a large shaker that can be used to dispel your food with Parmesan cheese, for instance. So, the customers never say that the product is expensive for them.

Another thing that people like about the product is that it requires very little space in the kitchen. The Crank Chop has a space-saving design, and it can be simply tossed into a drawer when not in use. When it is dirty, just put it into the dishwasher. Most people evaluate the Crank Chop as a very simple device. All you will need to do is to unscrew the lid, add your ingredients, close the lid tightly and pull the handle. Due to the stainless steel blades your food will be chopped into desired pieces quickly and effortless. The more you pull the smaller pieces you will get. The main advantage of the Crank Chop over the older Slap Chop is that the chop system is much easier to use and thus it is more effective. It can be even used by the elderly people and those who have less hand strength. It is high time to take a look at some of the real users' testimonials left on different websites.

"The price of the Crank Chop is less than $20. This is a very low price for such a wonderful product. The actual value is much higher, at least, how I evaluate the device. I am pleased with its quiet operation, fast work and easy usage. It is also portable and does not take much space. I often take it with me anywhere. It also has a non-slip base, is dishwasher safe and comes with a 10-year warranty."

"This is a great device for creating different kinds of meals in my kitchen. My kids like to help me in this task as they find using this device fun. It is really very easy to use. I seldom use a kitchen knife or a cutting board. I even forgot about my bulky food processor. Crank Chop is a convenient, space-saving and durable device that works quickly to meet any of my chopping needs. I certainly recommend this compact piece of equipment to my friends."

"CrankChop is a reliable product with a solid construction. It is easy and quick to use. This device features sharp stainless steel blades that chop any food in several seconds. It also has a non-breakable nylon cord produced from military-grade parachute material. The device features a comfortable handle that makes the process of chopping even easier. The device gives me the texture of food I wish. I can make salads, sauces, desserts, and different meals. It is always easy."

My Final Summary

Summing up, it is necessary to say that the Crank Chop seems to perform flawlessly. This is what can be clearly seen from a number of users' reviews online. You will be surprised how easy and convenient it is to prepare foods with this smart little machine. Crank Chop is associated with a reasonable cost and shipping charges. Most owners of this machine are happy with their purchase. Another advantage of this kitchen appliance is that it is very easy to use. It can be used even by children. Besides, the device is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. The only drawback of this product is that it cannot be bought from local retailers. In case if you are not satisfied with the performance of this product, you can return it to the company or exchange it for another model.

Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of the Crank Chop, o would strongly recommend buying this device and enjoy its benefits. It will do what it is claimed to do on the official website. It will perfectly chop your food. This kitchen appliance is said to be durable, so it will serve you for many years to come. Being an "As Seen on TV" product, it can boast high quality and great performance. So, if you are fond of cooking and would like to feed your family with tasty and healthy food, Crank Chop will be of great help to you.

Where To Buy Crank Chop In Stores?

Crank Chop can be purchased from its official website for $19.95 plus free shipping. A free Recipe Booklet is also included to the set. You can also get the Food Topper as an additional bonus. This product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty. You cannot buy the Crank Chop from stores. In case if you need any consultations or have any questions, call to the customer service at 1-800-522-3150. You can order the product to Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Guam for additional $10 for shipping. The Deluxe version of the product is available on the official website of the company for additional $10 for shipping. Rush delivery will cost you additional $10. Applicable sales tax will be added to orders from California and New York.