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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Curl Mix

Do you have naughty curls? If yes, you may want to learn that flaxseed gel can be very helpful for your hair. The Curl Mix haircare line has become very popular within the last several years. It was even shown on As Seen On Shark Tank. You can find a great number of YouTube reviews on the product. This brand offers a good alternative to using harsh gels with harmful chemicals. Originally, the company used to sell kits containing the ingredients necessary for making the gel. Customers would buy these kits and make the gels on their own. Then the company created individual gels designed to target different hair issues. It is mentioned that the gel can be used on its own to style one's hair. A good hair gel needs to be strong enough but at the same time not expensive. You can buy a sample kit from Curl Mix to give it a try. This purchase will be especially beneficial for those who live in hot climates and whose hair tends to loosen up quickly. You are expected to face a different experience with each formula. In terms of effectiveness, the majority of customers find the Repair Hair Gel to be the most effective. The company behind these magic gels is well-known for making high-quality hair-care products. It also called Curl Mix. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the company by emailing them at are expected to get reply within 48 hours Monday - Friday. The company's phone is 1-312-380-0419. You can also send your message to the company by filling a special form on the official website. You will need to fill in your name, email and phone number.

Customer Reviews - Does Curl Mix Really Work?

So, the company offers a wide variety of hair gels. Hair Growth Pure Flaxseed Gel proves to be really effective for holding your hair for about two days. All you will need to do is to separate your hair into several sections in order to apply the gel. In a couple of days you will need to restyle those sections of your hair that have become puffy. At the end of the week, you will probably need to restyle your hair completely. Soften Hair Pure Flaxseed Gel can significantly improve the condition of dry hair. Upon the first use, you may need to wet the sections in order to get rid of the frizz. The liquid consistency of the gels is beneficial for usage in the summertime.

Pure Homemade Flaxseed Gel (Vanilla Berry Fragrance and Organic Castor Oil) made from flaxseed, which makes it 100% organic and natural. The product contains no Mineral Oil, Formaldehyde, parabens, or Phthalate. This gel's formula will help your hair to grow and won't leave your hair crunchy. As a result, you are expected to have healthier hair soon. This product is suitable for both men and women. This is a hydrating and safe hair gel that allows to style your hair effectively without using harsh chemicals. With this gel you are promised to get the curls that will last from three to five days! It will also bring you "Wet Look" since you will get well-moisturized bouncy curls. Everyone will admire your good-looking curls. You can apply Flaxseed Gel Natural Hair formula straight to your hair and enjoy beautiful and healthy curls. Flaxseed Oil Gel is 100% natural and it contains hemp seed oil, brown flaxseeds and Marshmallow Root Extract. These ingredients help your hair to grow fast and healthy.

Curl Mix hair gels are associated with a great number of customer reviews most of which are positive. They say that the products are suitable even for users who have picky hair and sensitive skin on scalp. Those who have tried the gels say that the products do not cause itching or anything. They are not as expensive as the competition. One woman reports that the Fragrance Free Gel with Organic Sweet Almond Oil is just perfect for her. She says she has dreads; however, the product works great on them. It makes her hair soft and maintains the beautiful look of her dreads. Another constant customer of the Curl Mix system is happy to announce that she loves all steps of it. Vanilla Berry is her favorite gel, since it gives her soft well-defined curls.

One woman says that at first she didn't like Vanilla Berry Wash + Go System with Organic Castor Oil for Strengthening Hair. She followed all the instructions but looked like a wet dog. It took hours for her hair to dry. But since the woman is not used to give up, she decided to use the product once again. I tried a different way and was surprised that it worked just perfectly. Even though she has thin hair that is also very puffy, she found the gel to be very effective for her hair. The woman used the towel to dry her hair a bit and only then she applied the product. Doing so she had to use a lot less of the gel than before. According to her words, this flaxseed gel is the only product that provides her with super curls without "hardening" her crunchy hair! It remains soft and curly all day. She loves the smell too.

Another lady writes in her testimonial that Pure Flaxseed Gel made her a different woman. Unfortunately, she did not add a before photo to her review. She says that her curls are moving and bouncing when she is walking. She also ordered some other Curl Mix products just to see how they would work for her. She says that these products give her the desired moisture and definition. She can't believe the moisture, shine, and definition she now has. The woman recommends this brand to everyone who wants to improve the look and health of their hair. There are many other positive reviews about the products from this company. Let's take a look at some of them.

"CurlMix Vanilla Berry is my favourite product in the system. Since I started using this hair gel I got used to it so much that I don't want to come back to using anything else. I can feel real difference in the condition of my hair. The shampoo cleans very well, while the conditioner makes it obedient. The moisturizer and gel make a perfect combination. I love all of these products and I certainly recommend them to every woman with curly hair."

"I am currently using Pure Avocado Moisturizer with Organic Hemp Seed Oil for Hair Growth and Watermelon Fragrance and I simply cannot believe how soft my curls have become. In addition, I can enjoy the definition for a few days! I have attached the pic depicting my hair on day 5. I order to get this definition I don't have to use tons of mousse any longer. I am pleased with Curl Mix. Finally, my hair feels strong and healthy. You will see the results after two uses only."

"I love all of the CurlMix products. Their shampoo helps me to achieve perfect washing results and the conditioner makes my hair soft and easy to style. The gel allows me to style my hair for several days. By the way, I am a big fan of the fruity scent but I also like the lavender scent. Thanks you for great products! I am your customer forever! Some of my friends use your products too and are grateful that I advised these items to them."

My Final Summary

Overall, with everything we have learnt about the Curl Mix brand, it appears to offer high-quality haircare products that provide tremendous results to the owners of curly hair. This claim is based on numerous positive testimonials from real users of the company's shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers and gels. The majority of customers are pleased with their purchase due to the number of factors including effectiveness without gluing the curls. Most people also like the smell of these gels and even have their favorite items. These products combination. One application of gel will be enough to style your curly hair for a few days. Of course, you can reapply the gel throughout the week for better look and hold. The gels from this brand do not weight down hair probably due to the gooey consistency. This consistency makes the products perfect for the summertime, since they reduce the need to rewet your hair and reapply the product. However, these gels may not be as suitable for the winter time, since they leave your hair somewhat wet. However, you may use the gel about half an hour before leaving your home. It should also be mentioned that the shelf-life of these gels is rather prolonged. Taking into account all of the advantages and drawbacks of the products, I do recommend the Curl Mix brand to usage. They do have an important position on the market.

Where To Buy Curl Mix?

You can buy the products from this brand directly from its official website. The prices may vary from product to product, though. In addition, all of the higher mentioned products can be purchased from some retail stores, such as Amazon. Pure Homemade Flaxseed Gel (Vanilla Berry Fragrance and Organic Castor Oil) can be ordered for $26.99 on Amazon. You can choose from five fragrances including Lavender, Lemon Creme, Sweet Almond, Watermelon Kiwi. Pure Homemade Flaxseed Gel (Watermelon Fragrance and Organic Hemp Seed Oil) costs $27.99. Pure Avocado Moisturizer with Organic Jojoba Oil (Lavender Fragrance) is priced at $22.99.

Affordable Alternative

Many modern health specialists are sure that the problem can be perfectly solved by another products known as Colure Haircare Styling Curl Wave Styling Cream ($25.95), ColorProof TruCurl Curl Perfection Shampoo ($39), Enjoy Curl Enhancing Spray ($18.95), ColorProof TruCurl Curl Perfecting Creme ($28) and I completely agree with them because study many products of the kind. You'll be pleasantly surprised.