CrossBreed Holsters Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

CrossBreed Holsters

The CrossBreed Supertuck IWB Holster is a classic hybrid holster that combines high-quality premium cowhide leather and durable kydex. The cowhide leather has a natural patina look, is very supple and promotes the comfort of the product when it conforms to the user's body. It has ideal thickness for flexibility and strength. The leather breathes well and can adjust to different temperatures well, too, even though it is not as moisture resistant or dense as the more expensive horsehide. The steel clips and hardware have high quality and are protected from corrosion. You can easily tuck your shirt behind the clips and draw the gun after raising the shirt in a fast and easy way. The kydex portion is thinner and lighter than the leather, but it is durable and rigid enough. It will help you to have a faster draw. The SuperTuck's combo of kydex and leather is a perfect feature of a hybrid holster. It is adaptable to the user's body, since the leather helps it to mold to the body, so the holster fits very well. There is a large footprint, but it also benefits the comfort. Due to the combat cut you can easier get your thumb around the gun in order to draw it.

CrossBreed Holsters are very safe. The holster covers the gun's trigger well so that the gun can fit snuggly inside of it as if it is a custom holster. You are not expected to have any problems when drawing and removing the gun in and out. The holster has a beneficial design that absolutely meets the requirements for an IWB tuckable hybrid holster. You will appreciate the holster's combat cut that provides the safe grip of the gun. You can keep your trigger finger along the outside of the holster in order to grip the gun correctly and quickly without compromising the safety. There is no need to use two hands when drawing or reholstering the gun. The mouth of the holster is sufficiently rigid, which allows to reholster the gun with only one hand. You can quickly and easily reach and draw your handgun as well as re-holster it without even looking at it or using two hands. You are not expected to have any reholstering problems even when sitting in a car or being in an emergency. CrossBreed Holsters are adjustable for cant and ride depth.

Customer Reviews - Do CrossBreed Holsters Really Work?

CrossBreed Holsters are easy to put on and take off, but before that you will need to decide on the best place for it inside your pants. Most wearers like to locate their holsters just behind the hip bone at the 4:00 o'clock position. You also need to practice how to do this correctly. The belt clips are rather stiff, which makes it somewhat difficult to manipulate at first but that is an advantage, though. You have to fluff or blouse your shirt in the tuckable area. The holster can perfectly fit inside your pants, but even if it doesn't you may think about buying larger size pants to use the holster. According to the actual customers, that can easily wear both open and closed cover garments without any operational or concealment issues. You will not need any extra clothing or additional accommodations in draw or dress when using the holster.

There is a great number of customer reviews about SuperTuck holsters on third party websites. Most buyers of the product are absolutely pleased with their purchase. Thus, one man reports that his holster retained his Shield 9mm carry a gun very well. It fit his body style and even helped him to tighten the retention to make his gun more secure. The man says that when he held the holster upside down with his gun inside, the latter did not fall out. When he was running or moving quickly, he did not lose his Shield 9mm, and it stayed in the holster. The customer claims that having a high-quality belt can help a lot, so you are recommended to select a proper gun belt. He adds that the holster has an exceptional build due to which it fits like a glove. Leather backing allows this holster to contour to your body promoting a convenient carry in 5 o'clock carry position close to the body. The gun is retained very well but at the same time it can draw smoothly. No marks are left on weapon by Kydex. The man has been drawing his gun in numerous repetitions but did not see any drag marks on his pistol. The customer recommends this high-quality holster to his friends.

Another customer claims that CrossBreed Holster is the most comfortable and functional IWB holster he has ever had. It doesn't print on the shirt or pants. What he appreciates is that there is no need to take the holster off if your getting in your car, for example. The draw is very quick and smooth. This is a perfect holster, to his mind, so the man is going to buy more for his other handguns. He is grateful for fast shipping and reasonable prices. On experienced man who has recently purchased one of CrossBreed Holsters is impressed with perfect craftsmanship. The holster came with the oil and absorbs it pretty well. The whole gear is simply the best. The combination of leather and Kydex is interesting. He couldn't be happier. One more man claims that his tuck IWB holster is just awesome. He has had it for a few years and needed to have it repaired, so he called CrossBreed. They took care of him immediately and honored their lifetime guarantee. The man was very pleased with such customer service. He highly recommends CrossBreed holsters and the company as well! Here are some more testimonials from the buyers of these holsters.

"CrossBreed Holsters are great holster. I have the SuperTuck and it fits my Smith and Wesson Performance Center M'P 9 Shield gun perfectly. It conceals it very well. It covers the trigger great, so that others do not notice when I am carrying my pistol. The tuckability of the holster is easy to use; however, you have to practice grabbing your shirt and pulling it up to untuck it from around the pistol. I like my holster a lot."

"After wearing the IWB CrossBreed Holster for a week, I became used to it and did not even notice that I was carrying it on my body. It is so comfortable because of the leather. It does not heat my body and absorbs some of my perspiration. The holster's combat-cut at the top beside the grip helps me to draw the gun quickly. My gun never falls out, and the holster is satisfactory when walking, bending over, sitting, crawling under things, and exercising. It is worth the money it costs. I recommend CrossBreed Holsters to everyone."

"CrossBreed Holsters are the most comfortable holster I have ever put on and I have tried many of them in my life. The holster is well built and I don't even feel that I have it on. Even when it was new it fit like a glove. I purchased the Super Tuck and it is great. I'm sold on these holsters. The product is manufactured by a reputable company with great people. If you need a holster, quit searching and just go over to Crossbreed and get the most comfortable one for you."

My Final Summary

CrossBreed Holsters are high-quality products that are made from high-quality materials and are well-shaped for the wearer not even to feel it on. They have such a design as to prevent accidental disengagement of the safety and negligent discharges when drawing the gun. The majority of people who have ordered CrossBreed Holsters, did like the fit, the functionality and the price. But even if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can exchange it with no questions asked. The craftsmanship of these holsters is excellent. They are comfortable to wear and do not heat up the body. Many customer say that when compared to many other different brands, CrossBreed Holsters are the most optimal when it comes to the quality, fit and price. They are suitable even for thin women. The leather is great quality and attractive. The kydex is not too tight for the weapon to be easily pulled out when necessary. We have provided the most important information about this kind of holster in this review and we hope we have saved you some time to identify your criteria for selecting the best holster to meet your needs. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of CrossBreed Holsters, I can certainly recommend these to buying.

CrossBreed Holsters Pricing and Rates

CrossBreed Holsters can be ordered from the manufacturer's website at or from a number of retail stores online. There are different CrossBreed Holsters available in the market. Their price may vary from model to model; nevertheless, you get what you are paying for. Even though the price is not the main criterion for choosing the right holster, it can indicate how good the product is. The price of SuperTuck is $78.70, which is rather high for an IWB holster, but it has certain advantages and positive features to justify the price. It will cost you $10 extra for a V clip and another $10 more for a J Hook. You can also find less expensive IWB options in the market, but it depends on your priorities, requirements, funds, etc. Similar hybrid rigs range from $45 to over $100. They may have premium leathers and different thicknesses, no combat cut, plastic or steel clips, etc. For example, Comp-Tac MTAC can be bought for $65; Alien Gear Cloak Tuk 3 for $45 and Galco King Tuk for $60. Amazon sells CrossBreed Holster for Glock 17 at the price of $97.50.