Credit Associates Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Credit Associates

Credit Associates is a well-known company in the debt settlement field, AFCC certified, and C and B Credibility Corp verified. It has settled over $1 billion in debt. They specialize in settling medical expenses and credit card debt. The process usually takes from 24 to 36 months, during which Credit Associates negotiators reduce the amount of your debt by negotiating with your creditors. It means that within two-three years, you will become debt-free. The company offers a financial consultation free of charge. You will learn what qualifications u need to become their client. They prepare a savings plan for you; meanwhile, you can decide whether you want to use their debt settlement services. In order to qualify for their services you must have over $10,000 in debt and be able to make settlement payments regularly. As soon as you enroll, Credit Associates will start working with your creditors. When you have enough money in your account to pay a settlement, the company will coordinate your debt settlement payment.

Credit Associates has helped more than 270,000 clients across the country. The company offers debt relief plans for those who are experiencing financial difficulties because of high medical bills, a reduced income, job loss, divorce, or other circumstances. Credit Associates experts have proved to be able to effectively lower debts of their clients for more than 12 years. The headquarters of the company are based in Dallas, TX. Their services focus on separate cases of debt negotiation. After qualifying, you begin depositing a definite amount of money into a personal account on a monthly basis. Those funds are then used by the company to negotiate with your creditors to reduce your debts. In most cases, they manage to settle every credit account within 36 months. You can save a big amount of money when working with Credit Associates. For instance, with 36 negotiated monthly payments having a debt of $10,000 you are going to save $3,600 (Monthly Payment is $178 and Total Negotiated Debt is $6,400).

Customer Reviews - Does Credit Associates Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about Credit Associates on third-party websites with the high average rating. What people really appreciate about the company is that it has been in the debt relief industry for over 12 years, which means that it has enough experience to help them solve their financial problems. The company negotiates with creditors to assist their clients pay off different kinds of debts for less than originally owed. Most clients of Credit Associates report that they complete the program in maximum 36 months. The only drawback of the company is that it serves all states except for New Jersey. A positive moment is that you can get a free consultation in order to discuss your financial needs. Your consultant will describe you the debt settlement process to check if it can meet your needs.

As soon as you sign a contract with the company, they start the process of debt resolution by contacting your creditors and starting negotiations. Usually it takes 6-9 months to negotiate a debt settlement. Even if you don't have money at all, you can use the services of the company. Each month you will deposit an amount you can afford into a Special Purpose Savings Account. Once you gather a target lump sum that can pay a settlement, the company works for you again. During the negotiations, Credit Associates offers a sum from the savings account to the creditor. As a rule, creditors agree to accept the payment. In return, they wipe your debt off their books. A debt settlement may have a negative influence on your credit score, but people working out debt relief agreements usually have a low credit score because of unpaid bills. So, it does not make much difference. The clients of Credit Associates like the fact that the company does not charge advance fees. You can discuss fees for their services with the consultant during the free consultation or when talking to a financial adviser.

Credit Associates scores 4.5 out of 5 stars from their clients. They also have 9.6 out of 10 stars from Trustpilot and an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. Many people say the details of their debt settlement program were explained to them before the process. Some complained about getting unsolicited mails and calls from Credit Associates. Another complaint was with the negative impact of the process on the clients' credit scores. People who cannot pay their bills are pleased with an opportunity to work with this debt settlement company. If you have many debts you are recommended to work on all of them at once. The problem is that some creditors refuse from working with debt relief companies; however, Credit Associates can try to help you resolve debt with these creditors. This debt relief company cannot work with federal student loans, mortgages and car loans. They specialize in resolving medical debt, personal loans, credit card debt, and other unsecured debt. In general, Credit Associates has received highly positive reviews on Their clients are pleased with the professionalism of the company's representatives. The company clearly states that there is no 100% guarantee; nevertheless, they managed to have saved more than $1 billion in debt for their clients. Their site is somewhat ambiguous when it comes to costs and fees, but they offer a free consultation where one can discuss numbers.

One client reports that he has just signed up with Credit Associates. He wants to get rid of his situation with his credit card. This is a disabled man who was supposed to have died last year, but he didn't. He understood that he would live longer than expected, so, the man decided to take care of this problem before he dies. After he found out what the company is doing, he realized they would help him. They start collecting money to settle your card. Then, you pay the creditors this very amount of money that has been gathered by Credit Associates. The creditors certainly agree to take your money. It is a quick not harmful way to resolve financial problems with creditors. According to the client, the reps from this helpful company bend over backwards, they are kind and give you all the information how your case is moving forward. The man is currently waiting for their first drawdown. They are going to draw their money out in ten days. The client highly recommends Credit Associates to those who have debts. Let us read some more testimonials from actual clients of this company.

"I had some debt and I wanted to resolve it as soon as possible, so I addressed Credit Associates. The staff of the company was interested in my problem and showed professionalism in working with my case. It took me a week to enroll, meanwhile the company made sure that they were able to help me. The consultant named Stephanie was kind and thorough. She helped me in the process a lot, so it has worked out well. I have no debts any longer and I hope I won't in the future."

"Credit Associates has been of great help to our family. I needed debt relief and was surprised they promised they would resolve it. The lady I talked to was attentive while I was telling her my story. She answered all of my questions and explained the details of the process. I thought it would be more complicated but it was rather simple. It was all right. It is better to ask for help than having debts half of your life."

"I saw the ad about Credit Associates on TV and I thought they could help me, so I called them and asked about their services. I talked to some rep who enrolled me in the program, explained what the program was and consulted me in my questions. I wanted to start the process immediately. The reps I worked with were knowledgeable and professional. I got answers to my questions. As soon as I started working with the company, I felt a huge sense of relief. They deserve respect for what they are doing."

My Final Summary

Whether you have insurmountable debt due to loss of income, divorce, job loss, sickness, or any other reason, Credit Associates will help you. Being the leader in the industry, the company works with clients to give them affordable debt relief in the shortest term possible. Their proprietary electronic software combined with their professional team of debt advisers work together to reduce or remove your debt from your life. They provide free consultations for many different debt needs including personal and medical loans, credit card, and more. Their mobile app can be used 24/7 to contact the customer service. Enrollment is pretty fast, while the process of your getting rid of debt will take 24-36 months. This innovative debt relief company has already helped thousands of people. With a large experience negotiating debt settlements, the company will enable you to pay off your bills. Debt settlements are a good way to financial freedom for people who have no money to pay bills due to certain life circumstances. The services of Credit Associates are available in 31 states. The company has proved to be able to effectively reduce their clients' bills and allow them to pay off their debts faster. If you are looking for financial freedom too, Credit Associates is worth addressing.

Credit Associates Pricing and Rates

As a rule, Credit Associates charges 15-25% of the settled debt amount. The fees and costs actually depend on the extent of your settlement and the size of your debt. You can have a consultation for free to learn the details on the charges for your individual case.