Cubii Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


The Cubii is an under-desk elliptical that fits under your desk for you to exercise while sitting and working. This trainer connects with an application via Bluetooth, so you can track duration, distance traveled, the number of calories burned, and strides. One unit costs less than the majority of gym memberships, is compact and operates quietly, so your coworkers won't be bothered during exercise. If you have no opportunity to go to the gym regularly during the day, or if you are worried about the level of your fitness regimen while spending all days at your desk, you should consider the Cubii. The trainer looks like the bottom part of a traditional elliptical trainer that can be seen in a gym. It is 9.8 by 23.1 by 17.6 inches, so it will easily fit under most tables and desks. You will still need to measure the area under your desk before getting the unit to make sure there is enough space and clearance for your knees. According to the manufacturer of Cubii, it is short enough to avoid knee bumps, but that certainly depends on your height and the height of your desk, as well as on your chair setup. The trainer is very sturdy and weighs almost 28 pounds. You won't need to move it often, but it has a built-in handle between the left and right pedals for you to pick it up easily. A knob between the pedals and below the handle will help you to adjust resistance levels. There are eight levels. The LED panel indicates Bluetooth pairing status and battery charge. A power jack on the back can be used to plug in a micro USB cable to recharge the battery.

The Cubii was presented to the market in 2014 hen several similar products entered the market too. The Cubii's design and construction is different from the units advertised at 2:00 AM. The manufacturer of the product exceeded their own "funding goal" and managed to raise $943K of capital from several health-oriented angel investors in Chicago. The company was founded by three ambitious entrepreneurs who were studying at the University of Chicago. They proved to be masters of e-commerce promotion and social media. CEO of Fitness Cubed is Arnav Dalmai, a charismatic man. It took them eighteen months it took them to establish a good factory relationship in China. Thousands of consumers were already waiting for the product that finally started shipping in December of 2015. At present, the company's headquarters are located in Chicago, so we went there to take the unit into the lab for a full examination. Let's see what we have found out.

Customer Reviews - Does Cubii Really Work?

Cubii is one of a few trainers that should be used under desk. This elliptical trainer features a lower pedaling motion unlike the higher profile circular pedaling motion of a traditional bike trainer. The main advantage of the elliptical motion is that it is easier on your knees. That's why these trainers are widely used in the gym. Another benefit of the elliptical motion under desk is that the knees are not raised as high as in a traditional circular cycle motion. This reduces the chance of hitting them on the desk while pedaling. This is generally a common complaint when it comes to under desk bikes. Taller users tend to have more difficulty. So, Cubii is an elliptical that has certain advantage over its category counterparts.

During our research, we have encountered a great number of customer reviews about Cubii and the majority of them are rather positive. They say the setup is pretty easy. To begin assembly, you will need to locate the right pedal on top of the shaft jutting out from the wheel. Insure that the screw holes are aligned. Fasten the pedal into place with the screwdriver and screws. Do the same things for the left pedal. If you have a roller chair, place the two stoppers under your chair's wheels. Plug the micro USB cable into the back port and plug the wall adapter into an outlet. It will take up to six hours to recharge. When your Cubii is fully charged, it can connect via Bluetooth to the app. It is fully charged when the LED is green. If it is yellow, it means that the battery is 20-70% charged, and it is red when less than 20% of the battery is charged. The blue light dhows pairing status. It blinks if it is unpaired or searching.

To download the free Cubii app, you will need to insure that Bluetooth is activated on your iOS or Android device. Create an account and then pedal the Cubii for a few seconds to activate Bluetooth pairing. The LED will be blue, and the elliptical will appear in the app's list of the device. Cubii can be used when it is disconnected from your phone. It will automatically pair and update the app when your device is in range. The elliptical goes to sleep when it is inactive for four minutes. The app is simple to use. Its main screen shows your connection status, an icon that hides a progress calendar, numbers from one to eight for you to change resistance level, calories burned, duration, distance traveled, and strides. The app allows to set progress goals depending on calorie or distance, so the notifications will remind you to train whenever you need it. You can create challenge friends and groups with Cubii accounts to check who can gain the best results. You can share all your progress through text, email, or social media, as well as send your data to the Fitbit app. Let's read what actual users of the trainer think about their experience of using it.

"I like my Cubbi. It helps me to support my body in a good shape. I just wonder why 10,000 steps are registered on the trainer as 230 calories burned. After a while, I feel the burn in my muscles. My legs tend to get tired after about twenty minutes of working out. I usually wear a sweater and I have to take it off when exercising. I use this trainer regularly and do not need any coaching or guidance. It is an affordable, quiet, compact, and a good way to exercise while working."

"I received my Cubii yesterday and I immediately fell in love with it. I just pedal under my desk in a kind of recumbent bike position and burn calories. What can be better? It perfectly fits under my desk and I can pedal comfortably without any problems. I can cycle smoothly without any knee-bumping. I am also able to type while cycling, especially in a Zen-like state. This trainer allows to work out even in a sitting position."

"When I got my Cubii I decided to test it. So, I sat down and cycled for a few hours with the resistance of eight. It runs quietly, so it does not disturb my colleagues in the office at all. I noticed a slight whirring from the pedals' friction, but it was not a problem. Cubii was designed with optimal angles to allow human legs to move comfortably. However, you may face some issues if you are too tall, for example."

My Final Summary

If you make a decision to invest your money into a cycling workstation, you should definitely check out Cubii. It is a great under-desk elliptical that allows you to burn calories while working in the office. This is a compact trainer that allows you to move while in a stationary position. The trainer is able to track distance, calories, and steps. This high-tech office fitness product stands out as the only one that connects to your phone through Bluetooth. Within the category of under-desk ellipticals, the Cubii is certainly the best one. Other similar products are mechanical devices sold through mass merchants and infomercials. The Cubii has a number of advantages. It can be programmed to send you notifications reminding you when you need to workout. In fact, your phone is not required to use this trainer; however, the phone allows to use the app that connects with Fitbit app. The unit has some drawbacks too. For example, it is heavy; however, it is more a benefit, since it will not change its position under your chair. You can use the trainer only in a seated position. One more disadvantage is that some assembly is required but usually it does not take too much time.

Cubii is a rather expensive trainer when compared to other popular competitors but it is said to be worth the money. It is a high-quality unit that will not trigger any issues during its operation. If you suffer from posture-related issues or low back pain, you should better stick with a standing or walking desk and avoid using under-desk trainers. The Cubii is a very quiet product, so it can be used in the office without disturbing your colleagues. Due to its sleek industrial design it can be conveniently located under any table or desk. Tall people may face difficulties using this trainer, though. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of the Cubii, we can certainly recommend using this high-quality device to people who want to stay in shape even when spending long hours at the desk.

Cubii Pricing and Rates

You can order the product from the manufacturer's official website. In the box, you are going to receive the Cubii base, a left pedal, right pedal, a micro USB cable, four screws, a screwdriver, a power adapter, and two chair wheel stoppers (ifyou sit in a roller chair). The trainer comes in a red-and-black or black-and-silver color scheme, or as a wood-finished unit. One unit costs $347, while you can get a two-pack for $594, and a six-pack is priced at $1,735. The shipping is free. Each unit comes with one-year warranty.